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Jumanji: The Jungle Hides Many Secrets… and Dice

Relive the classic board game with Netent’s very own Jumanji slot. In the jungle, riddles are all you have to guide you. If you know the right answers, you have a chance at winning up to €100,800 buried in a treasure chest with nearly 10 different features. 

Monkeys, rhinos, and crocodiles are only some of the things you need to watch out for when you step foot into the world of Jumanji. They’re worth a pretty penny and can do incredible things with every roll of the dice and spin of the reels.

You won’t believe your eyes when you shake the dice and find yourself playing Jumanji free spins… twice! 

Jumanji Details 



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Video Slots







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Jumanji: ‘In the Jungle, You Must Wait 'Til the Dice Read Five Or Eight’

The high-paying symbols are the high cards in the deck. These are the Jack (J), Queen (Q), King (K), and Ace (A). Each has its own payouts for every winning combination based on the max bet:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

















The high-paying symbols are various animals. Each has its own payouts for every winning combination based on the max bet:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

















The Wild symbol substitutes paying symbols except for the Scatter symbol. The Scatter symbol is represented by Jumanji’s iconic game box.

Jumanji Spin Modifiers

There are 4 spin modifiers available in the Jumanji slot game. They are randomly activated and have different features. The 4 spin modifiers are the following: Sticky Vines, Monsoon Wilds, Monkey Mayhem, and Wild Stampede.

Sticky Vines

When this triggers, all winning symbols and Wilds, regardless of participation in a winning combination, become sticky and remain for a free respin.

Monsoon Wilds

When this triggers, 1-2 reels randomly become Wild reels. Note that it is impossible for the 5th reel to be the only Wild reel.

Monkey Mayhem

This feature only triggers after applicable initial payouts. When it occurs, the symbols are shuffled to create a guaranteed winning combination for another payout.

Wild Stampede

4-9 Wilds are randomly placed before the spin ends. 

Jumanji Board Game

If you land at least 3 Scatter symbols, you activate the Bonus Board Game. In the Board Game, there are no Scatter symbols, making it impossible to retrigger.

The number of dice rolls you have depend on the number of Scatter symbols you landed on when you activated the Board Game. 

  • Getting 3 Scatter symbols gives you 6 dice rolls.
  • Getting 4 Scatter symbols gives you 7 dice rolls.
  • Getting 5 Scatter symbols gives you 8 dice rolls.

There are several things you can win on the Board Game. These are the Free Spin features, Mystery feature, extra rolls, and Coin wins. 

Located on each of the Board Game’s corners are the available Free Spin features. When your token lands on 1 of the 2 spaces in front of a feature, you trigger that feature. Each Free Spin feature can only be triggered once during a Board Game round. The 4 available Free Spin features are Vines Free Spins, Monsoon Free Spins, Monkey Free Spins, and Stampede Free Spins.

Vines Free Spins

When you land on the Vines Free Spins, you get 10 Free Spins. During the Vines Free Spins, you win a free respin for every win and respins can stack infinitely from 1 Free Spin. 

Additionally, all Wilds become sticky for the rest of the Vines Free Spins duration, regardless of whether or not they’re part of a winning combination.

Monsoon Free Spins

When you land on the Monsoon Free Spins, you get 7 Free Spins. Following the same rules as the Monsoon Wilds, 1-2 reels randomly become Wild reels. The only exception is that affected reels cannot become Wild again on the following Free Spin.

Monkey Free Spins

When you land on the Monkey Free Spins, you get 6 Free Spins. The Monkey Free Spins follow the same mechanics of the Monkey Mayhem spin modifier wherein each spin has a guaranteed win after initial payouts are given. This affects all 6 Free Spins.

Stampede Free Spins

When you land on the Stampede Free Spins, you get 5 Free Spins. During this feature, 4-9 Wilds are randomly placed for the duration of the Free Spins.

Mystery Feature

If you land on the Mystery Feature location, a carousel appears with a variety of additional prizes. The rewards available are whichever Free Spin features are still remaining, coin wins (x2 to x10 your bet), and 3 extra dice rolls. You are only awarded one depending on where the carousel stops. 

Any previously activated Free Spin features within the same Board Game round are not included in the carousel.

Coin Wins

Along the board are several coin win spaces with designated multipliers. If you land on one, you win your bet multiplied by the displayed multiplier.

Extra Rolls

There are also Extra Roll spaces on the Board Game. Landing on one will grant you an extra dice roll.

Jumanji: Reclaimed by Nature

Netent’s Jumanji is a slot game within a board game about a board game where you play inside a grand mansion that Jumanji has already taken over. Monkeys and gigantic man-eating plants have invaded and turned it into a rainforest where different Wild beasts come to play. 

Every special feature causes the mansion to change to the feature’s specifics. When the monsoon comes, an indoor storm begins to flood the house and crocodiles emerge from the wooden floorboards. A web of vines also emerge from the fireplace during Vine Free Spins or Sticky Vines.

The game remains loyal to the original board game and how it was played. When you play the Board Game Bonus, you feel like you’re playing the authentic board game straight from your desktop, complete with the iconic riddles and tokens.

The game features an exotic soundtrack that takes inspiration from the original Jumanji with its suspenseful music and animalistic sound effects. A slot game’s music is often what completes or ruins the game. In Jumanji’s case, the music and SFX elevate the game to perfection.

Jumanji: Now, It’s Your Turn

The board game has an end but that doesn’t mean the slot game does. There are always new things to find and new secrets to behold in the world of Jumanji so keep spinning those reels and see where the dice take you. The jungle of the Jumanji slot is an endless adventure with incredible winning potential. You can even win up to €100,800 if you’re lucky. 

As a quick tip, don’t forget to keep an eye out for those pesky mosquito Blood Suckers. They come in huge numbers but they also come with even greater wins. So channel your Jungle Spirit as you enter the Planet of the Apes in the Jumanji slot game. It’ll be an adventure like no other.