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Discover Where the 8th Wonder Is for Brilliant Rewards

Around the world, you can find amazing wonders to explore. It ranges from ancient pyramids to pristine Greek temples and more beautiful sights to see! Explore every magnificent wonder in the world, including the 8th Wonder filled with payouts in every win!

Hidden in each of the 7 Wonders of the World, there is an assortment of jewels scattered around. Collect your rewards to discover where the 8th Wonder is in this bitcoin slot. It’s attracted a 95.34% RTP and there’s a possibility of uncovering a jackpot worth 32,000 credits when you find the gems in casino slot 8th Wonder.

8th Wonder Details



Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet

0.25 credits

Maximum Bet

200 credits


32,000 credits

8th Wonder: Dazzling Jewels Across the Sky

Take a journey around the world on 3 reels and reap the jewels that are hidden inside every wonder on 5 paylines. Precious jewels sparkle in different colours like purple, blue, red, and white to shine its rich values. Deposit the minimum wager of 0.25 credits or the maximum wager of 200 credits to receive worthy payouts from 8th Wonder bitcoin slot.

All symbols must be adjacent to one another to obtain a winning combination. In casino slot 8th Wonder, you can only get a combination through sets of 3. The autoplay feature has an option where you can let it spin for you until you receive a certain amount of credits or get the jackpot.

There’s a variety of jewels you can score with payouts worth up to 32,000 credits! The first category is filled with phenomenal jewels that grant high payouts already! More high-valued items are offered through gold bards and wads of cash. The lucky number 8 serves as the highest paying symbol between all the symbol sets.

Based on the maximum wager, you can receive the following payouts:


Set of 3

A Pair of Amethysts / Diamonds / Sapphires / Rubies

1,600 credits

Gold Bars / Cash Wads 

8,000 credits

Multi-Coloured 8s

32,000 credits

Full House Bonus Feature

The Full House Bonus is activated when all paying symbols on the reels match in 8th Wonder bitcoin slot. Landing the same symbol on every position of the 3x3 grid will double the payout. 

8th Wonder: Paint the Reels Red

You’ll know you succeeded in finding the 8th Wonder when bright red gems fall onto the reels. It’s raining red jewels and twinkling iridescent light in the background. The format and gameplay are inspired by classic slots. All symbols shine in their own way once they appear on the reels and match the other sparkling items surrounding the reels. Everything you need to know about your gameplay is displayed on the paytable.

There is not background music which makes winning even more exciting and stimulating, because every winning spin can blast fast-paced techno music. The jewels also shine brighter than ever.

8th Wonder: The Crown Jewels and Riches for the Lucky 8

It’s Crystal Clear that finding the 8th Wonder will be worth it because of its straightforward gameplay and high payouts. Realistic presents you with a classic slot. This game is spiced up with huge payouts worth up to 32,000 credits. It pays a tribute to the traditional slots styled with its jewels, gold bars, and a lucky 8 symbols.

Keep on venturing in the casino slot by travelling to different wonders around the world until you come across the treasures of Realistic’s 8th Wonder. Prepare your exploring gear as you set out into the miracles of nature. On the way, you can marvel at Sunset Reels. Observe your surroundings while you search for the hidden 8th Wonder to gain huge payouts worth up to 32,000 credits!

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