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The funniest casino memes that’ll crack you up!

The funniest casino memes that’ll crack you up!

The funniest casino memes that’ll crack you up!

Wed May 04 2022 05:40:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

From funny videos to memes, the internet is home to lots of content about almost anything under the sun. And for casino players like you, nothing is more entertaining than seeing familiar casino scenarios played as a joke for laughs online. Take a break from gaming and have a little fun with these funny gambling memes we’ve collated below!

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What are memes and why do they relate to online casinos?

Memes are considered to be manipulated photos or depictions of a certain idea, joke, film, person and quite literally anything you can set your mind to. It can be entertaining or educational, depending on the premise of the meme and what it aims to make the viewer feel. 

For those interested in online casinos and placing your bets online, you’ll be surprised to know that the casino industry is not immune to memes. From funny slot machine memes to casino dealer memes, you can find almost any type of these relatable funny posts on the internet.

Funny casino memes to share on your next game

Consider yourself the class clown when you share a random gambling meme with your fellow players and liven up the mood. See the list we’ve compiled in the section below: 

1. Marital problems versus gambling

Photo source: @Gamblingproble on Twitter

From the 2008 film ‘The Dark Knight’, this gambling meme stars the Joker in the scene wherein Gotham crime leaders asked if killing The Batman was so simple, why hadn’t he done it already and he answered, ‘If you’re good at something, never do it for free.’

In the casino context, this iconic line jests at marital scenarios when wives question their husbands on their gambling habits. After all, why not earn money if you’re good at gambling? This is a nudge towards gamblers who constantly have luck on their side when playing.

2. An ironic turn of events 

Photo source: @GamblingNews

Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in the 1994 comedy film Dumb & Dumber also appear in the slew of casino gambling memes as best friends Lloyd and Harry who go about their unusual escapades. In this pair of photos showing them excited and giddy in parallel to them looking downcast, you’ll see how different players and casino dealers are before and after staying at the casino.

On one hand, you see the players excited to play, all eager and hopeful to win while driving to the casino but looking disappointed when they drive home, presumably because they now have less money in their pockets.

Opposite this are the dealers looking tired going to work but don happy faces when they leave, implying that they’ve gotten lucky in their shift since the odds are always in the casino’s favour. This is one of those rare casino dealer memes that deal with both ends of the spectrum and not just the player’s point of view.

3. I’ve got my eye on you 

Photo source: @MemeZila

Those who are avid players in an online casino setting will know what it’s like to place your bet and work with a dealer in real-time. The cameras record the game in a studio and the live feed is then watched by players on a platform like Bitcasino. Well, this meme delves into how every move of a dealer can be under constant watch. 

This is one of the funny gambling memes out there that even the dealers can relate to. Especially in an online setting like Bitcasino where people can access all of the games they love for free, every move the dealer makes is watched closely by the viewers. 

4. Science and online casinos don’t get along


Photo source: @Neon Lights Casino in Pinterest 

One of the funny casino memes out there shows Tom Holland’s Spider-Man making fun of Captain America’s shield in the Civil War movie, saying that his weapon does not obey the laws of physics at all. 

According to unlucky roulette players, this same comment applies to the metal ball used in roulette, since it never lands where you want it to even if the laws of physics supposedly got your back. 

You can make use of this meme if you happen to be both a Marvel fan and an unlucky player at roulette. It’s a great way to lighten the mood and see if anyone else playing will get the movie reference.

5. Promises, promises 

Photo source: @Meme Generator

Once you lose a gamble, you’re likely to say you’ll never do it again in hopes of cutting your losses. But lo and behold, you see one slot machine and all of a sudden, it’s like your promise never happened in the first place! This meme compares this behaviour to that of Finding Nemo’s Dory, the iconic character known for having short-term memory loss along with a tendency to be easily distracted.

This slot meme can be relatable to a lot of people because the premise of gambling in a casino can be distracting. Even if you just stood up from a roulette game, a shiny new slot game could potentially catch your attention even if you promised that you’re done placing bets for now. 

6. Try and try until you succeed

Photo source: @Sonalia on Pinterest

Another noteworthy slot machine meme is this scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Released in 1989, the film features the character Walter Donovan as he turns into a skeleton. It can be timely in the sense that some casino players push their luck in casino games and end up waiting for a long time for that long-coveted win. 

