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Living the Hawaiian Dream

Congratulations! You’ve won a trip to a fabulous Hawaiian getaway at

Now in a slot game, take in the scenery at the world’s very own tropical island paradise and live out the Hawaiian Dream. Out on the beach, you can win up to €50,000.

Watch the tiki masks spin as the Hibiscus flowers glow atop the reels. During Ultimate Rush Mode, dance to the techno-Hawaiian beats as the beachside nightclubs come alive and fill the grid with neon to brighten the night sky. 

Go ahead, jump in. The water’s fine.

Hawaiian Dream Details 


Golden Hero

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Video Slot







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Maximum Bet




Hawaiian Dream: Admiring the View

With its colourful and brightly-detailed symbols, it is a visual experience with its tropical atmosphere. 

The symbols range from coloured ornate tiki masks, coloured coins featuring different tropical icons, a 7-Rush symbol, and a Blue Re-Spin cocktail. Once you enter Hibiscus Rush mode, you unlock even more symbols and multipliers. No matter which mode you’re playing on, you are in for a visual feast. Especially with its neon Super Hibiscus Rush mode, you get the full experience, complete with the on-shore nightclub getaway. 

The regular pay-outs are from the tropical coins. Depending on which combination of coins you get, you can earn up to 1.4x times your original bet:


Set of 3

Gray Palm Tree Coin

0.2x your original bet up to €100

Blue Guitar Coin

0.4x your original bet up to €200

Green Leaf Coin

0.6x your original bet up to €300

Purple Butterfly Coin

1.0x your original bet up to €500

Red Hibiscus Coin

1.4x your original bet up to €700

The largest pay-outs all come from the tiki masks. Although the details get buried in the neon whenever you enter Super Hibiscus Rish, you can’t help but appreciate the work put into each of those masks:


Set of 3

Blue Masks

4x your original bet up to €2000

Green Masks

6x your original bet up to €3000

Red Masks

10x your original bet up to €5000

Golden Masks

20x your original bet up to €10000

Some other pay-out options include the rarer 7-Rush symbol and the Re-Spin cocktail:


Set of 3

Re-Spin Cocktails

0.2x your original bet up to €100

7-Rush Symbols

5x your original bet up to €2500

Hibiscus Rush Mode, Super Hibiscus Rush Mode, and Ultimate Rush Mode

Getting the 7-Rush symbols also grants you access to the Hibiscus Rush mode mentioned earlier. In simple terms: 8 Free Spins. If you manage to hit 3 of the Super 7-Rush symbols while in Hibiscus Rush, you go into Super Hibiscus Rush mode. In this mode, the entire game enters night mode. All the symbols also turn neon. With every 7-Rush combo, you extend the Rush mode you’re in.

When you get Ultimate Rush mode, the entire environment changes. The only way to get this is to hit a 3-tile combo of the Ultimate 7-Rush symbols while in Super Hibiscus Rush mode. You also unlock three new multipliers, each taking up 3 squares in a reel. All of them are neon silhouettes. 


Set of 3

White, Pink, and Yellow Silhouette

2x your original bet up to €1,000.

Pink, Blue, and Cyan Silhouette

4x your original bet up to €2,000.

Yellow, Red, and Pink Silhouette

6x your original bet up to €3,000.

Hawaiian Dream: Building a Sandcastle

Hawaiian Dream is a dream come true for anyone looking for a slot game worth your while. The clear blue skies and calm ocean in the background send your imagination to the beach. Not to mention, the hibiscuses laying on top of the slot practically beg you to take a whiff. 

The addictive soundtrack gets your heart pumping with the ukulele and synth. The soundtrack helps complete the perfect Hawaiian getaway. 

The game runs smoothly even with all the visual events that pop up on the screen during gameplay. Although it’s simple, it manages to not sacrifice any of the visuals or gameplay.

Hawaiian Dream: Bathing in the Golden Sunset

There is no doubt that once you’ve gotten a taste of the beach from Hawaiian Dream, you’ll find yourself wanting more. No one can resist the call of the conch shell. These warm beach sands will find a loyal patron in you.

Golden Hero has provided gamblers with an avenue to enjoy the beach, and you won't regret taking a dip in the cool waters of the Hawaiian Dream. Just don’t forget your sunblock. Once you’ve finished a few laps around the beach, Golden Hero has some other games for you like Wild Dragon and Battle Dwarf.