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Reveal prizes as you scratch them in Carnaval Scratchcards!

Get ready to participate in one of the grandest festivals in the world when you try your luck in the Carnaval Scratchcards game by Caleta Gaming! With your trusty coin at hand, scratch each card you find and get a chance to win up to 40,000x your total bet!

Carnaval Scratchcards is a fun, colourful and rewarding game that leaves your fate in the hands of a golden coin. By scratching away, you can reveal the symbols drawn on each card and find out if you’re eligible for one of the many prizes in the game. With its RTP of 96.29%, we’re certain that it won’t be long until you start stacking up your prizes!

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Maximum Bet

0.0250 mBTC


40,000x your total bet

Carnaval Scratchcards: Uncover the symbols hidden beneath each card!

The symbols in this game come in the form of drinks, people and objects that you’ll find during the parade. They come in different hues and they help make the party as fun as it is tonight! 

Keep an eye out for these carnival attendees because they can grant you payouts beyond your wildest dreams.

Value symbol and payouts

The goal of Carnaval Scratchcards is to find a card with three identical symbols and the only way you can discover this is by clicking and dragging your mouse across the card. If you want to do it automatically, you can also opt for the automatic way which is activated with the ‘Scratch All’ button. Once you find and see three identical symbols, you’ll receive their corresponding payout values. 

Check the table below to see each symbol’s corresponding payout values at maximum wager: 

Value Symbol

Payout Values

Orange Martini

0.0100 mBTC

Apple Martini

0.0250 mBTC

Strawberry Martini

0.0750 mBTC

Yellow Mask

0.2500 mBTC

Green Mask

1.0000 mBTC

Red Mask

5.0000 mBTC

Barbershop Triplet

25.0000 mBTC

Green Mardi Gras Girl

100.0000 mBTC

Colourful Mardi Gras Girl 

1,000.0000 mBTC

Game Rules

Carnaval Scratchcards by Caleta Gaming falls under the ‘match three’ category which from the name itself means you have to match three identical symbols after scratching the cards. To help you properly play the game, here are some things you need to remember:

  • Press the ‘Play’ button to get a new card to scratch
  • Once you’ve got a new card, you can decide to either manually or automatically scratch it. 
  • If you’re going to do this manually, you’d have to click and drag your mouse across the card as if you’re scratching it to reveal the symbols underneath.
  • On the other hand, you can easily do it automatically by pressing the scratch all button on the bottom of the card itself.

Carnaval Scratchcards: Participate in the most grandiose festival 

Carnaval Scratchcards takes place in a circus event filled with glorious performances, colourful parades and most importantly, huge prizes! As you buy a ticket and enter this grand stage, be prepared to witness some of the most beautiful costumes and fun performances by the people from the carnival.

Starting from the background of the scratch card, you’ll find a blurred image of the endless sea of people cheering on the exciting parade in front of them. Moreover, the game feels more alive thanks to the dynamic confetti that cascades down the screen.

This fun theme is perfectly capped off by the background music which consists of a marching band that’s sure to make the crowd roar! Moreover, this upbeat music can help juice up the player and encourage them to keep on scratching cards until they’re satisfied with the rewards they’ve won.

As for the game interface, it features a literal scratch card that comes with squiggly lines to further nail the joyful aesthetic it’s going for. With your cursor acting as the golden coin of fortune, start clicking and dragging your mouse to scratch the card until you reveal the symbols underneath!

Carnaval Scratchcards: Celebrate your victory today!

Head to the most grandiose carnival event in this Caleta Gaming title today! Have your fate read by Madame Fortune and find out if you’re the one who’ll scratch the winning card and take home up to 40,000x your total bet. What are you waiting for? Buy a ticket now and participate in this Circus Bingo!

Carnaval Scratchcard