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Learn the Importance of RTP and Volatility in Casino Games

Learn the Importance of RTP and Volatility in Casino Games

Learn the Importance of RTP and Volatility in Casino Games

Wed Feb 19 2020 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Ever wonder how much a casino game can give you in return? Using RTP and volatility percentage, you can get a good idea on how much you can possibly win over the course of the game. Understand how to use RTP and volatility to your advantage in choosing the best games for you!

To have an idea on how high a game’s payout percentage is, you can check its RTP. RTP stands for ‘Return to Player’ which is how frequently you can possibly win payouts over the long term when you play the game. Every casino game—table games and video slots—has its own RTP based on the game’s RNG.

RTP is considered to be subjective because all this information is based on Random Number Generators (RNG) used in casino games. This means all wins are randomly generated and outcomes are unpredictable. Due to all games being won by RNG, it keeps the gaming experience fair for all players. 

You can calculate the RTP of a casino game based on the total amount bet by players divided by the amount returned to the player. For the total amount bet made by players, this is based on the sum of the total bets wagered by each player. Amount returned to the player pertains to the total win given back to the player in each spin. 

Another way to find out the RTP of a game is to use the game’s house edge if it’s known. When calculating using the house edge, all you need to do is subtract the game’s house edge from 100%. For example, the house is 4%, 100% is then subtracted from 4% to get an RTP of 96%. 

The table below shows casino games with their respective house edge and RTP calculated:


House Edge


Golden Chip Roulette



Caribbean Beach Poker



Thrones of Persia



*Note: House edge in table games may vary for the dealer and player. 

Playing based on the game’s RTP can give you an estimate on how much of what you wagered can be returned to you in the long run. You can also enjoy other games by choosing what game you want to play based on its volatility. 

Play It Safe or Dare to Take the Risk With Volatility

When taking a game’s volatility into consideration, you are deciding whether you win payouts frequently but in small amounts or it might take a long period until you receive huge payouts. There are usually three modes it can be set to: low, standard, or high. Some video slots allow you to choose what type of volatility you want to play in. 

Casino games with low volatility are ideal to play when you are a beginner at casino games. There is less risk when you play because you can win frequently, but your wins come in small portions. On the other hand, you can also choose to play in high volatility mode. In high volatility, you can win a huge payout but it will take a long period of time before it occurs. 

Check out the following games to test out what volatility suits you more when you play casino games:

Casino Games with Low Volatility

  • Fairy Tale 

Endorphina has weaved their own Fairy Tale filled with enchanting magical fairies up in the clouds. Fly to the brilliant skies of this casino slot and experience magic come to life when you draw the powers of the Wilds, Scatters, and Free Games. Marvel at the wonders of these fairies and you might get the opportunity to get your happy ending. 

  • Mini Baccarat

In Play’n GO’s version of Mini Baccarat, your objective is to guess correctly which hand is the highest or have a tie. The player and dealer must try to reach 9 or get a card value combination closest to 9. Bet on who you think will win and you’ll receive your reward when you guess correctly. 

Casino Games with High Volatility

  • Battle of Emperors

Fight alongside historical figures who can control China with a steel blade in Battle of Emperors made by Gamatron. Take a role in one of China’s greatest wars in history and earn huge payouts in the long battle between the Yellow Emperors. Go through the Bonus feature and Free Spins to get a chance at winning the jackpot and glory for all of China. 

  • Texas Hold ‘em Poker

Try your best to maintain your poker face when you play One-Touch’s Texas Hold 'em Poker. It is a casino table game where your goal is to achieve the highest card combination among the other players. Compared to other poker variants, you are only dealt with two cards and they must build a high card set based on the 5 community cards placed in front of you. 

There are 3 rounds in Texas Hold’em Poker where you can observe if your cards can make the right combination to win. Each of the community cards is revealed in every round and decide whether to raise your wager if your cards are good or you can bluff. Otherwise, you can forfeit your cards to avoid any losses.  

How You Play the Games Lies With You

Now that you know how RTP and volatility works, you can now decide how you want to play games. It can vary for everyone, so you can experiment which style suits you more by playing any of the casino games in Bitcasino. By trying out new games, you can open yourself up to a whole new genre or type of game while winning money!

With a click of a button, you can check out which way you prefer—RTP or volatility—when it comes to choosing a casino game and you can find your favourite type in our selection.

Explore genres and worlds of games here at Bitcasino!

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Learn the Importance of RTP and Volatility in Casino Games

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