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Esports betting - How to bet on Esports in Kenya

Esports betting - How to bet on Esports in Kenya

Esports betting - How to bet on Esports in Kenya

Mon Mar 28 2022 01:16:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Esports is now on the same level as traditional sports, thanks to the competitive scene of various titles. You can see esports leaving a mark worldwide including nations like Kenya. A lot of players and teams are appearing in the scene left and right to be one of the best teams in the world and to win the coveted prize pools that amount to millions.

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Betting has become a large part of the esports scene as well. You can tell that bettors have taken a liking to this because it adds another dimension to their esports experience. Additionally, it’s possible for them to receive large rewards, depending on how successful their wagers are as well as the esports tournaments they bet on.

Esports betting shares many principles with its classic sports counterpart because most of the strategies go hand in hand with each other. Bettors have always relied on certain strategies to thrive and win rewards. Bitcasino can give you awesome tips if you want to make wagers on esports.

Betting in Kenya

Africa is a popular market for sports betting due to the number of traditional sports played in the region. Besides this, Kenya has shown a willingness to have more fun with esports due to the multiple esports titles that have taken over the competitive gaming world. 

Back in the day, most people only saw competitive gaming as getting higher scores than other players on games like Space Invaders or Pac-Man. Nowadays, some amazing games have taken over the gaming sphere and they are mostly multiplayer-based which means that teams can be established but at the same time, there are still some 1 vs 1 esports games out there. 

You should know that these esports games are rather easy to watch. You can access streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming to see official streams from the developer or the partnered broadcasters. 

With more people joining the hype that esports brings, Kenya has shown signs that it will develop into an esports-loving nation. It also helps that there are people like prominent rapper King Kaka who have shown support for platforms like Bitcasino.

To join the fun of esports betting in Kenya, all you have to do is find the right betting platform for you, and thankfully, you can go to Bitcasino which can offer you the best experience!

Find the right esports game

As a bettor looking for esports betting tips, you can make diverse bets to increase your chances of making successful wagers. To ensure that you make wise wagering decisions, you need to try and focus on one game first. With tons of choices out there, you should know the best esports game for you. There are various titles that you can find, but here are three of the biggest games in the esports industry:

League of Legends

As the most popular esports game in the world, League of Legends will be a good choice if you’re looking to make big bets. This game is filled with official matches almost every week which makes for a good viewing experience because it’s similar to the weekly football schedule in traditional sports. 

You can bet on multiple regions around the world but the most prominent has to be North America’s League Championship Series (NALCS), League Championship Korea (LCK), and China’s League of Legends Pro League (LPL). 

This is one of the best games to bet on because it is exciting and offers numerous betting options to you since it’s the most prominent esports game in the industry.

Dota 2 

As another MOBA game, Dota 2 is well-known as being the most lucrative game in the industry because of the prize pool of its flagship event, The International. The event is a good starting point if you want to bet on esports because TI involves the best Dota 2 teams in the world.

Apart from TI, this game has the Dota Pro Circuit which is the competitive circuit that Valve uses to serve as the official season for Dota 2. This makes it even more appealing to bettors because having a year-long circuit means that there are loads of chances to make bets and win rewards.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

First-person shooter games have been a staple of the video game industry for the longest time. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and its predecessors have been a crucial part of the esports world. CS 1.3 and 1.6 were the biggest FPS games in the 2000s and the 2010s was dominated by CSGO.

This game’s esports scene is arguably the most exciting esports scene in the world because it is one of the easiest games to understand with its 5 vs 5 setup. There are only a few objectives for players in this game which makes it easier to watch with the bomb plants and defuses from the terrorists and counter-terrorists respectively. The best players in the CSGO ranking system thrive in the esports scene because they use their superior skills.

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Stay up to date with the results and schedules

The esports world moves fast and you should always stay updated as long as you can. This will be easier than you think because you can just look at resources around the internet that can guide you with both results and schedules so you can gauge your bets better.

Keep in mind that momentum is a huge part of the esports industry. This will factor into your betting decisions because you will most likely favour the team with a winning streak. However, wagering on it doesn’t always guarantee a successful result since you have to consider the context behind results as well to make a wise bet.

