Dragon Tiger


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    Fight tooth and nail to win prizes in Dragon Tiger

    Feel the power of a tenacious tiger flowing through your veins! With animalistic energies within you, you’ve come face to face with another like you, but powered by a dynamic dragon! In this showdown, the two of you will battle to gain the riches of the land. 

    Battle for riches and use your wild energies to manifest specific cards, whether Dragon or Tiger and hope they appear as the winning card. If ever fate smiles upon you, you will earn not just your initial wager, but double its value! 

    Dragon Tiger Details 



    Game Type

    Table Game



    Minimum Bet

    0.5 credits

    Maximum Bet

    100 credits

    Often coined as ‘two-card Baccarat,’ Dragon Tiger Live is a live casino game with a cool Oriental theme. It’s quick and simple, yet the payouts are incredible. 

    Developed by Evolution Gaming, the Dragon Tiger Live game won’t take much of your time or thinking at all. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert with strategies up your sleeve, the Dragon Tiger Live game offers opportunities to win in just a few seconds.

    Learning the Ropes of Dragon Tiger Live

    In the Dragon Tiger Live game, you’ll play with a standard deck of cards except for jokers and other wildcards. You have 4 ways to bet, each with equal opportunities for payouts. The objective is to guess which side yields the higher card or if the dealt cards yield a tie.

    You have the Dragon and Tiger, the most basic options in betting. Both have a 1:1 payout and a 3.73% house advantage. If you place your bet on the correct side, you’ll be paid out the same amount as your wager.

    There other two betting choices are less basic and have lower odds, but have significantly higher payouts. These are the Tie or Suited Tie. Bet on them if you believe that the dealt cards have similar values. 

    The Tie has an incredible 8:1 payout with a 32.77% house edge. The Suited Tie has lower odds because you can wager if both sides have cards of the same suit. However, it offers an astonishing 50:1 payout if you guess correctly.

    Dragon Tiger Live: Some Considerations

    The Ace (A) is the card with the lowest value. This may come off as a surprise because this isn’t the case in most situations.

    Another thing to consider are your potential losses. If both sides have cards of the same value, the house will take half your wager.

    Dragon Tiger: Killer instincts

    Use your killer instincts as the basis for the next round! As you wager a minimum of 0.5 credits up to a 100, you’d be able to win thrilling and ferocious gifts that will make you feel like the alpha in this epic battle of mighty beasts. 

    Playing Dragon Tiger

    Similar in functionality to Baccarat, Dragon Tiger is an epic game wherein you wager on a certain side and hope that the card drawn on it is higher than the other side. It also has the ‘Tie’ bet which wagers on both sides having cards of the same value.

    However, what separates Dragon Tiger from Baccarat is that the betting options are not named ‘dealer’ and ‘player’. Instead, they’re given the titles of ‘Dragon’ and ‘Tiger’ respectively. 

    Card values

    To determine which side has the desired higher valued card, you need to know the value of the cards drawn first. All numbered cards are worth their face value and the suits do not matter for the main bet. For example, if the card drawn is 4 of spades, then its value is 4. 

    In terms of value ranking, the smallest valued card is the Ace followed by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J and Q with King as the highest.


    To play Dragon Tiger, you must first choose which of the two sides you think will land a higher-valued card. You can also bet on ‘Tie’ if you think their cards would be equal in value. Afterwards, you will need to place your chips on any of the three main bet options for the game to begin. You can also bet on 8 side bets to widen your chances of winning.

    Once you’re satisfied with your bet/s, click the ‘Deal’ button. Two cards will then be dealt to the Dragon and Tiger sides. Their values are compared and all winning bets will be highlighted on the table. Wins are automatically credited.

    Bets and payouts

    Aside from the Dragon, Tiger and Tie bets, you can also place your chips on side bets according to the colour and size of the drawn cards. Take a look at all the possible bets you can place in Dragon Tiger and their respective payouts below:





    Pays when the card dealt on the Dragon is higher



    Pays when the card dealt on the Tiger is higher



    Pays when both cards dealt on the Dragon and Tiger are of the same value; half of all bets on Dragon and Tiger are returned


    Dragon/Tiger Red

    Pays when the card dealt on the respective side is red; loses if the card is a 7


    Dragon/Tiger Black

    Pays when the card dealt on the respective side is black; loses if the card is a 7


    Dragon/Tiger Small

    Pays when the card dealt on the respective side is below 7; loses if the card is a 7 


    Dragon/Tiger Big

    Pays when the card dealt on the respective side is above 7; loses if the card is a 7



    Dragon Tiger: Luxurious oriental experience

    When playing this incredible game, you’d find yourself immersed in a beautifully luxurious oriental experience. In this game, the graphics deliver the perfect balance of modern, colourful minimalist aesthetics with gorgeous oriental stylings and patterns drawn over them. 

    To top it all off, the sound mixing placed in the game sends you on an authentic oriental experience as you hear the traditional strums of the orient’s many stringed instruments.    

    Dragon Tiger: Superior hunter 

    As you square off against the dragon, show off your incredible Golden Stripe and hope that the Wheel of Fortune has the odds in your favour. For when it does, you will show the mighty dragon who is the superior hunter. 


    Dragon Tiger