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How to play sic bo online and win with strategy

How to play sic bo online and win with strategy

How to play sic bo online and win with strategy

Wed Jan 18 2023 01:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Are you a fan of dice games? If you're looking for new games to try, we've got the perfect one for you. Originating from China, sic bo is an online betting game where you guess the dice's total outcome and win if you're right. Thanks to its easy mechanics and straightforward gameplay, you can master the game in no time and start earning real money rewards.

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To give you a better insight into this popular game that originated in Asia, Bitcasino has provided all the necessary information to help you become a master at the sic bo table. Read on to learn more about it.

What is sic bo?

Translating to 'precious dice’, sic bo is an Asian gambling game known as tai sai, dai siu or hi-lo that relies only on chance. It originated in ancient China and has since gained popularity across the world. You can now play it at prominent online and brick-and-mortar casinos.

The overall objective for players is to bet on the results of a dice roll. This is typically played as an online video game, but you can also find sic bo multiplayer variations for the live dealer version.

Sic bo variants

As the sic bo game continued to rise in popularity, many game variations emerged for people to enjoy. This includes games you might have heard of or played, such as:

  • Grand Hazard - Like its game of origin, the Grand Hazard sic bo variation is played using three dice. What makes it different is its betting table, payout, and wager options. For example, the sic bo betting table typically covers a square table that shows six main categories of betting tables; meanwhile, Grand Hazard outlines fewer options. Additionally, different betting options also mean different payouts.
  • Chuck-a-luck - In this version that emerged from the United States, three dice are kept and rolled in a container similar to a wire-framed bird cage. Typically, wagers made in Chuck-a-lock are for single-number results.
  • Yee Hah Hi - The Yee Hah Hi variant uses symbols instead of numbers for betting. These bets are for icons such as fish, scorpion, coin, crab, and more. The house edge for the game is 11.11%.
  • Hoo Hee How - This version is similar to Yee Hah Hi because it uses the same betting symbols. It's a form of sic bo typically found at online casinos. The bets pay between 1:1 to 3:3 depending on how frequently the symbol appears. Additionally, the house edge for Hoo Hee How is set at 7.87%.

Sic bo game rules: How to play sic bo casino game

Sic bo game rules are fairly straightforward and similar to most dice games. Read the guide below to understand the game better.

  1. Learn the sic bo table

Source: Super Sic bo by Evolution

To the untrained eye, the sic bo game’s playing table can be overwhelming because of the Chinese characters. However, it's actually similar to table games like craps and roulette. Analysing the figure above, you'll notice the table outlines the bets you can make when playing traditional Chinese sic bo gambling online. To place your bets, simply put the chips on top of the betting option you prefer.

  1. Place your bet before the round starts

When playing the sic bo casino game, start by wagering before the round starts. You can do this by placing your chips on the section corresponding to your chosen bet. 

Before placing a wager, know that most of these games have a house edge. This refers to the built-in casino advantage for the casino to make a profit. The average sic bo house edge ranges from 2.78% to 18.98%, depending on where you play and the bet you place. 

Aside from the house edge, understand the sic bo odds of winning with the wager you make. You can check the game's key information such as hit rate, volatility, odds chart, RTP and pay table to do this.

  1. The dealer rolls

After wagering, the table dealer will roll the three dice used in the game. This can be done either manually or by an automatic dice roller some online casinos use.

  1. Check results and receive payouts

After rolling the dice, check the results and get the corresponding to sic bo payout if you won the round. 

But before you start playing, check out the 5 online casino tips that work like a charm for satisfying gameplay. Some of the best tips include setting a betting limit, so you don't overspend, understanding that no strategy guarantees a win and more. 

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Sic bo betting: Types of bets and odds

When you place a bet on a sic bo game, you wager on the outcome and get rewarded based on the odds of that outcome becoming true. That's why the betting options are the most important things to remember when learning how to play the sic bo casino game

To understand the betting options, you need to learn each bet's payoutssic bo probability, winning combinations and house edge. Listed below are the betting options on the Sic bo table:

  • Big and small - This wager is simple; you place your bet on either the big or small field, depending on which kind the roll will be. Choose the small option if you think the result will be between 4 to 10, and select the big option if you think the total will be between 11 o 17. 
  • Odd and even - As the name suggests, you'll guess if the number that will roll is odd or even.
  • 3 Dice Total - This type of bet wagers on the total result of the three dice rolled. The result can range from 4 to 17.
  • Any Triple - When you bet Any Triple, you predict that the 3 dice will land on the same number.
  • Double - Also called 2-Dice combination, this bet means you think at least two of the three dice will land on the same number.
  • Single Dice Bets - With this bet, you win if the specific number you chose lands during the round. Additionally, you can guess whether one, two or all three dice will land on your chosen number.
  • Specific Triples - With a Specific triple, you must correctly predict the results of all three dice.
  • 2 Dice Combo - When you make this bet, you need to predict the specific number that lands on at least two dice. 

