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Explore the mighty maze of mystic magic wins in Spaceman!

Go forward to infinity and beyond as you hop on your spaceship and cruise across the sky towards the endless space of wins. Breach through the atmosphere and land in the unknown world of wins and bonuses. Join the spaceman for an out-of-this-world adventure and get a closer look at the heavenly bodies as your wins rise to the galaxy worth up to 5,000x your stake!

Prepare for take-off because the moment you have been waiting for is finally here. Your space mission is about to begin and you are tasked to help the Spaceman find treasures within the stars as you go higher into the atmosphere. Are you ready to see what wins lie beyond the stars?

Spaceman Details 


Pragmatic Play

Game Type

Crash Game




96.5% (Theoretical)

Minimum Bet


Maximum Bet



5,000x your stake 

Spaceman: Frequently asked questions 

What is the RTP of Spaceman?

Spaceman has an appealing RTP of 96.5%.

What is the volatility of Spaceman?

The volatility of Spaceman is low.

What is the max win available for Spaceman?

The maximum coin win is set at 5,000x your stake.

What are the minimum and maximum bets on Spaceman?

The minimum bet is relatively low at €1 and the maximum bet is €100.

Spaceman: A countless galaxy of wins and prizes!

Spaceman is an exciting online multiplayer game categorised as a Crash type. For this game, you would be blasted off into space and your multiplier values would increase as you go up in the sky. Your mission is to cash out your wins before the Spaceman crashes and all your wager would be lost. 

If you cash in at the right time, you would earn your wager multiplied by the current multiplier value from when you have cashed in the payout. There are no skills required and thus, the only thing that could influence the outcome of the game is when you decide to cash in your wins. 

Place your bet 

To start playing the game, you first need to place your bet and confirm the amount that you want to wager between the minimum stake of €1 up to a maximum stake of €100. You are not allowed to modify your bet while the round is ongoing. You can only change your wager once the round is concluded. 

Lastly, you cannot place a bet while the game is still in play. To double your bet, you can click on the 2x button right on the side of your balance. 

Rising multiplier 

The longer you stay in the game, the higher the multiplier value would be. However, it also gets riskier and riskier since you don’t know when exactly the Spaceman would crash and fall. The multiplier of the game would begin with 1.00x your stake to a maximum of 5,000x.


The main point of the game is the cashout. Once you are lucky enough to find the right moment to cash out your multiplied wager, you would be given the option to ‘Cashout’ or ‘Cashout 50%’. 

Since Spaceman is a real-time game, it would take time for your cashed-out payout to be sent to your account balance depending on the speed of your connection and the amount that you have won. By cashing out 50%, you reduce the time needed to cash out and you can still cash out the remaining wins from the game.


If you want to make gaming easier for you, you can also choose Autoplay. This allows you to automatically repeat your previous bet for a selected number of game rounds.

Live chat

Chat with other players and share the excitement of your wager! You can share what you feel about the game in this live chat and interact with other players. You can even hype each other up on when you would cash out before the Spaceman crashes. 

Player board 

In the player board located at the bottom right corner of the screen, you will see the users, their wagers, multiplier and the amount that they have won. This will help you get more idea on when you should start cashing in and join in with the other players before your wager crashes with the Spaceman.     

Spaceman: Blast off into the space of wins!  

Reach wins beyond your imagination and reach out towards the sky for the jackpot prize in Spaceman! This game will take you straight into outer space with the SPaceman delivered by the aliens. Once the Spaceman starts taking off, your multipliers will also increase and the heavenly body above you would transform into a star the higher you go up in space. 

Be sure to find the perfect landing and cash in your payouts before the Spaceman starts crashing to the ground. In the background of the game, you will see multiple planets and stars lining the sky.  Watch as the night sky lights up with unimaginable wins and bear witness to the supernova of payouts when you play Pragmatic Play’s Spaceman! 

Spaceman: Sky full of wins and multipliers! 

Go on a Sugar Rush in the reels and meet Madame Destiny to see if you are worthy enough to hold the treasures of the universe in your hands. Wager your best bets in Spaceman and see how far you can make it out into space before you come crashing in. Touch the sky and reach for your desired wins. Start wagering today! 

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