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Min - Max bet

0.3 - 60 mBTC


Medium volatility



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Gem Saviour: Adventures of a Shining Messiah

The kind and gentle Jewel Cat was mugged by monsters and his gemstones are now lost. Help the poor feline with your sword and take your reward—massive payouts in casino slot Gem Saviour!

The forest is lush and full of monsters. Defeat them all with the Hero’s Adventure feature and re-spins feature for a chance to take back Jewel Cat’s lost collection along with a jackpot worth 44x your stake in Gem Saviour bitcoin slot.

Gem Saviour Details



Game Type

Video Slots


Cluster Pay





Minimum Bet

0.30 credits

Maximum Bet

750 credits


44x your stake

Gem Saviours: Jewel Cat’s Collection of Crystal Gems 

Casino slot Gem Saviour is an adventure-themed cluster pay slot with 6 reels. It has a shining jackpot worth 44x your stake and a 95.54% RTP. You can start saving Jewel Cat by wagering at least 0.30 credits up to a maximum bet of 750 credits.


The standard symbols of Gem Saviour bitcoin slot are Jewel Cat’s gems. Forming standard cluster combinations will reward you with payouts equivalent to your stake multiplied with the values below:


Set of 4









The high-paying symbols of casino slot Gem Saviour are the rare stones of poor Jewel Cat’s collection. Forming cluster combinations from high-paying symbols will grant you rewards equal to your wager multiplied with the numbers below:


Set of 4









Respin Symbol

Not all is lost for you and Jewel Cat. The poor feline managed to keep his lava gem. This lava gem is the respin symbol of Gem Saviour bitcoin slot.

Gem Saviour: Jewel Cat’s Final Resolve

Jewel knows the dangers of your quest. Because of this, he has decided to share some of his remaining power with you. This power is the Hero’s Adventure feature that will help you take his gems along with some massive payouts.

The Hero’s Adventure feature can be triggered randomly in every spin. Under this feature, you may encounter different boosts such as the Money Bag bonus, Treasure Map bonus, Treasure Chest bonus and Monster Encounter bonus.

Money Bag Bonus

The Money Bag bonus can be triggered if you encounter it on a stack of relics. Upon taking a money bag, you will be granted a prize equivalent to 2x-5x your wager amount. 

Treasure Map Bonus

The Treasure Map bonus can be triggered by finding a map on a stack of relics. The Treasure Map bonus can transform gem symbols into exploding symbols that will help you easily take more payouts.

Treasure Chest Bonus

You can have the Treasure Chest bonus by taking a chest on a stack of relics. Upon opening the treasure chest, you will win a payout equivalent to 10x, 15x, 20x or 30x your stake amount.

Monster Encounter Bonus

The Monster Encounter Bonus lets you fight different monsters by forming winning combinations. Each monster has health points that you can decrease by forming winning combinations. Destroying the following monsters will score you the following payouts:

  • Defeating a mimic, bat or skeleton monster will score you prizes equivalent to 3x your stake.
  • Defeating a gargoyle or treant monster will score you prizes equivalent to 6x your stake.
  • Defeating a werewolf or golem monster will score you prizes equivalent to 15x your stake.
  • Defeating a witch will score you prizes equivalent to 44x your stake.

Gem Saviour: A Loyal Knight in the Forest of Monsters

Polish your boots and sharpen your sword because Gem Saviour bitcoin slot will take you on a quest deep in the forest of monsters. Here you will see a beautiful collection of trees and shrubs. But beware, this forest is also home to dangerous creatures such as mimics, werewolves as well as witches who will do anything to stop your quest for Jewel Cat’s gems and massive payouts.

Jewel Cat knows that battling monsters in the forest can harm your well-being. To avoid this, the winged feline used a little magic to entertain you with fun, inspiring music. You will hear a mystical orchestra of fiddles and drums that will inspire you to slay more monsters in the forest.

Gem Saviour: And They Lived Happily Ever After…

You and Jewel Cat will surely have a happy ever after with casino slot Gem Saviour. The mighty combination of the Hero’s Adventure feature and re-spins feature will bring you payouts as precious as Jewel Cat’s gems!

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Gem Saviour