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Min - Max bet

0.005 - 2 mBTC

Have you tried Rooster Fury yet?

Unleash your fury and let it boost your will to spin. Don’t hold back on your punches and challenge all the other roosters for the best fight of their lives as you wager your best bet for a chance at the jackpot. 

Enter the fighting ring and summon all your strength with every punch as you spin the reels and show the enemies who’s boss. Fight your way to the highest payouts and spill blood for a chance to win the riches of your dreams. Place your bet today and spin the reels to see if lady luck would favour your punches! 

You are surely looking forward to learning more about Rooster Fury, one of Endorphina's slot games. So, don't wait any longer to find out all the details! The elements of the game, which include Gray, Luchador, and Chickens, perfectly complement the Birds, Cartoons, and Sports themes. Additionally, you can win in Rooster Fury using cryptocurrency, so make sure your digital wallet is ready!

Rooster Fury details



Game Type

Video Slots

Release Date

8 June 2021







Min - Max Bet

0.05 - 50

Bonus Features


Digital wallet-friendly

Rooster Fury for crypto

Rooster Fury: Don’t hold your punches 

RTP? Now, we're talking

This game has a 3-3 layout and 5 betways. The RTP, or “Return to Player” of the game is 96.0%. This is a great percentage for the player, as it is above the industry average and means the house edge is just 4%. With an RTP like this, you've got many opportunities to bank a win in Rooster Fury!

Max power to your coins!

The minimum and maximum wagers for this game are 0.05 coins and 50 coins respectively. Plus there's more phenomenal news - Rooster Fury allows you to make a wager with traditional currency or using Bitcoin, meaning your winnings could be substantial.

Game specs and features

Rooster Fury is popular on several leaderboards worldwide, so don't skip this chance to discover why! Are you really going to deny yourself what may be your new favourite game? You will also find bonus items like the Battle feature. Plus, you aren't restricted to standard cash, as Rooster Fury Bitcoin gives you the option to bet in digital currency as well!

Rooster Fury: Get all the knock-out prizes on the reels 

Losing was never an option. When it comes to winning the jackpot prize, you will either go all or nothing. It’s time to summon the fury boiling within you and channel it into strength as you punch your way to the top with an RTP of 96%. 

Spin the 3 reels and watch as riches flow to the fighting ring when you land a winning combination on any of the 5 paylines. Spin the reels today and conclude the match with an epic victory! 

Low-paying Symbols

Give the low-paying enemies a knuckle sandwich as you punch your way to huge wins! Find the green rooster, blue rooster, purple rooster and orange rooster acting as low-paying symbols and land them in a winning combination to receive instant payouts. 

Check the table below to see each symbol’s corresponding payout values at maximum wager:


Set of 3

Green rooster 


Blue rooster


Purple rooster


Orange rooster 


High-paying Symbols

Feel the adrenaline rush as you face bigger enemies in casino slot Rooster Fury. Find the red rooster, magenta rooster and yellow rooster acting as the high-paying symbols and land them in a winning combination to receive huge payouts! 

Check the table below to see each symbol’s corresponding payout values at maximum wager:


Set of 3

Red rooster 


Magenta rooster 


Yellow rooster 


Scatter symbol 

A gold tile with Rooster Fury written on it acts as the Scatter symbol of casino slot Rooster Fury. This symbol is your key to activating the Fights Between the Roosters Bonus Game. Land it 3 times on the reels to trigger the special feature. 

Bonus Features

So you're fully in the know, here's the full list of special features just waiting to be discovered:

  • Battle feature
  • FreeSpins
  • Level Up
  • Risk/Gamble (Double) game

Fights Between the Roosters Bonus Game

During this feature, a rooster will be randomly selected to compete against other opponents in a 6 round fight. Win up to 30 points in the game once your rooster riches the 6th round. 

Risk game 

This feature is activated after every winning spin. It can help you increase your payouts by allowing you to gamble against the dealer. At the start of the feature, you will be dealt with four cards facing down. Your goal is to have better hands than the dealer to win double your payout.   

Up to here, everything seems fine. Now what?

Has Rooster Fury piqued your interest yet? With a high RTP level, Rooster Fury should appeal to both casual slot fans and those who are serious players. And taking into account its low ticket price, this game is ideal for those players who prefer to avoid higher stake bets but still have a chance of landing a nice win. 

Further to this, we know those aesthetics are important too and, in Rooster Fury, everything has been specifically prepared to stimulate your senses: the lights, scenarios, colours, graphics, etc; all of these details combine to make a state-of-the-art slot, with outstanding performance, engaging gameplay and breathtaking scenery. 

Finally, keep in mind that, with the cryptocurrency feature, now it's simpler than ever to place your wagers! Yes, you got it right... prepare your digital wallet because Rooster Fury for cryptocurrency is available! With this new form of betting, not only standard money is supported (as usual) but also a 100% safe and transparent digital transaction platform is available to you, which creates new opportunities for betting. 

Continue reading so you understand how Rooster Fury functions and so you're ready to play. Now you know why fun is just a spin away, don't you feel it?

Rooster Fury: Spin the daylights out of the reel!

Take on the challenge and throw the mightiest punch on the reels to win the jackpot. Casino slot Rooster Fury will take you straight to the fighting ring to face the toughest roosters on the three reels. 

Behind the reels, you will find the ring highlighted by the bright lights and the shadow of the audience that intensifies the bone-chilling atmosphere! Let the pop music hype you up for the win! 

Want to check it out thoroughly? Visit Bitcasino and give it a go yourself! Glance over the paytable for the low-down on all the details and find out more about all the different possibilities for you to win. Take into account that Rooster Fury always has the best features available, an RTP of 96.0%, a 3-3 layout, and both traditional and digital wallets. So, if you rock it, it may fill up your pocket!

Become The King of the fighting ring and have a Gem Blast of prizes with every spin. Play casino slot Rooster Fury now and take your place as the champion of the reels. 

Rooster Fury Slot FAQs

How much can I bet on Rooster Fury?

The min spend on Rooster Fury is relatively low at 0.05 coins, while the maximum spend is 50 coins.

What is the RTP of Rooster Fury?

The RTP of Rooster Fury is 96.0%, which is relatively high.

Can I play Rooster Fury using cryptocurrency?

Certainly, Rooster Fury accepts several cryptocurrencies.

Rooster Fury

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