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Spin your way to the jackpot in casino slot Glücks Joker!

Court jokers are clever, cunning and incredibly mischievous. In the casino slot Glücks Joker by Skywind, you can get up close and personal with trick-filled jokers. To get started, you just have to spin the reels and see if you can collect the right number of symbols to win the highest payout. 

Only a select few have what it takes to be a joker of the royal court. Place your bets and go against the other jokers. The lucky player can go home with a jackpot of $150,000! 

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Glücks Joker: Frequently asked questions 

What is the RTP of casino slot Glücks Joker? 

Casino slot Glücks Joker has an RTP of 97.61%.

What is the volatility of casino slot Glücks Joker? 

The volatility of casino slot Glücks Joker is high.

What is the max win available for casino slot Glücks Joker? 

The maximum payout is set at $150,000.

What are the minimum and maximum bets of casino slot Glücks Joker? 

The minimum bet is $0.01 and the maximum bet is $300. 

Find your inner mischievous prankster in Glücks Joker 

Find yourself in the middle of classic casino symbols like stars, bells and horseshoes as well as the smiley joker symbols. With its simple yet engaging gameplay, you will have fun placing your wagers in casino slot Glücks Joker! 

To get started in this game, you must first place a minimum bet of $0.01 to a maximum of $300. The payouts will then adjust according to your bet and you can begin playing round after round to see if you are lucky to fill all the cashpots! 

It is worth noting that casino slot Glücks Joker is not your average casino slot game. Instead of the standard 3 to 5 reels in a traditional online slot game, you can only find one square in the middle. Every time you spin, one symbol appears on that reel which increases its corresponding cashpot by one level. 

For example, if a horseshoe symbol appears, then the horseshoe cashpot increases and gives you a chance to win up to $3,000 at a maximum wager. You can claim your prize anytime or wait and see if the prize will increase up to the jackpot. 

If a joker symbol lands on the reels, it increases all cashpots by one level. On the other hand, a red joker symbol resets all of your current progress back to 0, so be sure to gauge your gameplay and claim your prizes! 


Paying Symbols

The Glücks Joker has three paying symbols: horseshoe, star and bell. Check the table below to see each symbol’s corresponding payouts at maximum wager:


1st Level

2nd Level

3rd Level

4th Level

5th Level



















Joker symbol

The Joker symbol acts as Wild that appears in the base game and substitutes all paying symbols in the game. Landing this symbol increases all cashpots by one level. The Joker symbol is your key to winning the jackpot since it completes all cashpots at the same time to help you win the Bonus Prize. 

Red Joker symbol

The game’s Red Joker symbol appears in the base game and brings all of your progress down by reverting the cashpots to zero. This means you must spin the reels again and hope you can fill up the different levels again. 

Bonus Features

Bonus Prize

The best prize in the Glücks Joker game is the jackpot of $150,000. However, did you know that you also have the chance to win an additional bonus prize? After winning the jackpot, the cashpots will all remain filled. Then, the next spin will either reward you with the red joker or any base paying symbol which will give you its maximum cashpot prize as a bonus! 

Glücks Joker: A variety of exciting rewards await you! 

A unique and rewarding gameplay experience is waiting for you in the casino slot Glücks Joker. Upon entering the interface, you will find a bright red, orange and yellow colour theme along with gold embellishments in the different cashpot levels. In the middle of the screen is the main interface where you can view the payouts as well as the jackpot. 

At the bottom of the interface, you will find the betting limits and adjust your wager to your liking. The same can be said for the size of the jackpot, which ranges from $600 to $150,000! After placing your wager, all that’s left is to spin the reels and see which symbol lands. 

Show off your trickster skills in casino slot Glücks Joker

Are you ready to win a Cash Mine of rewards in casino slot Glücks Joker? Place your bets in this Wicked Hot game and have an incredible gaming experience that you don’t often see in the usual online slot games. 

Play this title by Skywind and you might be lucky to land big wins. If you are worthy of being a joker, then the jackpot of $150,000 will be yours to take home!

Glücks Joker