How To Buy Crypto

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Cryptocurrencies enable rapid and anonymous money transactions across the globe. Get started now by setting up your first crypto wallet in a few easy steps.

Bitget is one of the leading crypto exchange platforms. Use it to enjoy a wide selection of crypto coins and tokens for trade.

    Create Account

  1. Go to the Bitget website here
  2. Enter your email address and click “Register”
  3. Fill in the form with your information (we recommend that you create a strong password)
  4. Click “Sign up” and complete the verification puzzle
  5. Verify your email address
  6. You are presented with two options: “I own crypto” and “I don’t own crypto”. Choose the option that applies to you

    Deposit Funds to Bitget

  1. Hover over “Buy Crypto” and from the dropdown menu select “Crypto Deposit”
  2. Select the coin you want to deposit
  3. Scan the QR code or copy the deposit address and use it as a designated address for where you are sending the fund
  4. The arrival of deposits differs with coins. It usually takes around 10 minutes for the deposit to arrive in your Bitget account.

    Deposit Funds to Account using Bitget

  1. Hover over “Buy Crypto” and from the dropdown menu select “Crypto Deposit”
  2. Select “Withdraw”
  3. Select your preferred cryptocurrency and chain
  4. Copy your wallet address from the cashier and enter it into the “Withdraw address” section on Bitget
  5. Enter the preferred amount
  6. Click “Submit”

Important Note: When copying a wallet address, always ensure that you and the receiver are on the same network. For example, you should only send Bitcoin to other Bitcoin addresses. If you send it to other networks like Ethereum, you will lose your funds forever.

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