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Live Dealers: Trustworthy or Not?

Live Dealers: Trustworthy or Not?

Live Dealers: Trustworthy or Not?

Sat Oct 26 2019 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Dressed in clean vests and pleasant, warm smiles, dealers will hand out your cards through a video streaming link accessible in any online casino. See croupiers deal as they hand out cards in a live casino. With such an advanced feat, is there still a possibility of a live dealer cheating?

Live casinos attract punters because of the reassuring presence of a human person dealing out cards instead of a machine that generates a random number. Cameras stream their actions, ensuring safe gaming and fair handling. If ever a dealer does cheat, they can be apprehended because of the live footage.

That’s why people prefer to play live casinos nowadays. Aside from the personal touch, safety is ensured. You can then play live casino games such as live blackjack, baccarat, and roulette in any online casino that offers them without worries. 

Despite the safety that live casinos assures, cases of a live dealer cheating are not unheard of. An example is the BetOnline incident in 2017 where one blackjack dealer was caught doing a second shuffle. 

Instead of giving the first card from the card shoe to the player, the dealer gave the second card instead. In turn, the player received a 6-card while the dealer got the higher 8-card.

The player, Michael Morgenstern, posted the video online and contacted BetOnline’s customer service desk to no avail. The casino refused to give a statement.

Live dealers that are cheating do not benefit anyone. This results in dirtying the online casino’s name, aside from pissing off customers who lost bets in unfair games. 

You can do your part to make sure you won’t be victimized by cheating dealers. Research an online casino’s history first before you register. Check if they are licensed by any authorized body of government. Online reviews can often tell you if casinos use a provably fair model in monitoring their games.

Cases of live dealers cheating reflect the casino’s name as well as the software provider. If they cheat, they tarnish the casino’s name. This results in losing customers and profit. Cheating benefits no one that’s why casinos enforce rules to regulate fair gaming. They ensure safe gambling that can be trusted. 

What you can do is ensure you know where your money goes and you get the fair play you registered and paid for.


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Live Dealers: Trustworthy or Not?