Jewelry Cats


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    Min - Max bet

    0.4 - 100 USDT


    Medium volatility

    Hit ratio %


    Information regarding Jewelry Cats

    Now is the right time to learn about one of OneTouch's coolest slot games: Jewelry Cats. You are surely looking forward to knowing all the juicy details, so here you go! The game's Gems and Pets themes are just the start of the thrill. There's also elements like Jewelry and Cats to allure you. Moreover, with the ability to win in Jewelry Cats using cryptocurrency, we're sure you're itching to start playing!

    Jewelry Cats details

    Game TypeVideo Slots
    Release Date2 August 2021
    Min - Max bet0.4 - 100
    Bonus FeaturesYes
    Digital wallet friendlyJewelry Cats for crypto

    RTP? Now we're talking

    This game ​has a 5-5 layout and 10 betways. The RTP, or “Return to Player” of the game sits at 96.12%. This is a great percentage for the player, as it is above the industry average and indicates the house edge is just 3.88%. With a RTP like this, you've got great chances to nab a win in Jewelry Cats!

    Game specs and special features

    Jewelry Cats currently stands as a favourite game in many different countries, so if you prefer slots, you should really consider this game as a worthy choice! The medium volatility of this game equals highly anticipated wins quite regularly! Why not try it? Fun is only a step away! Jewelry Cats Bitcoin ensures that you can bet both with traditional and digital currency, in addition to delighting in bonus specifications such as multiplier.

    Turbocharge your earnings!

    The minimum and maximum wagers for this game are 0.4 coins and 100 coins respectively. If you place a wager on Jewelry Cats, with traditional currency or using Bitcoin, your earnings could be great. That's fantastic news, don't you think?

    Ok, tell me more…

    Has Jewelry Cats piqued your interest yet? Jewelry Cats will likely appeal to both casual slot fans and those who are serious players, due to the game's high RTP level. Further to this, we know that details are important too and, in Jewelry Cats, everything has been specifically crafted to delight your senses: the lights, scenarios, colours, special effects, etc; all of these details combine make a worthwhile slot, with outstanding performance, steady gameplay and breathtaking scenery. Plus, bear in mind that, with the cryptocurrency feature, now it's simpler than ever to make your bets! Yes you read it well... prepare your digital wallet because Jewelry Cats for cryptocurrency is available! With this new method of betting, not only standard money is supported (as always) but also a 100% safe and transparent digital platform is available to you, which creates new opportunities for betting. Keep on reading further so you understand how Jewelry Cats operates and so you're ready to play. Now you know why fun is just a spin away, don't you feel it?

    Last but not least

    Jewelry Cats has many excellent features for you to check out, a 96.12% RTP and a med volatility, a 5-5 layout, and both standard and digital wallet capabilities. All of that, plus other interesting specs and elements, will greatly improve your experience and make your gaming days more interesting. Check out the paytable at for the full low-down and to find out about all the possibilities that this superb game offers. A new universe of fun is just a click away!


    Jewelry Cats