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    Mega Moolah Info

    Mega Moolah is a slot from Microgaming which is definitely worth checking out for yourself! The game's Safari theme is always a hit, plus elements including Brown, Sand color, Lightness, Africa, Animals, Elephant, Giraffe, Lions, Rainbow, and Zebra really complete the picture. And if you're asking yourself, can I win in Mega Moolah using crypto? Well, of course the answer is yes!

    With a maximum pay-out of almost $20m, Mega Moolah is the undisputed champion when it comes to incredible pay-outs. This Microgaming slot has a number of different variations. However, there is an important point to remember about them all. Despite having slight differences in the way that they are played, they all pay into the same jackpot fund. This means that the number of players is much higher for Mega Moolah, which is why it has such high jackpots and also why the jackpot is paid out so often. This is the highest-paying jackpot slot game on the market and as such tends to be the most popular. The jackpots that are on offer are incredible, which is what helps to give Mega Moolah the longevity that it has enjoyed.

    Mega Moolah details

    Game TypeVideo Slots
    Release Date28 November 2006
    Min - Max bet0.25 - 6.25
    Max Coin Win11,250x
    Bonus FeaturesYes
    Digital wallet friendlyMega Moolah for crypto

    Still don't know how it works?

    Mega Moolah delivers the smooth performance, entertaining gameplay and great artwork you're looking for. There is a wide range of features and elements that will definitely draw you in with their magic. The luxurious elements, scenarios, lights, colours, music, animations, etc will entertain you anywhere you go as you enjoy winning prizes. Everything has been properly created to get the most out of your gaming experience, and as we mentioned, to have the chance of participating in an amusing and entertaining way. In addition, with the option to play Mega Moolah using digital currency, now it's better than ever to get started and learn the ropes of unique and exciting ways of gaming! Yes you read it well... prepare your digital wallet because Mega Moolah for cryptocurrency is available! With this new type of betting, not only traditional money is supported (as always) but additionally a 100% reliable and functional digital transaction platform is available to you, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Keep on reading below so you know how Mega Moolah operates and so you're prepared to play. Now you know why fun is just a spin away, don't you feel it?

    There is a free spins feature included in Mega Moolah that offers 15 free spins and a multiplier of three to all wins. However, the jackpot can only be won by triggering the jackpot wheel. This wheel is triggered randomly while playing. It can actually be triggered while playing with any stake level. However, the higher the stake you are playing with, the higher the chance you have of triggering the jackpot. When you are taken to the jackpot wheel, you will see a wheel that has 20 different positions on it. Each position pays out one of the four jackpots available on Mega Fortune. Ten of them pay out the bottom jackpot; six of them pay out the next jackpot up; three pay out the second-best jackpot; and one pays out the maximum jackpot.

    We know you're interested in RTP, so...

    This slot has a 5-3 layout and 25 betways. The RTP, or “Return to Player” of the game stands at 88.12%, with the house edge at 11.88%. This is a tad below average, but don't let that prevent you from enjoying Mega Moolah.

    I've already played a lot of slots, and now I am looking for something special...

    Mega Moolah is popular in several leaderboards around the world, so don't skip this opportunity to discover why! In the case of a game like Mega Moolah which has a medium volatility level, you can expect nice earnings over pretty regular periods of time. It is, indeed, a nice way of winning reasonably often, without waiting forever. Sounds good, don't you think? You will also find bonus items like FreeSpins. Plus, you aren't restricted to regular cash, since Mega Moolah Bitcoin gives you the chance to bet in digital currency as well! So you're fully informed, here's the full list of special features just waiting to be unlocked:

    • FreeSpins
    • FreeSpins Multiplier
    • Progressive Jackpot
    • Scatter symbols

    Max power to your coins!

    The min and max bets for this game are 0.25 coins and 6.25 coins respectively. Now, let's get straight to the point: Money, money, money!!! Your earnings could multiply by 11,250x if you place a bet on Mega Moolah. You're not limited to traditional currency either, so that means you can play Mega Moolah for Bitcoin too!

    Final considerations

    Not sure about it yet? Visit Bitcasino.io and give it a try! Glance over the paytable for the low-down on all the features and find out more about all the different ways to win. Remember that Mega Moolah always has the coolest features available, an 88.12% RTP and a med volatility, a 5-3 layout, and both traditional and digital wallet. So, if you rock it, it may fill up your pocket!