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Teen Patti: Not Quite Poker

Teen Patti: Not Quite Poker


Originating from India, Teen Patti means 3 cards in Hindu. The rules are simple: form the strongest hand or act like you have one and trump your opponents for the pot! 

Playing Teen Patti will require a standard deck of 52 cards and 3-6 players. The game is compared to poker because of its exhilarating gameplay, albeit with some minor differences that will surely thrill you.

Teen Patti: Blind and Seen 

A game of Teen Patti starts with a betting round. You must follow the agreed minimum stake or boot. The dealer will then deal 3 cards to each of the players. This is followed with a wagering round that starts with the player at the left of the dealer. 

From here, you will have the choice to play as blind or seen. Playing as blind restricts you from seeing your cards. On the other hand, choosing to play means that you are allowed to check your own hand and wager twice the blind player’s stake.

Being a seen player also forces you to play ‘chaal’ if the player before you is also a seen player to stay in the game. ‘Chaal’ lets you compare your cards with the player before you. This move requires you to wager double the amount of the blind player. 

The betting rounds continue as long as there are still more than 2 players are left. You can end the game by playing ‘show’ that allows you to challenge your adversary’s hand. Playing show costs the minimum stake if you are a blind player and twice if you are a seen player. The player with the strongest hand wins the pot.

Teen Patti: The Hands 

Bluffing your way to the pot isn’t always a viable play in Teen Patti. This is why you must also master the strongest Teen Patti hands to trump your opponents. 

  1. Trio - The most powerful hand combination in Teen Patti. These are 3 cards with the same value.
  2. Straight Run - A hand combination of 3 consecutive cards of the same suit. 
  3. Normal Run - A hand combination of 3 consecutive cards from different suits. 
  4. Colour - A hand combination of any 3 cards from the same suit. In the case of multiple Colour hands, must compare each card in the hand starting from the highest card. 
  5. Pair - A hand combination of two cards of the same rank and another card. In the case of multiple Pair combinations, you must compare the same rank cards first and then the odd card to know the winner. 
  6. High Card - The weakest hand in Teen Patti. This is a combination of any 3 cards that don’t fit the other hands.

Teen Patti: Three Cards, Infinite Thrills! 

With a formation of 3 cards, you will surely get an infinite amount of only thrills with every game of Teen Patti. The addition of the Blind and Seen mechanic gives this humble card game from India a distinct feeling of exhilaration that you will surely love. 

Feel this exhilaration now! Exercise your Teen Patti knowledge and stop the show by forming a powerful hand or bluffing the enemy until they fold.

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Teen Patti: Not Quite Poker
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