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Jungles, Crystals, and Vicky Ventura

Satisfy your itch for adventure with the Vicky Ventura slot game as she traverses the mysterious jungles for the famed totem crystals. 

There’s nothing but treasure lurking in the jungle, waiting to be discovered. Rumours say there’s even up to €400,000 hidden among the mystic totems.

Witness the beauty of the radiant blue light show that comes with nearly every spin, and have your eyes glittering blue. Mysteries remain locked in the mysterious temples, and it is up to you to unlock them and reveal the Wild secrets within. So put on your explorer’s gear and sunglasses, and head out. 

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Red Tiger

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Vicky Ventura: The Nature of the Game

The most striking feature of this slot game is the locked rows of tiles looming overhead. These tiles are unlockable by achieving certain conditions and will be discussed later.

For the regular reels, the symbols found in the jungle are all the standard symbols for most slot games. These are the yellow Spade, red Heart, blue Diamond, and green Club. All of these provide the same multiplier based on how many symbols of the same type you can consecutively land in a row:

  • Getting 3 gives you 0.2x your stake up to a maximum of €8.
  • Getting 4 gives you 0.5x your stake up to a maximum of €20.
  • Getting 5 gives you 1.5x your stake up to a maximum of €60.

The high-paying symbols are the following: the Map, the Journal, the Hat, the Binoculars, and the Compass. Each of these has a unique multiplier depending on your chain, based on the max bet:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5


0.4x your stake up to €16

1x your stake up to €40

3x your stake up to €120


0.6x your stake up to €24

1.5x your stake up to €60

4.5x your stake up to €180


0.8x your stake up to €32

2x your stake up to €80

6x your stake up to €240


1x your stake up to €40

2.5x your stake up to €100

7.5x your stake up to €300


2x your stake up to €80

5x your stake up to €200

15x your stake up to €600

Each of these ways to win is able to chain with one another. This means that if you can get multiples in each reel, they each create different ways and add to your wins for that round.

For the game’s Wild, the portrait of Vicky Ventura substitutes all paying symbols, allowing you to create multiple ways to win simultaneously.

The Totem Crystal

Whenever you land the blue Totem Crystal, decorated with a glowing skull, you trigger the Mystic Totem. When this happens, the Mystic Totem affects the reel in multiple ways:

  • It may unlock random locked tiles to reveal a Wild symbol underneath.
  • It may convert symbols into others to create big wins.
  • It may even transform symbols into more Totem Crystals to retrigger the Mystic Totem.

After each round, the unlocked tiles lock themselves once more. Additionally, the more Totem Crystals you unlock at a time, the more tiles are affected by the Mystic Totem.

Vicky Ventura Free Spins

If you land at least three of the Free Spins symbols on the reels, you enter Free Spins mode. Here, two additional rows of locked tiles are revealed, giving you three in total. If during your Free Spins, your Mystic Totem unlocks some tiles, they stay unlocked until the end of the duration. If you also manage to land three more Free Spins symbols, you get 10 more Free Spins and a 4th locked row.

Vicky Ventura: The Natural Wonders of the Jungle

The game’s animation and artwork are smooth and crisp, giving players a satisfying visual experience and leaving them wanting more. Nothing jitters or lags and all the game’s audio-visual elements are all-natural like the jungle they inhabit. The sound effects aren’t grating and give every motion and visual effect that extra ‘oomph’, motivating players to want to continue spinning. 

The jungle atmosphere is the same one you’ve come to know and love. The plants that shift in the background with every win, the incense that smokes in their bowls, and the glowing crystals all give this slot game a unique experience it can call its own. There is also the peculiar skull-shaped Mystic Totem that glows a wondrous sapphire blue whenever you land on a Totem Crystal. Not only does it invite you to stick your hand in, but the blue glow is also mesmerizing in its beauty. 

Vicky Ventura’s music is comprised of various string instruments, customary jungle drums, and a flute that resembles a birdsong. Coupled together with the ambient noises of a jungle at peace, the musical score is great to listen to while playing the game. It soothes both the ears and the mind.

Vicky Ventura: A Crystal Clear Jackpot

Vicky Ventura is a great adventure for those seeking some thrill. With its visuals of a jungle temple, you’ve got to satisfy your curiosity by seeking what’s hidden deeper within. This casino slot game has you searching for the magical Totem Crystals in search of treasure—a jackpot of up to €400,000—and if the rate of wins is anything to go by, winning it almost seems like a walk in the park. 

The Vicky Ventura casino slot is sure to please any urges for adventure you may be having. So head out, and don’t forget to take a camera. You’ll be wanting photos of those glowing crystals for a souvenir when you get back to quaint little Spin Town, together with your winnings from your epic Jackpot Quest.

Vicky Ventura

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