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7 Chakras: Find Your Centre of Winning

Namaste! There is deep wisdom within our very flesh. Unlock it and get prizes destined for you to win with the help of 7 Chakras bitcoin slot. Breathe in and place your bets. Exhale and spin some reels to win up to 250 times your stake. 

Don’t close out a favourable circumstance to spin the reels at an RTP of 95.9%. Relax your shoulders and focus on your posture to activate a winning streak like no other in casino slot 7 Chakras. Find your balance and play!

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250 x your stake

7 Chakras: Inhale and Experience Easy Wins

Have you been feeling exhausted lately? Find your centre and breathe calmly while you play casino slot 7 Chakras and get a chance to win up to 250 times your stake.

Each of the chakras is governed by spiritual laws and principles of consciousness. Casino slot 7 Chakras is no different. However, unlike the spiritual prowess that takes years to liberate, 7 Chakras bitcoin slot has simple guidelines for you to spin the reels and unlock prizes like no other.

True to its name, 7 Chakras bitcoin slot features the seven spiritual chakras as the symbols on the reels. There are also invigorating features like the Wild and Scatter symbol that increase your winnings and reward you free spins.


There are only 7 symbols present on the reels. These are symbolized by the different body chakras namely: the red Muladhara, orange Svadhishthana, yellow Manipura, green Anahata, teal Vishuddha, blue Ajna, and violet Sahasrara. Their bet values are listed on the table below:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5


5 x stake

8 x stake

20 x stake


6 x stake

10 x stake

30 x stake


7 x stake

12 x stake

35 x stake


10 x stake

15 x stake

40 x stake


12 x stake

20 x stake

60 x stake


15 x stake

30 x stake

100 x stake


25 x stake

40 x stake

250 x stake


7 Chakras bitcoin slot has bonus features that will invigorate your senses as you spin some reels. The first one is the Wild symbol that is a Double High. This means that any win with this symbol doubles your amount of winnings. The Wild symbol is depicted as a meditating human with 7 open chakras that can substitute any symbol except the Scatter.

For the Scatter symbol, it’s symbolized as a rainbow lotus and doesn’t appear in Free Spins. If you land 3 or more of this symbol anywhere on the reels, it triggers the Free Spins Ascension feature game.

The Free Spins Ascension feature is a fun mini-game of 7 Chakras bitcoin slot wherein you choose a gem from the lotus for each of the chakras. Each gem gives you either additional Free Spins or a Free Spin Multiplier increase.

7 Chakras: The Divine Art of Ascension

The chakra is a doorway that leads you into other dimensions. Casino slot 7 Chakras opens a gateway to not just winning but also glorious graphics and music.

During every spin, you can look into the background that puts you into a calming trance with its neon display of the astral plane. You also get lulled into serenity with the exotic Hindu music while you spin the reels. It’s played with instruments like the sitar and tabla that are found in far-flung lands of India.

Your senses are awakened every time you land a winning combination with the sound of a gong. Ultimately, casino slot 7 Chakras has a divine art direction that will compliment your ascension to the realms of winning.

7 Chakras: Namast-ay Successful in Your Endeavors

Honouring the light in you, 7 Chakras bitcoin slot stays true to its theme with the chances of winning of up to 250 times your stake at a 95.9% RTP. It takes what you can give and rewards you amicably.

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7 Chakras Video Slot

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