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The Adorable Wacky Panda

Live out your panda-playing dreams with the Wacky Panda casino slot by Microgaming. 

With only 3 reels and 1 payline, it’s never been so easy to play with pandas. Watch them spin down the reels in a flurry of soft fuzz.

With an adorable bunch of symbols, no one could possibly resist those big eyes looking right at you. Plus, that one panda’s little bush-tail is way too cute to pass up. Head on over to the bamboo forest and watch the little bears in action as they roll down the reels and jive to the wins. There may even be a good bunch of coins waiting for you somewhere deep in their territory. Nowhere else on Earth will you find so many coloured pandas being so adorably expressive. 

Wacky Panda Details 



Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet

0.01 coins

Maximum Bet

15.0 coins


3333 coins

Wacky Panda: Playful Pandas Picking Pretty Fruits

The game has the paytable conveniently laid out on the screen with the slot itself. Most of them only reward you when you’ve hit three in a row. The only exception to this is the wacky pink Watermelon Panda who rewards you when you get at least one or two on the payline. The panda even dances for you.

The game has four regular symbols and five combinations. One of the symbols is the Watermelon Panda wearing a smashed watermelon on its head, looking quite pleased with itself:


Set of 1

Set of 2

Wacky Watermelon Panda

30 coins

45 coins

Then there are the fruits:


Set of 3


60 coins


75 coins


90 coins

Then there are the high-paying symbols:


Set of 3

Brown Bush-Tailed Panda

120 coins

Blue Spectacled Panda

180 coins

Purple Lovestruck Panda

360 coins

Yellow Panicking Panda

900 coins

Wacky Watermelon Panda

3333 coins

Note: Credits earned is equal to coins won multiplied by the coin bet. 

The Wacky Panda’s Natural Habitat

The slot is based on a bamboo forest with a beautifully-painted waterfall and river in the backdrop. The slot itself has its frame built with stalks of bamboo and bamboo leaves. The game has a rather fun theme with its wacky and extremely expressive pandas, giving each and every one a unique personality that fits with the theme of whimsy and childishness. 

Although the game itself is rather silly, it blends in perfectly with the calmness of its natural roots. The music that plays when you spin is playfully bouncy with its traditional Chinese instruments and keeps you dancing in your seat. Besides, no human being could resist dancing along to the wacky Watermelon Panda when you land on it. 

I ♥ Wacky Panda 

Wacky Panda is a cute slot game by Microgaming if you’re not in the mood to worry about too many reels and paylines. The game itself is incredibly straight-forward with its 1 payline and 3 reels. 

It’s a perfect little game slot to get you started with slots and online casinos, but that doesn’t mean casino veterans can’t enjoy this little gem. The adorable panda artwork is sure to tickle your funny bone. If that doesn’t work, then maybe the 3333 possible coin win will. Either way, you’re sure to keep coming back. Pandas love a loyal playmate.

For more adorable games just like this one, play Gnome Wood and you might even get to meet a Lucky Fairy of your own.

Wacky Panda
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