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Get Lucky with 888 Dragons

If you’re craving to play with a classic slot machine, Pragmatic Play has got you covered! Pragmatic Play was behind other excellent slots such as Panda’s Fortune and Lucky New Year, and 888 Dragons definitely lives up to the high standard.

888 Dragons is a retro, simplified version of 8 Dragons which has five reels. The slot proves that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication with uncomplicated gameplay and format. It offers a unique experience from the standard video game slot. With only 1 single payline and extremely high volatility, you can spin your way to a possible jackpot. 

You’ll feel like you’re betting in a world of the past with simple arcade-style graphics and Oriental patterns. There’s no use missing out on this one-of-a-kind experience. As the ancient Chinese proverb says: ‘He who finds his fortunate time, succeeds; he who misses his fortunate time, fails’.

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100 x your bet

888 Dragons: Spinning for Oriental Treasure

This slot is programmed to look like classic slot machines with similar mechanics. It has 3 reels with a single payline. It does not have confusing bonus features or extras. This new retro outlook on online casino slots is quite refreshing. The wins are straightforward with its basic gameplay. 

All you have to do is choose how much to bet, press the button to spin, and see if you can match three dragons of the same colour.

Symbols of Serendipity

There are only three symbols for this slot machine: a Red Dragon, a Green Dragon, and a Blue Dragon. The payouts you can win depend on the colour of the dragon. 


Set of 3

Red Dragons

100 x your stake

Green Dragons

50 x your stake

Blue Dragons

25 x your stake

Dragons of any colour

5x your stake

It’s as simple as that. No nonsense, no elaborate features, no confusing special rounds. Not only is this slot machine a classic, but it is also time-efficient and straight to the point. 

888 Dragons: Blazing with Beauty

This slot will take you back in time. It’s a fresh take amidst all the 3D graphics, special effects, and over-the-top themes that most video game slots have. The game is inspired by traditional Chinese culture, so it makes sense that it stays loyal to the traditional form of slots. 

The dragons in the slot are curled in the shape of an 8, which is a lucky number in Chinese culture. Pragmatic Play was spot on with replicating a traditional oriental-themed slot machine.

The art style is reminiscent of old-timey pixel games that you’d find in your childhood arcades. Even the soundtrack sounds like a retro piece of arcade background music. Its simplicity and retro vibe add to its charm. 

888 Dragons: A Classic Take on Fortune

The basic, traditional form of this game ironically brings a lot to the table. It proves that entertainment does not always come in multiple characters, 3D graphics, and disorienting bonus features that get more complicated. To play is as simple as pressing the spin and stop button. To win is as simple as waiting for dragons to align and fate to reward you. 

Let the charm of the Lucky Dragons give you more chances to win the whopping 100 x bet jackpot. Don’t hesitate to keep on spinning because a big win might be right around the corner. As the saying goes, if the time has come then follow it.

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