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    Lady of Fortune: Fate in a Slot

    In the Lady of Fortune video game slot, good things come to those who spin. Luck can be found in many things: finding a penny on the ground, getting the last available sandwich in a coffee shop counter, and reaching the last seat on the bus. 

    Powered by Play ‘N Go, the game provider behind Mermaid’s Diamond and Queen’s Day Tilt, Lady of Fortune ios yet another enjoyable creation from their impressive collection. This mesmerizing slot game gives you the chance to test, spin, and win your fate. It has some mesmerizing features that can reap great rewards. 

    The Lady of Fortune has got you covered and brings symbols of luck instilled in cultures centuries ago. From ladybirds to shooting stars, you might be able to test your luck with success. You might even get to pick a prize from the Lady of Fortune herself, shining crystal balls of glowing purple. 

    Follow the mysterious, dark-haired Lady of Fortune as she assembles symbols of luck from different cultures to help you on your journey to providence. 

    Lady of Fortune Details 


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    2,500 coins

    Try your luck with Lady of Fortune

    Lady of Fortune is a 5-reel, 15-payline slot game with a lot of interesting factors up its sleeve. It has the whole package of a great slot game with scatters, wilds, a multiplier, and even a pick-a-prize bonus with a gambling segment. It is available on mobile and desktop devices so you can take a chance in the comfort of your bed. 

    A consecutive 3 or 4 symbols give a payout regardless of whether or not it starts on the left-hand reel. Since symbols are stacked on the reels, it is possible to have multiple wins in one spin.

    Lucky Symbols

    The standard symbols of the slot games are a four-leaf clover, a shooting star, a ladybird, a horseshoe, dice, the number 7, and a rabbit’s foot. These all may sound familiar as they’re symbols of luck in different cultures. The number 7 is the symbol to look out for because it has the highest payout:


    Set of 3

    Set of 4

    Set of 5

    Number 7

    50 coins

    250 coins

    2,500 coins


    30 coins

    150 coins

    1,000 coins


    20 coins

    100 coins

    500 coins

    Shooting Star

    10 coins

    50 coins

    250 coins

    Rabbit’s Foot

    5 coins

    25 coins

    125 coins


    4 coins

    20 coins

    100 coins


    3 coins

    15 coins

    75 coins

    Fortunate Features

    The symbol of the Lady of Fortune is the scatter symbol. The elusive Lady of Fortune symbol can only be found on reels 1, 3, and 5. 

    • Three Lady of Fortune symbols will trigger the special Pick-a-Prize feature.
    • In the Pick-a-Prize feature, you have to choose one Lady of Fortune out of the three.
    • The reward can be as high as 150 x your stake.

    Gold Wild symbols with 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x on them can replace other symbols except scatters. These symbols can only be seen on reel 3. 

    • Matching a winning combination can replace a regular symbol.
    • A winning combination can multiply wins by a random multiplier from 2x to 5x.

    In this video game slot, it is best to wager big for higher payouts with these multipliers. In the world of this slot game, lightning does strike in the same place twice. 

    Lady of Fortune: Crystal Clear Visuals

    The layout of the slot is simple and easy to navigate. The visuals are attractive and may give a nostalgic vibe. This video game slot is a trip back to the classic Gameboy tape style. It uses a similar art style to 2D games with simple animations that spark and glimmer the symbols. The smiling Lady of Fortune is on your side with her dark hair and deep eyes. 

    In this slot game, you will definitely feel like you’ve stepped into a fortune teller’s world. Golden intricate borders frame the slot. A translucent background reveals a misty, romantic candlelit garden. The music in the background is mystical and adds to the ambience of the video game slot. 

    The Lady of Fortune has never looked so beguiling, and the slot game definitely has a look that will make players come back for more. 

    The Lady of Fortune Calls You

    When the Lady of Fortune calls, offer her a chair. Fortune will favour the excited player. This slot game has a lot of special features in store for you from multiplier Wilds to a Pick-a-Prize bonus feature just a few spins away. With a mysterious vibe that is captivating to the eyes and ears, it is definitely a slot with an entertaining aesthetic. 

    You know what they say, it’s bad luck not to believe in luck. Your best bet is to take your chances in the Lady of Fortune Bitcoin slot. 


    Lady of Fortune