There's more to learn about these bets, such as the odds, payout, house edge, etc. Check the table below for more information.

Type of bet



Winning Combinations


House Edge

Big or Small






Odd or even






3 Dice Total

7:1 to 71:1



1.4% to 12.5%

7.4% to 15.3%

Any Triple












Single Dice

1:1-1, 2:3-1, 3:5-1







1: 34.72%

2: 6.94%

3: 0.46%


Specific Triples






2 Dice Combo






How to win using sic bo strategies

As a casino game of chance, no strategy guarantees a win in sic bo. However, there are ways for players like you to improve your winning odds. Check them out below:

  1. Understand the rules

Before playing sic bo, make sure you understand the rules and payouts, so you're aware of what's happening at all times. This includes when to place your wager, knowing the bets you can make, and the house edge set at the casino you're playing at. 

  1. Don’t bet on too many areas at once

Online sic bo games typically allow multiple bets at once, sometimes up to 16 areas during a single roll. However, you should try to avoid betting too much all at once. While this means most rounds will result in a win, you're ultimately losing more money with the number of bets you've placed. 

A better way to play sic bo is to analyse the betting options available and learn the odds and payouts of each. That way, you can strategise how you play the game, so you're not losing more than you're prepared to.

  1. The big or small area is a good bet

Once you've looked at the sic bo pay table, you'll know that the Big and Small bets offer the best odds in the game, so if you want a high chance of winning at sic bo, bet on either of these two options.

  1. Check RTP and volatility

Another good way to get a higher chance of claiming big winnings is by gathering key information about the game. Playing online sic bo casino games means checking the RTP or Return to Player percentage and the volatility. 

These two things will help you understand how much you can win in a particular game. Volatility outlines the frequency, particularly whether the payout will be low but frequent or high but infrequent. On the other hand, the RTP dictates the percentage of how much you can expect to gain based on the amount you've wagered.

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Best sic bo online games to play at Bitcasino

Are you ready to play sic bo online casino games? No need to look further because you can find the game right here at Bitcasino, the world's first and leading online casino platform. With our guide to the best crypto dice games and winning strategies, rest assured that you'll get plenty of chances to earn real money rewards when you play sic bo right here. 

Additionally, play with crypto for more significant rewards and seamless fund transfers. Rack big rewards with these games from our site: 

Sic Bo

  • Game developer: OneTouch
  • Game type: Chance game
  • RTP: 97.22%
  • Min bet: 0.5 USDT
  • Max bet: 100 USDT


Sic Bo by OneTouch is an online variant available on Bitcasino. It has low volatility and an RTP of 97.22%. When you play the game, you'll be greeted by the Sic bo table showing the betting options, with the betting chips at the bottom.

For the roll, direct your attention to the side of the screen which shows the three dice. To start the round, you must first place your bet from 0.5 USDT to 100 USDT. 

Sic Bo Pro

  • Game developer: OneTouch
  • Game type: Chance game
  • RTP: 97.22%
  • Min bet: 10 USDT
  • Max bet: 1,000 USDT


OneTouch delivers another satisfying game with Sic Bo Pro, which has a straightforward design to ensure easy gameplay. This game version is plated the same way as the previous entry. 

In addition, it also has an RTP of 97.22% and has low volatility. The difference between the two is the amount you can wager. This one has a significantly higher range than the previous one, with wager limits ranging from 10 USDT to 1,000 USDT. So if you're a high-roller looking for bigger rewards, this game will give you just that. 

Sic Bo High Roller

  • Game developer: OneTouch
  • Game type: Chance game
  • RTP: 97.22%
  • Min bet: 25 USDT
  • Max bet: 5,000 USDT


If you're looking for a version of the game with the highest betting amount, then try your hand at Sic Bo High Roller by OneTouch. Similar to the other two, it depicts the betting table at the centre with the dice roller set on the right section of the screen. 

To play the game, set your preferred betting amount, ranging from 25 USDT to 5,000 USDT. You can then place your wager, and all left is to wait for the roll's result and see if you've won.

Sic bo game FAQs

Where to play sic bo online?

Sic bo is a popular game you can play on many online casinos like Bitcasino, where you can ensure a safe and rewarding gameplay experience.

Can I win real money when playing sic bo?

Yes. When you play sic bo at Bitcasino, you can play in fun or real mode. With the fun mode, you can try out the game with fun credits to test your knowledge of the gameplay without risking your funds. 

Once you're ready to earn real money rewards, simply switch to the real mode version of the game. You can then place your bets and try your luck at winning real money.

What is the best strategy to win at sic bo?

When playing any type of gambling game, no strategy guarantees a win. However, with this ultimate guide to sic bo, you'll see that there are ways to improve your chances of winning. That includes wagering on 1:1 bets and choosing the best table for satisfying rewards.

Words by: Cathrene Joseph

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How to play sic bo online and win with strategy