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    Hoard of Poseidon


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    Min - Max bet

    0.1 - 500 USDT


    Low-medium volatility



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    Red Tiger Hoard Of Poseidon Info

    We bet you are intrigued by Hoard Of Poseidon, one of Red Tiger's slot games. So, get ready to discover all the reasons why you're going to love it! The game's Ancient civilizations theme is just the start of this adventure. There are also elements like Dark blue, Green, Gods, Poseidon, Greece, and Shell to tickle your fancy. Not to mention, with the ability to win in Hoard Of Poseidon using crypto, we bet you can't wait to begin!

    Hoard Of Poseidon Details
    ProviderRed Tiger
    Game TypeVideo Slots
    Release Date12 July 2020
    Min - Max Bet0.1 - 20
    Max Coin Win3,423x
    Bonus FeaturesYes
    Digital wallet friendlyHoard Of Poseidon for crypto

    What about the RTP?

    This slot ​has a 5-4 layout and 30 paylines. Hoard Of Poseidon has a RTP, or “Return to Player” of 94.77% and a house edge of 5.23%. While this isn't the highest RTP you'll come by as a player, the game itself is worth trying out nonetheless.

    Most slots are boring these days...

    Hoard Of Poseidon is quite a popular game globally, so it's definitely time to see what all the fuss is about! This slot offers a low-med level of volatility. What does that mean? Well, you can win smaller payouts often. This grants you the chance to enjoy the thrill of winning more often, rather than struggling to win and getting frustrated along the way. With Hoard Of Poseidon Bitcoin, you can bet with both traditional and digital currency, plus engaging in bonus specs such as multiplier.

    So you're totally in the know, here's the full rundown of special features just waiting to be discovered:

    • Multiplier
    • Random multiplier
    • Random Wilds / Additional Wilds
    • RTP range

    Max power to your coins!

    For this game, the min and max bets are 0.1 coins and 20 coins respectively. Now, let's get to business: tell me about the prizes! Your earnings could multiply by 3,423x if you make a bet on Hoard Of Poseidon. You're not restricted to traditional money either, so that means you can play Hoard Of Poseidon for Bitcoin as well!

    Intrigued? Just keep on reading!

    Has Hoard Of Poseidon piqued your interest yet? Hoard Of Poseidon offers very regular payouts, which we're sure will catch the eye of those looking to win, while limiting their spend. This game also has a low minimum bet amount, which should help to keep your bankroll happy. Further to this, we know those details are important too and, in Hoard Of Poseidon, everything has been specifically designed to stimulate your senses: the lights, scenarios, colors, animations, etc; all these details combine to make a must-see slot, with easy performance, steady gameplay and breathtaking graphics. Finally, keep in mind that, with the digital currency feature, now it's easier than ever to place your bets! Yes, you read it correctly... get your digital wallet ready because Hoard Of Poseidon for cryptocurrency is available! With this new type of betting, not only standard money is supported (as usual) but additionally, a 100% safe and transparent digital platform is available to you, which creates new opportunities for betting. Continue reading so you understand how Hoard Of Poseidon works and so you're prepared to play. As you can see, fun is just a click away, can you imagine it? Now it's real!

    Let's go for it!

    Hoard Of Poseidon has many excellent features for you to check out, a low-med volatility and 94.77% RTP, a layout of 5-4, and both traditional and digital wallet functionalities. All that, plus other interesting specs and elements, will surely improve your experience and make your gaming days more interesting. Take a look at the paytable for the full low-down and find out about all the benefits that this great game offers. A new world of fun is waiting for you!

    Hoard Of Poseidon Slot FAQs

    What is the maximum amount I can win?

    The max win available on Hoard Of Poseidon is 3,423x your bet.

    How much can I bet on Hoard Of Poseidon?

    The min spend on Hoard Of Poseidon is relatively low at 0.1 coins, while the max bet is 20 coins.

    How volatile is Hoard Of Poseidon?

    Hoard Of Poseidon has a low volatility level.

    What is the RTP of Hoard Of Poseidon?

    The RTP of Hoard Of Poseidon is 94.77%, which is on the lower end of the scale.


    Hoard of Poseidon