When looking at the schedule, matchups are important to consider. If you know a certain matchup before the bets are due, you will have a better perspective on the teams that are playing which will be good for the results of your wagers.

Another factor that you should look at is the roster changes since they are typically in flux. If you stay up to date with the rosters and know the quality of the players that were swapped out, you can make better betting decisions. Hopefully, you’ll apply these tips so you can win your bets and enjoy watching your favourite esports games at the same time.

Use the odds to your advantage

Just like traditional sports, you need to use odds as a tool in esports betting at Bitcasino. 

Odds will dictate who is the favourite or the underdog during a certain match. It also deals with looking at which team or player is most likely to win a tournament before it even happens. 

As you might already know, betting on the underdog will be a move with the highest risk and rewards since they are most likely to lose. However, you can net big rewards if the underdog pulls off an upset win. To further understand how odds have helped bettors before, see the different examples below.

How odds helped in Dota 2 betting

Dota 2 has had a decade in the esports world now and betting on it has become commonplace. Odds are important but the number does not tell the entire story. A good example of this is during TI8 when OG was the biggest underdog in the Dota 2 odds.

Despite their underdog status, they managed to pull off arguably the greatest upset win in esports history. As the tournament progressed, it became clear that OG was the best team because they understood the mechanics that worked best during the metagame. Back in 2018, they took advantage of the buyback mechanics and the use of Tiny. 

Odds can be an indicator but not the entire truth

This is where odds would’ve been helpful because as TI progressed, OG became bigger in the odds. Despite that, before the event started, it would’ve been good to bet on OG but people weren’t brave enough to pull off the big bet. This is why it’s important to look into the context behind the numbers because the odds can mislead you at times. 

Know all of the best teams in esports

The best teams will control the scene and they will be the main teams to watch. However, you should keep an eye out for the rising teams because they can be the surprise winners and can net you solid rewards as well.

In a game like Dota 2, you can rely on teams like Evil Geniuses to become one of the best teams in their scene because they have a good roster of players with great career track records. Moreover, they have proven that they can keep performing as a top-tier team for an extended period during seasons.

As you progress through your esports betting journey, stay up to date with the best teams in the scene so you can adjust your bets accordingly. Do not get caught up in the hype of one team for a long time because long-term successful teams are hard to gauge.

A wealth of esports knowledge will help you

While you can’t be an instant expert on esports, you can deepen your knowledge in many ways. You can read analysis pieces, listen to experts, or just watch the games. They are all helpful because you can understand your preferred games further and become a solid bettor. 

A good example is if you watch a CSGO tournament, you will understand more concepts that players come up with in their esports training as you go through the event. The casters will be crucial for your knowledge as well because they will be talking about what the strategies are and they always love to talk in digestible ways so that new players and bettors will understand what’s going on. 

Use those lessons that you learned from the broadcast and implement them into your betting tactics to thrive as a successful punter. Don’t stop learning because the minute that you do, you will lose some of your future bets. 

If you keep doing this, you will have limited issues moving forward because having a good perspective on esports will help you with betting. You should not bet on esports with your gut feeling because that will not be sustainable. Be realistic and maximise your chances of winning rather than relying on chance.

Do not get frustrated with results

The key to success in betting is always keeping a rock-solid mindset. While you will experience losses, make sure to just keep going because you will surely have a better perspective after you lose. Moreover, make sure that you do your best to maximise your chances of winning. 

As you keep betting on Bitcasino, do not forget that anything is possible in both sports and esports. Esports betting might sound daunting at first but it gets easier as you go on. Just follow the necessary steps and you will have a good time with your rewards sooner rather than later. It will be a fun experience as you progress and learn more about your preferred esports game. 

In the future, you can even expand your horizons and bet on other esports games in Kenya to earn more rewards. Just follow the same steps again so you won’t have to go on another steep learning curve. Good luck and have fun!

Words by: Pocholo Magsino

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Esports betting - How to bet on Esports in Kenya