3ICE and Bitcasino: Changing the way you play

If it's new and exciting, we want to be a part of it! That's why here at Bitcasino, we are partnering with the hottest ice hockey league, 3ICE to spice things up for our players' looking for more rush in their gaming.

The newest league in Canada’s ice hockey scene is about to bring a fresh perspective into the gameplay of this much-anticipated sporting event. That is why the league is a perfect fit for Bitcasino because we’re determined to bring you the best experience you could hope for! Keep up with all the events 3ICE are associated with, including national and international competitions in the future with us.

Are you ready to take things to the next level? Learn more about 3ICE and this game-changing partnership below!

All about 3ICE

Ice hockey is all the rage in Canada and you’re up for a treat when you root for the budding teams in 3ICE. Despite being new to the pro-gaming industry, there’s something to look forward to with every tournament.

What is 3ICE?

3ICE is a new 3-on-3 pro hockey league that begins its inaugural season in summer 2022 to fill the gap between seasons for ice hockey fans. Starting from June to August, 3ICE events strips the game down to the best parts of hockey with a full-time 3v3 format with 6 teams competing over 9 tours across North America. The best part? 6 Hall of Famers coach the top players from all over the world.

A brief history of 3ICE

This newest league in hockey launched in June 2021. The eight teams with 6 players and one goalie will make waves with a kick-off debut that will start on the inaugural nine-week 2022 season that will happen around June of the same year.

With the newly approved three-on-three format for overtime games, the three-on-three hockey league was created by veterans of the industry namely E.J and Eddie Johnston. Hockey Hall of Famer Craig Patrick also joins the foray as the commissioner of 3-ICE.

How the teams will play for tournaments

The newest league will consist of eight teams with 6 players and 1 goalie. However, none of them will be attached to their home cities. Instead, they will tour around 9 stops across North America (located either in a US or Canadian city) to play in a bracket-style, single-elimination tournament.

After the 9 stops, the season will end with a final league championship game played by the last standing teams during the bracket-style playoffs.

What you can expect from 3ICE

What makes the 3ICE league the most exciting and competitive format for ice hockey is its incredible display of speed, skill and creativity. Since it was woven from the three-on-three format of overtime games, fans are given the opportunity to have a closer look at the playoffs, the gameplay as well as the players.

It also has a real-time interactive voting system that will keep you at the edge of your seat! You can root for your favourites here at Bitcasino in the upcoming updates that will be presented on the platform.


Players reach their potential not only for their pure talent and skills but also with the help of esteemed coaches that help them expand their knowledge and skills more. With the onboarding of these coaches on the 3ICE league, expect that the games will be all the more worthy of your time and wagers.

Here are some of the coaches you will see on the 3ICE hockey league:

  • Guy Carbonneau - He was elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2019. The former player boasts an ice hockey career spanning two decades until his retirement in 2000.

  • Grant Fuhr - He holds several records in the ice hockey scene including most career points by a goaltender, most assists in a single season and most games played in a single season. He was admitted to the Hall of Fame in 2003.

  • John Leclair - He is most famously known as the first American-born player to score 50 goals in three consecutive NHL seasons. Moreover, he is also the president of the John Leclair Foundation which grants non-profit sponsorship programs for children.

  • Joe Mullen - Throughout his career, he accumulated 1,000 points and scored 500 goals in the hockey scene. He also nabbed the Stanley Cup for two different teams during his stint as a hockey player.

  • Larry Murphy - He is the only player that was able to win 4 Stanley Cup Championships during the 90s’ with 2 of them being won during the back-to-back game with the Penguins in ‘91 and ‘92. By 2004, he was elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

  • Bryan Trottier - Aside from being a former hockey player, he has extensive experience in coaching teams. He won 7 Stanley Cups both as a player and coach during the span of his career.

Why should Canada be excited about 3ICE?

A new and improved experience is brought by the 3ICE league to Canadian hockey fans. It’s not just your usual game because it’ll be featuring a more intimate and thrilling competition that gets your adrenaline pumping as you watch the game.

