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Hunt down wins & monsters on casino slot Monster Fear Bullets!

Answer the cries for help in the lonesome village and slay the monsters that terrorize the town. Gain the favour of the town’s folks and get rewarded with wins worth up to 629x your initial wager. Spin the reels today and load your guns with bullets as you shoot down the enemies! 

Monster fear Bullets Details 


Triple Cherry 

Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet

0.25 credits 

Maximum Bet

20 credits


629x your wager

Monster Fear Bullets: Here there be beasts and wins

Summon a brave front and join the monster hunters on their quest to take down the vicious beasts terrorizing the town and stealing the precious jewels from the citizens. Load your weapons with a minimum wager of 0.25 credits up to a maximum wager amount of 20 credits. 

Spin the 5 reels and score a kill by landing your bullets on any of the 25 paylines of casino slot Monster Fear Bullets. Give your shots some power with an RTP of 95.43%. Play now and become the greatest monster slayer in all the land! 


Low paying Symbols

You cannot charge into a battle against monsters without your special weapons. Find the exorcist cards, crossbow, axe and shotgun on the reels acting as low paying symbols and land them on a winning combination to win the following payouts based on the maximum wager:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Exorcist cards 

1.60 credits 

6.40 credits 

32 credits 


2.40 credits 

8 credits 

48 credits 


3.20 credits 

9.60 credits 

60 credits 


4.00 credits 

12 credits 

80 credits 

High paying Symbols

Hunting monsters is always full of excitement when done with the right team. Find your crew of monster hunters acting as the high paying symbols on the reels. Look for the green hunter, blue hunter, red hunter and the yellow huntress on the reels and land them on a winning combination to win the following payouts based on the maximum wager: 


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Green hunter 

8 credits 

24 credits 

140 credits 

Blue hunter 

8.80 credits 

32 credits 

160 credits 

Red hunter 

9.60 credits 

40 credits 

160 credits 

Yellow huntress

10.40 credits 

48 credits 

200 credits 

Special symbols

Wild symbol 

A card with Wild written on it acts as the Wild symbol of casino slot Monster Fear Bullets. This symbol can substitute any paying symbol except the Bonus symbol. Land it on a set of 3, 4 or 5 symbols and win the following payouts based on the maximum wager amount: 

  • Land 3 Wild symbols to win 48 credits 
  • Land 4 Wild symbols to win 200 credits 
  • Land 5 Wild symbols to win 600 credits.

Bonus symbol 

A serpentine monster shooting laser beams act as the Bonus symbol of casino slot Monster Fear Bullets. Land 3 of this symbol in any position on the reel to win Free Spins. 

Bonus features


In the centre of the reels, you will find the central sphere that spins along with the reels. This central sphere can grant you any of the different power-ups below: 

  • Blue sphere provides Respins 
  • Red sphere allows you to multiply your bet value by up to 75x 
  • Yellow sphere turns the yellow huntress symbol into a Wild 
  • Green symbol turns a complete row into a vertical Wild.

Enemy Menace 

In the Free Spins feature, the enemies on the reel will turn into Wilds and form a menace bar after every spin. Once the bar is complete, you will receive a special prize!

Monster Fear Bullets: Save the town from doom 

Doom approaches the town swarmed with monsters. As a monster hunter, you are commissioned to put a stop to the nightmare that has befallen the village. Shoot down the monsters and stop them from stealing treasures and devouring people from the land.

Casino slot Monster Fear Bullets takes you to a world full of beasts and creatures of the dark. The reels of this slot game are made with intricate details inspired by Sussex designs. Meanwhile, the background provides the perfect setup for a horror scene with its dark, bleak and foggy atmosphere. The monster castle looks every bit terrifying from the abandoned look to the eerie display that it showcases.

At the beginning of the game, you will hear the deep voice of a man welcoming you into the domain of monsters. A frightening sound will then play to set up the scary atmosphere of the game. 

Monster Fear Bullets: Unleash the beast of wins! 

Your adventure on the reels has only just begun. More treasures await you on your quest for wins. Visit the Red Queen Wonderland and find the Nile Treasures to unleash riches beyond your wildest dreams. It’s time to discover what other fortunes await you in your adventure. Wager your best bets today and fulfil your quest for the greatest wins!

Monsters Fear Bullets

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