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    Taking Out Caishen’s Cash

    Caishen, the Chinese “God of Wealth”, is here to make you richer. The money cat will coax you to play and win big. 

    The gold coins scattered all over the screen will make you yearn for the jackpot. This game makes Caishen seem like he’s blessing you with riches as you spin the reels. Caishen’s Cash gives out generous bonuses that will surely make you more excited. You can get up to 20,000x your stake. Come and get a piece of Caishen’s Cash for yourself!

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    20,000x your bet

    Caishen’s Cash: The Gold

    This game has 5 reels and you have 243 ways of winning. You can play this across all platforms
    desktop, mobile and tablet. You can make a minimum bet of €0.25 up to €125. You will see 11 symbols on the reels. They are a mix of familiar symbols and those that are unique to the game. The symbols give out winnings depending on various combinations. There are also different bonuses that you can win in the game. 

    Caishen’s Cash of Gold

    Caishen’s Cash uses the high-cards as regular-paying symbols. You will see the 9, 10, Jack (J), Queen (Q), King (K), and Ace (A) cards appear as you play. There are also symbols that are seen in just this particular game. Those are what pays more. There are various combinations that you can make with these cards. These are the winnings you can get with all the regular-paying symbols:

    • Getting five 9s can reward you as much as €100.
    • Getting five 10s can reward you as much as €100.
    • Getting five Js can reward you as much as €100
    • Getting five Qs can reward you as much as €100
    • Getting five Ks can reward you as much as €125
    • Getting five As can reward you as much as €125.

    The game has 5 special symbols that give out high rewards. You can see a Bowl of Coins (Boao), White Lucky Cat, a Little Girl, a Little Boy, and an Emperor. The various combinations will give you these winnings:

    • Getting five Bowls of Boao can reward you as much as €250.
    • Getting five White Lucky Cats can reward you as much as €300.
    • Getting five Little Girls can reward you as much as €375.
    • Getting five Little Boys can reward you as much as €500
    • Getting five Caishens can reward you as much as €750.

    You will also encounter a WILD symbol. It can substitute for all the other symbols. The WILD symbol only appears on lines 2, 3 and 4. This can randomly trigger a Jackpot Bonus Game when it shows up on the base game. This bonus game can give you 4 kinds of jackpots. The amount you will get depends on the bets that you have placed. The jackpots are as follows:

    • Getting a MINI jackpot rewards you 25x your bet.
    • Getting a MINOR jackpot rewards you 50x your bet.
    • Getting a MAJOR jackpot rewards you 100x your bet.
    • Getting a GRAND jackpot reward you with 1000x your bet.

    You will also encounter a MONEY symbol in the form of a single Boao (Gold Coin). This is present in all of the reels. The Boaos will take a random predefined value on each spin. If you get 6 or more of the Boaos on the same spin, you will be rewarded with Free Spins or Money Respins. You are shown two treasure chests to determine which feature you will be playing: red or green. During the Free Spins, only the high-paying symbols will stay on the grid.

    The Money Respin Feature will take you to a new grid. You will see a new set of reels that contains 15 positions. You will be playing the win streak feature on those reels. All the money symbols and their values are going to be carried over too. You will be starting with 6 free spins then one of the following symbols may come out on the spin:

    • Green Boao - takes the total value of all the present money symbol and add it to your total
    • Blue Boao - takes the total of the green ones, including those of the regular symbol present
    • 1+ Respin - adds another spin.

    The money symbols that land on the empty spaces will remain on screen until the round ends. The bonus feature will end if you run out of spins or if all the empty positions are filled out.

    Caishen’s Cash: Colors of Traditions

    You will easily understand the gameplay. It uses the same rules as other casino slots, with a little bit more bonus. Caishen’s Cash adopted the colours of traditional China: red and gold. You will see piles of Gold Coins or Boao all over the bottom of the reel. The borders are designed to resemble those that are done in traditional architecture. All the gold on the grid is sparkling, making them seem so much more enticing.

    An upbeat traditional Chinese music plays in the background as you’re playing the game. The background changes into a night sky when the Free Spins are activated. It has a mix of blues, pinks and purples with stars scattered all over it. The overall design of the game will make you feel like you are transported into Old World China.

    Tying up Caishen’s Cash

    Pragmatic Play did a good job in developing Caishen’s Cash. It is generous with its rewards. The different spin bonuses made it more interesting. You will be given different ways to double your money through them. You will also feel a little bit of the Chinese traditions through this game. You will find that it is not hard to be a loyal player of this game. The bounty of prizes and bonuses will continually pull you in. You will surely get a bit of Caishen’s Cash whenever you play this game.