Should you be excited about this experience? We definitely think so! But for what reasons? Here are the things that you can look forward to in 3ICE experience here at Bitcasino:

New teams worth rooting for

There will be eight new teams that you’ll root for at the 3ICE league. What’s exciting is that they won’t be playing for their home turf in these competitions but, as mentioned above, they’d be playing in bracket-style single-elimination tournaments that’ll boost the adrenaline for all hockey fans and players alike.

Nonstop action in Bitcasino

Tournament updates about the 3ICE such as news, player and match analyses are available on Bitcasino to make your gaming more exciting and keep you posted on the latest events you shouldn't miss.

Additionally, seasonal promotions will be posted to celebrate the newest league addition to the hockey industry.

Learning about players and how they can change the game

3ICE is changing the game in the North American hockey sphere. It offers a new experience for both the athletes and the spectators of the game. Moreover, you get the opportunity to know them better in this new and exciting league where they can showcase their skills and talents.

Getting updates at Bitcasino on insane playoffs

At Bitcasino, you’ll get updates as soon as the playoffs kick-off! All news and other articles about the games will be uploaded to the site’s blog page as soon as possible, so you’ll be in the loop for regular updates.

You’ll be sure to feel the raw emotion of the playoffs on our site even if you’re not in the NHL arena because you can access it across devices for your convenience. Even the anticipation towards the game results would blow you away. That’s why Bitcasino is the best platform to get these updates about the 3ICE league.

Celebrating goals

There’s no other game where you can celebrate goals the way the hockey industry does. It may not be as adrenaline-filled as rugby, soccer or even basketball, but hockey has its own charm and notable moments that you can’t get enough of.

You can celebrate the goals with Bitcasino as you place your wagers on the players and playoff results. The anticipation of knowing who wins can even make the celebration all the more fulfilling in the end, especially when your wagers win.

Being part of the hockey traditions

There are plenty of traditions and superstitions that are well-accepted in the hockey scene. You will be a part of that even if you cannot watch the games in person when you sign up at Bitcasino!

From pre-game rituals to other customs related to hockey, you’ll be sure to take part in all of that and more on this platform to make your experience more authentic.

Sign up now to create new traditions in the digital hockey sphere here at Bitcasino!

The rivalries and dramas between teams and players

There’s non-stop drama in hockey rivalries, especially when the tournaments are ongoing. That’s part of the appeal of the whole sport and you’ll more than likely see these updates as they unfold here at Bitcasino.

What can 3ICE mean for you?

Whether you are already a fan of ice hockey or just beginning to dip your toes into the sport, there are plenty of things that you can anticipate here at Bitcasino. Now that the partnership has solidified, you can expect changes that will come about in the platform:

Free to play games related to 3ICE

There’s so much more about 3ICE other than wagering for your favourite players and guessing the playoff results. You can also play casino games exclusively at Bitcasino. That's all about this hockey league.

From video slots to casual games, you can expect that there will be a large selection of online games centred around the 3ICE theme.

Exclusive interviews with the Hockey Legend of 3ICE

The articles won’t only be centred around news updates regarding the tournaments. You can also access exclusive one-on-one interviews with various hockey legends playing in the 3ICE league.

Aside from that, you can also expect other content about the playoffs that are about to happen in the coming months. From analyses of the game statistics to how the players will fare in future games, you’ll be sure to see all of these and more here at Bitcasino.

Wagering while experiencing the playoffs in real-time

You can wager for different bets in the playoffs before and as the tournaments transpire. That’s an experience you can never forget and which can boost your adrenaline even if you’re not watching it in person in the NHL arena.

Promotions to be excited about

Plenty of promotions are currently being developed by the Bitcasino team to make your 3ICE experience all the more memorable! From free casino prizes to other promotions regarding sports betting and wagering, you can expect many things to come your way.

Don’t worry because these exclusive deals will be available once you sign up!

More action, more fun and more games—that’s what you can expect here at Bitcasino! We’ll have several promotions throughout the season to keep you on the edge of your seat. Breakaway goals, big wins and exciting prizes await so sign up today and be in the loop on all updates regarding 3ICE.

3ICE and Bitcasino: Changing the way you play