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Why players love our Evolution casino games

Why players love our Evolution casino games

Why players love our Evolution casino games

Thu Jun 20 2019 12:52:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Without question, there has never been a better time to be an online casino game player! Never before in human history have players had instant access to so many high-quality games. Over the last few years, the casino industry has been characterised by a constant push towards innovation, and the sheer scale of the technological advances that we have seen is truly staggering.

Here at Bitcasino, we aim to give customers the best of these developments, which is evidenced in the massive range of games developers you can find in our back catalogue. Prominent among these is Evolution Gaming, an online casino games developer specialising in live dealer games. Evolution has been steadily making a name for itself over the last number of years. As part of Bitcasino’s mission statement of offering players only the highest-quality games out there, we currently give players access to over 35 individual games developed by Evolution, which represents the premier live dealer experience.

Who are Evolution Gaming?

Evolution’s roots stretch all the way back to 2006 when it was initially founded, making it one of the oldest players in the live dealer market. In the early days, Evolution established itself in the European online casino market through a number of key deals with a leading German online sports betting and casino company, as well as some of the larger players in the UK market. Following this, in 2009, Evolution made its first steps towards the live dealer play market and set up a state-of-the-art production studio in Riga – which was eventually quadrupled in size to meet growing customer demand – giving the company its first successes in this market.

In response to growing demand, studios were subsequently opened in a number of locations, and over the last decade, Evolution has established itself in a total of 13 locations across the world, including Tbilisi, Bucharest, and British Columbia, Canada.

In addition to this whirlwind growth pattern, Evolution has also been critically lauded and has earned over 20 industry awards, as listed on its site. It is one of the few casino gaming companies listed on the stock exchange, first being floated on the Nasdaq Stockholm in March 2015. This has facilitated an aggressive growth pattern over the last four years, which has cemented its position as a market leader.

Throughout this whirlwind history, Evolution has stayed true to its mission statement and company vision. Its mission is to provide users with the best possible experience by offering a flawless and localised live casino experience into regulated markets across the world and online. Supporting this is a vision to strengthen its position as the world’s number one live casino provider and to continue to evolve globally. This combination of mission and vision has cemented Evolution as a true industry leader in one of the most competitive markets out there.

Why live dealer casino games?

What are live dealer casino games, and why do players choose them over their virtual counterparts? Although regular online games are still a popular option among many casino game players, it is hard to beat the experience of a live casino scenario. For many players, much of the enjoyment that they get out of a game is tied to the physical aspects – the look of the table, the interactions with the dealer, and the tangible movement of the cards on the table. However, for many people, this is a hard experience to recreate as physical casino access is not readily available in many jurisdictions.

Live dealer casino games fill this gap and offer players all the convenience of online casino gaming, combined with all the physical aspects of the live game they crave. Live dealer games facilitate this through a technologically advanced set-up combining high-definition video chat with playing cards containing microchips that are connected to a computer program. Players can communicate with the dealer through live chat, and there are also facilities to tip the dealer if you so choose – just like at a live casino. This adds to the authentic feeling of the experience, and this tangible connection between dealer and players is deeply satisfying and keeps players coming back for more.

The best that Evolution Gaming has to offer

As one of the leading developers of live dealer casino games, Evolution has a truly staggering number of games on offer. Bitcasino currently gives users of the website access to 35 different games. In this article, we will give an overview of five of the most popular options among users.

Live Lightning Roulette

Evolution’s Live Lightning Roulette is a unique spin on a classic casino favourite. Roulette is one of the staple games in the live casino gaming space, mostly due to the visceral appeal of the roulette wheel, which can’t be fully replicated in virtual form. Evolution takes this classic formula and adds a unique twist to it that has made it one of the most popular live dealer games at Bitcasino.

Lightning Roulette offers all the usual fare associated with live dealer roulette – the live wheel, the dealer, the classic roulette bet types. However, Evolution adds into this classic formula several elements that “electrify” the player! For example, in each game round, between one and five lucky numbers are struck by lightning and given multiplied pay-outs of between 50x and 500x their value. After all player bets are accepted by the dealer, the amount of lucky numbers (between one and five), the lucky numbers themselves, and the amount of the lucky pay-outs are randomly generated. Each one of the lucky numbers pays between 50 and 500:1 if the ball lands on the lucky number. In addition, non-multiplied straight bets pay 30:1, while all other bets such as splits, corners and red/black pay the same as standard roulette.

