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Piggy Bjorn Information

GameArt's Piggy Bjorn is undoubtedly a slot game that you need to check out! Want to know more? Just continue reading! The game's Vikings theme is just the start of this adventure. There's also elements like Brown, Odin, Viking, Warrior, and Pigs to entertain you. Not to mention, with the ability to win in Piggy Bjorn using crypto, we're sure you're itching to start playing!

Piggy Bjorn Details

Game TypeVideo Slots
Release Date17 June 2021
Min - Max Bet0.5 - 50
Max Coin Win50,000x
Bonus FeaturesYes
Digital wallet friendlyPiggy Bjorn for crypto

Let's get to the point... RTP!

There are 50 paylines in a 5-4 layout on this game. The game's RTP, or “Return to Player”, stands at 96.12%, which means the house edge is currently 3.88%. Keeping that in mind, we can conclude that the winning potential for the customer is towards the top range in slot games. There are a lot of chances to enjoy the game and get some cash in the meantime. In essence, Piggy Bjorn gives you opportunity after opportunity to score a win, so get ready for a new level of slot action!

Getting bored of the same old stuff?

Piggy Bjorn is a hit game in several markets around the world so, if you love slots, this should definitely be your pick. The game has a high volatility level, so you must take into account that when you win, the prize amounts are definitely higher, though you may win less regularly. That means if you're patient, you may be rewarded! With Piggy Bjorn Bitcoin, you can bet with both standard and virtual currency, as well as engaging in bonus specifications such as bonus symbols. For your information, here's the full rundown of special features just waiting to be enjoyed:

  • Bonus symbols
  • Buy Feature
  • Cash Collector
  • Hold and Spin

Searching for Lady Luck?

The minimum wager is 0.5 coins, while the maximum sits at 50 coins. If you place a wager on Piggy Bjorn, with traditional currency or using Bitcoin, your earnings could multiply by 50,000x! That's up in the top max win range in the industry, and a brilliant number for this great slot, don't you think?

Up to here, everything seems fine. Now what?

Has Piggy Bjorn caught your fancy? Piggy Bjorn has a high RTP and very generous payouts, which we're sure will appeal to those looking to patiently reach for bigger wins. And let's not forget that delicious max win number. Further to this, we know that aesthetics are important too and, in Piggy Bjorn, everything has been meticulously crafted to stimulate your senses: the lights, scenarios, colours, special effects, etc; all of these details combine make a state-of-the-art slot, with impressive performance, innovative gameplay and breathtaking graphics. Also, don't forget that, with the cryptocurrency feature, now it's simpler than ever to make your wagers! That's right; Piggy Bjorn now works with digital money, too! With this new method of making your wagers, both traditional and digital money payments are allowed. Note that the platforms are 100% transparent and secure, so you'll have multiple options when making your bets, always in a safe and reliable way. Continue reading if you want to discover the details and maximize your fun!

Here's your recap

Got more questions? Visit and give the game a spin! Remember to check out the paytable for the low-down on all the details and to learn more about the different possibilities for you to win. Remember that Piggy Bjorn always has the best features, a high volatility and 96.12% RTP, a 5-4 layout, plus the ability to play with both traditional and digital wallet. So, if you rock it, it may fill up your pocket!

Piggy Bjorn Muspelheim's Treasure

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