If you happen to be having a losing streak, then you can always turn to memes to lighten the mood a little bit. It might feel like forever, but you never know when luck might strike and you could potentially bring home the jackpot.

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7. To save or to spend?

Photo source: @Meme Generator

Promising to save money is easier said than done for people who much prefer to go to the casino instead. Kermit the Frog’s popular meme where he speaks to his darker, more serious alter ego shows exactly this dilemma a lot of people can relate to. After all, many are tempted to do something more enjoyable like playing their favourite slots instead of saving money. 

8. Trust in the power of the debit card

Derived from the Austin Powers film, this gambling meme features the titular character himself playing blackjack in a casino who then stands on a hand worth 5 and says that he also likes to live dangerously, much like his opponent who hits on a 17. 

In this specific case, however, the meme refers to using a debit card in a casino as a dangerous act. People usually use this type of card for their savings so bringing it to the casino is considered playing too close to the fire.

Responsible gamblers usually have a set amount of money to spend on playing. Budgeting is a common tactic to make sure that you do not spend more than you can afford. However, if you or anyone you know has experienced bringing their debit card to the casino, then you like to live dangerously indeed. 

9. The harsh reality of a gambling problem 

Photo source: @ Gamblingproble on Twitter

Lots of negative stereotypes surround gambling since players often lose than win and in worst-case scenarios, some get addicted to it. They tend to get carried away when betting to the point where they’ll wager their money on anything, even their addiction itself, much like in this Cyanide & Happiness comic.

When the friend accuses the other of having a gambling addiction, the latter immediately starts being defensive and agrees to bet against his friend, proving their point. You can send this photo to any of your friends, especially those who can relate.

10. It’s time to pray to your lucky stars


Photo source: @Someecards 

When it comes to high-stakes casino games, it’s completely understandable for players to resort to prayers to ensure their wins. This casino meme holds some truth in that people who pray in casinos are more serious than those who pray at church, especially since a loss could mean their money is at stake. So, the next time you’re playing a high-stakes game, you can go a little further and break the ice with this meme.

11. Just one more!

Avid casino players can relate to this meme that shows just how fast your money can disappear when you place your bets. You can have that random feeling in your gut that this last dollar could potentially help you win all of your losses back, but sometimes the stars just don’t align. 

Casino games rely on chance, so there will be moments when you will feel as if you’re the luckiest person in the world and quite the opposite in other situations. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you are having fun! 

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Why should you share casino memes online? 

Be sure to make use of all these memes and save them to your device! Every time you need a laugh or wish to contribute something to your fellow players, you can get some of these photos and become the life of the party. 

For now, you can take a look at this list of reasons why you should consider sharing them with your friends in that next game round. 

Shed light onto certain, timely situations 

As time goes by, you will often notice that memes change as well. It’s a good idea to browse memes both old and new especially if you need casino-related content like a slot meme. You would be surprised by how timely memes are nowadays. They let you in on the current events happening in the modern world. So when you share memes online with your fellow casino players, you’re not just having fun but also keeping up with the latest casino trends and news globally.

Memes can help you find like-minded people

Many people love sharing memes for casino players since they refer to certain movies, persons, ideas and so much more. When people understand these references, a common interest links them and a bond is instantly created.

If you are the kind of person who likes a certain film, actor or event and you also happen to enjoy placing your bets in an online casino, then you can find more people like you by sharing memes and seeing who appreciates them! Those who do likely get you and your humour so why not start friendships?

Entertain and use it as a means of lightening the mood

Another reason why you should consider sharing casino gambling memes with others is that you can get entertained for a few minutes or hours on end. Maybe you can share memes with people while waiting for the dealer to shuffle the cards, or simply send them to your buddies.

For example, if you share a few funny slot machine memes with your friends, they will be able to relate to the situation as well and find the comedic artistry within the photo. Who knows, maybe some people can personally relate to the meme and you can also forge a connection with them.

Share loads of memes when you play at!

Make use of the different memes we have provided for you in the previous sections and add them to your gaming experience! Whether you are playing slot games or live dealers, you can be sure that there will be a bunch of funny casino memes that will fit the narrative.

Create an account with Bitcasino today and you can experience online betting with fiat and crypto to the fullest! Thousands of games are at your disposal and who knows, you might even be able to find ‘memeable’ content and add them to your collection of awesome casino memes.

Words by: Adi Gregorio

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The funniest casino memes that’ll crack you up!