A “game show” audio-visual style adds to the experience and provides a unique take on the classic aesthetic. These visual elements are carried over to the user interface, which is set against a stunning black and gold Art Deco set design.

All this combines to give players one of the few truly unique roulette experiences out there, which was recognised with a product innovation of the year award at the Global Gaming Awards, G2E Las Vegas, and EGR’s Game of the Year 2018 award, as voted for by industry experts.

Live Dragon Tiger

One of the most popular games developed by Evolution and released through its live casino game packages is Live Dragon Tiger, which is a fast-paced and highly intuitive two-card variant of baccarat with a unique aesthetic.

Baccarat is one of the most popular card games out there, much of which is down to the simple ruleset, which facilitates easy-to-pick-up, intuitive and fast-paced gameplay. Dragon Tiger takes this formula and develops what is essentially a two-card version of classic baccarat. Just two competing cards are dealt – the Dragon and the Tiger – with players simply betting on which card they believe will be the highest or, alternatively, whether the deal will result in a tie. A user interface is overlaid on the screen, which gives users access to a range of statistics and roads to help them make predictions. This is combined with a unique Asian-inspired aesthetic, which pays homage to the roots of baccarat. Gameplay in Dragon Tiger is incredibly fast-paced – if not frenetic – with rounds lasting only around 25 seconds.

Live Super Sic Bo

Live Super Sic Bo is an innovative take on an often overlooked classic casino game. Just like in the classic version of Sic Bo, players make predictions as to what they think the outcome of the three standard dice roll will be. The gameplay is incredibly simple, but the real enjoyment lies in the number of bet types that can be made, which adds a huge amount of strategy to things. Players will typically bet on one or more result combinations displayed on the betting table, which represent what they think the outcome of the dice roll will be. If it matches, they win. If not, they lose.

In a twist on this classic format, Evolution adds in random multipliers on a number of spots in every round, which occur just before the dice roll. This adds an even greater level of excitement to an already engaging game. Combined with lush visuals and a unique aesthetic, Super Sic Bo is one of the most popular Evolution games offered by Bitcasino.

Monopoly Live

One of the most unique Evolution games hosted on Bitcasino is Monopoly Live. Created in partnership with Hasbro and available exclusively through Evolution’s distributors, Monopoly Live adapts the iconic board game into a live online game show. It combines live action gameplay with augmented reality and high-definition computer graphics to reimagine the classic board game like never before.

The aim of Monopoly Live is very simple: the charismatic host spins an oversized game show spinning wheel and players make predictions as to where they think the wheel is going to stop. Users can bet on specific numbers (either 1, 2, 5, 10) and can also benefit from “Chance” segments for instant cash bonuses, multipliers and 2/4 roll segments. The number that the wheel lands on will provide players with a corresponding pay-out, and if they land on a Chance segment, then the host presents the player in real time with a card displaying either a random cash prize or a multiplier bonus. There is also a 3D Bonus Round, which, when activated, sees the host entering an augmented virtual reality world in which they step around a 3D version of the classic Monopoly board collecting prizes and multipliers.

Monopoly Live is truly one of Evolution’s most ambitious offerings and reimagines the classic board game that we know and love into a never-before-seen format. From a technological perspective, Monopoly Live is boundary-pushing, and the 3D and augmented reality elements will not be found elsewhere.

What lies in the future for Evolution Gaming?

In an increasingly crowded and competitive market, Evolution hopes to separate itself from the competition by setting out a clear strategy for the company. The long-term goal is to continue to strengthen its position as the leaders of the European live casino market while making moves to establish itself in emerging markets. To do so, Evolution is focusing on a number of core areas that are considered important to cementing its position as market leaders and laying a foundation for future growth. These are product innovation, customer optimisation, operational excellence, and regulated markets. The fact that Evolution has such a coherent strategy for its next moves in the market says a lot about how it operates as a company and gives us a lot of insight into its success so far.

Evolution Gaming – the best online casino experience out there?

If this overview of the best Evolution casino games has sufficiently piqued your interest, then why not head over to Bitcasino and sign up for a free-to-play account today? Our free-to-play accounts let you try out any Evolution game you want in a zero commitment format, so you can “try before you buy”. This is a great way to get a feel for the different games on offer without the commitment of a pay-to-play account. If you want to find the Evolution games hosted on Bitcasino, simply click on the “Games” tab at the top of the homepage and select to filter by “Provider”.

Words: Sean McNulty
Images: Bitcasino

Why players love our Evolution casino games