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    A Game Beyond Limits: Live Infinite Blackjack by Evolution Gaming

    Evolution Gaming is known for pushing the boundaries and continuous innovation in online gaming, as well as the excellent quality of the novel products that they deliver. This autumn, the company takes Live Blackjack to a whole new level with the release of its new Live Infinite Blackjack.

    The Game

    Live Infinite Blackjack is a multi-player game with low bet limits in which both virtual and physical cards are dealt. There is literally no limit for the number of players and, after the initial hand that is common for everyone has been dealt, the players are free to make their own decisions, with real-time statistics of the others’ betting choices readily available. The awesome extra features that Evolution added to the main set are the four side bets and the Six-Card Charlie rule.

    The game is available 24/7 on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones alike. The video is automatically adjusted for your screen size taking into account the quality of the connection. Essentially, you can play Live Infinite Blackjack on any device, anytime, anywhere without missing any of the game features.

    Payout odds on the main and insurance bets are as follows:

    • Blackjack hand pays 3 to 2 on the main bet;
    • Winning hand (not Blackjack) pays 1 to 1 on the main bet;
    • Six-Card Charlie hand of 21 or less pays 1 to 1 on the main bet;
    • Dealer Blackjack pays 2 to 1 on the insurance bet.

    The theoretical payout for Blackjack is 99,51%

    The Rules

    In Live Infinite Blackjack, the dealer uses 8 standard decks of 52 cards.

    In the core game, you are offered the standard main bets, plus the extra Six-Card Charlie rule.

    If the dealer does not get Blackjack in the initial hand, you have two options to improve your hand: Hit or Double DownHit means that you are dealt an additional card. You can choose the Hit several times until you are happy with your hand’s value. Double Down means that your bet doubles and you get only one more card.

    If you have received an initial hand of two equally valued cards, you can choose to Split it and turn it into two hands. Each of these hands will have a bet of its own with the value is the same as that of the main bet. After the Split, you can Hit or Stand, as usual. However, if you have separated a pair of Aces, you will only be deal one more card per hand and will not be able to Hit anymore. Keep in mind that a 21-value hand that you got as a result of a Split is not considered Blackjack and can be beaten by it.

    You can also purchase Insurance. This option is only available if the dealer has an Ace upcard. The insurance amount is ½ of your main bet. If you opt for the Insurance, the dealer will peek at the downcard, and, if the dealer’s hand value is not 21, the round will continue; otherwise, if your initial two-card value is 17 or above that, the round will end with the dealer winning. If the dealer has Blackjack, and your initial two-card value is under 17, the dealer will go on drawing cards so that you have an opportunity to win under the Six-Card Charlie rule.

    If both you and the dealer end up with a Blackjack on your hands, your bet will be returned.

    Six-Card Charlie Rule

    The Six-Card Charlie rule guarantees that you win the main bet if you have a six-card hand the total value of which is 21. This rule applies regardless of whether the dealer has Blackjack or not. However, if the dealer has a Blackjack and his or her initial card is an Ace, there are two options

    1.  If the total value of your hand is 17 or above that, the game round is finished.
    2.  If the total value of your hand is lower than 17, you will be dealt more cards so that you might win under the Six-Card Charlie rule. You bust if the extra four cards dealt to you make the total value of your hand 22 or above that.

    Side Bets

    In addition to the main game and the Six-Card Charlie rule, Infinite Blackjack offers you four optional side bets which you can combine with the main bet. You can either select the side bets one by one or bet on all of them with one click.

    Any Pair Side Bet

    You can bet on the first 2 cards of your hand having the same value.

    The theoretical payout for Any Pair side bet is 95,9%

    Payout odds on Any Pair side bets are as follows:



    Suited Pair

    25 to 1

    Any Pair

    8 to 1

    21+3 Side Bet

    You can bet on your first 2 cards and the dealer’s upcard comprising different poker combinations.

    The theoretical payout for 21+3 side bet is 96,3%

    Payout odds on 21+3 side bets are as follows:



    Suited Trips

    100 to 1

    Straight Flush

    40 to 1

    Three of a Kind

    30 to 1


    10 to 1


    5 to 1

    Hot 3 Side Bet

    You can bet on combinations to be comprised by your first pair of cards plus the dealer’s upcard.

    The theoretical payout for Hot 3 side bet is 94,6%

    Payout odds on Hot 3 side bets are as follows:



    7-7-7 (three sevens, unsuited)

    100 to 1

    Total hand value 21, suited

    20 to 1

    Total hand value 21, unsuited

    4 to 1

    Total hand value 20, suited

    2 to 1

    Total hand value 19, suited

    1 to 1

    Bust It Side Bet

    You can bet on the value of the dealer’s hand exceeding 21.

    The theoretical payout for Bust It side bet is 93,82%

    Payout odds on Bust It side bets are as follows:



    Dealer busts with 8 or more

    250 to 1

    Dealer busts with 7 cards

    100 to 1

    Dealer busts with 6 cards

    50 to 1

    Dealer busts with 5 cards

    9 to 1

    Dealer busts with 4 cards

    2 to 1

    Dealer busts with 3 cards

    1 to 1


    This game is a candy for all Live Blackjack lovers. It’s infinitely scalable, gives the players complete freedom of action, and is packed with interesting features.

    In a nutshell, this is what makes Evolution’s Live Infinite Blackjack such an awesome game:

    • Amazing scalability: the number of players is not limited, and the bet limits will satisfy players of any type and experience;
    • No more queuing for the available seat: no need to wait, dive right in!
    • Real-time stats: you can see the decisions that the other players have made in real time;
    • High-quality, fast live-dealer gameplay with physical and virtual cards;
    • Extra features for extra fun.

    This is a game that fits Bitcasino’s values perfectly: it’s fun, fast, and fair, and offers you truly unlimited possibilities. 


    Infinite Blackjack