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Big Wheel: All’s Fun and Fair in the Funfair!

Summer is all year round in this special place. Bright lights will illuminate your way to a funfair filled with merry sounds and delicious smells. Try out the food concoctions from the stalls, and if you’re full, try your luck in playing casino slot Big Wheel.

From theme park rides to fun games, you can have the time of your life in this fun fair of good luck and fortune. Take the reels for a spin at an RTP of 95.23%. You can accumulate substantial amounts of prizes that can go up to 300 times your stake in the Big Wheel bitcoin slot.

You don’t need to travel to the far end of the city or buy a ticket to get in this experience. Just grab a compatible device that you prefer such as your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone to play this video slot game.

Big Wheel Details



Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet

0.25 credit

Maximum Bet

100 credits


300 times your stake

Go Around the Big Wheel!

There’s so much to see and you have all the time in the world to explore everything anytime you want! Go ride the Ferris wheel to take in the entirety of the view. Enjoy the sights and sounds in this funfair when you play casino slot Big Wheel.

Once you’re up high, you will find a total of 3 reels featured in the Big Wheel bitcoin slot. This video slot game has a single active payline where you can land winning combinations after combinations throughout your gaming experience.

Try out your luck with a wager that can amount between a minimum of 0.25 credits to a maximum of 100 credits. Take the reels of this video slot game for a spin and get ready to score wins with the help of low and high paying symbols.

Land at least 3 matching symbols on the active payline. Winning combinations reward payouts from the leftmost to the right of the reels of this video slot game. All wins are multiplied by the bet per line.

Classic slot illustrations function as the paying symbols of casino slot Big Wheel. They consist of cherries, oranges, gold bells, grapes, and rubber duckies. To know more about their payout values, you can refer to the information enumerated in the subsequent list: 

  • Landing a combination of 3 cherries will reward you with 5 times your stake
  • Landing a combination of 3 oranges will reward you with 10 times your stake
  • Landing a combination of 3 gold bells will reward you with 15 times your stake
  • Landing a combination of 3 grapes will reward you with 20 times your stake
  • Landing a combination of 3 rubber duckies will reward you with 30 times your stake

Rubber duckies can also help you accumulate more wins with the Repeat Chance feature. This feature enables you to have another go in spinning the reels of the video slot game. There is also a nudge feature where any spin can trigger nudges and the amount you can be rewarded is either 1, 2 or 3.

Get more chances of winning when you activate any of the 6 different bonus features in Big Wheel bitcoin slot. Each one offers you a funfair style action. They are the Super Jackpot, Round About, Roller Coaster, Duck Shoot, Ring The Bell, and Crazy Reels features.

All you need to activate any of the features is to look out for the Big Wheel symbol. When this symbol lands in the central position on the middle reel, you'll have a chance to win 1 of the bonus features. 

You will be prompted to press the button and depending on where the light stops, you can obtain one of the following features:

  • Super Jackpot - You will be rewarded with the 3 rubber duckies jackpot along with a shot at the Repeat Chance feature. This feature can be played up to 9 times.
  • Round About - Get a chance to rack up prizes by pressing the button to stop the light on one of the symbols.
  • Roller Coaster - Reveal the number of turns you can obtain by pressing the button to spin the reels. Each symbol on the payline will light up a meter. The most lucrative meter that's fully lit will then be paid.
  • Crazy Reels - Take the reels for a spin by pressing the button. All wins in any position are will give their corresponding payouts. You can keep spinning the reels until you land a Collect button.
  • Ring The Bell - This feature nudges the reels until there's a bell in the payline. Each bell lights up an increment on the meter. Fill up the meter until you land a stop to collect all the prizes you’ve won.
  • Duck Shoot - As the lights go about, try to time your stop so all the lights are lit. You'll have 3 chances to try and get the highest potential payout.

Big Wheel: Dancing Lights and Flashy Sounds

There’s no dull moment when you’re at the funfair! Experience the same excitement and euphoria when you play casino slot Big Wheel. A classic slot game at its core, its engaging animations will keep you at your toes whenever you activate a bonus feature. With its flashing lights and thrilling sound effects, you’re in for a great time of winning! 

Big Wheel: Go on Your Merry Way to Winning!

Get yourself splendid entertainment when you play Big Wheel bitcoin slot. It captivated the charming essence of funfairs and combined it with a chance to rack up substantial amounts of rewards in every spin!

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