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A Gleaming Good Time with 777 Gems

Get ready to be dazzled because 777 Gems bitcoin slot offers a fresh take on classic-themed slots. You’ll come across the shining, shimmering splendour of gold bells and precious gems while getting a chance to win a whopping 75,000 coins.

777 Gems bitcoin slot is full of shining gems, glimmering symbols, and chances to score big wins. It utilizes gameplay that is straightforward and simple. It has no headache-inducing graphics nor complicated rules. You’ll find that it’s a breath of fresh air from a lot of elaborate and exhausting slots that you can find at the present time.

This slot game is made for players that would want to kick back, relax, and have a confusion-free experience. You will find no need to pull out manuals or anticipate what you’re going to win because of lengthy transitions and confusing animations. Booongo has developed a classic-themed slot that eliminates the stress and drama that other slot games have without compromising the fun in casino slot 777 Gems.

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Video Slot







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75,000 coins

777 Gems: The Splendour of Shining Gems

777 Gems bitcoin slot is a classic slot game that utilizes simple, straightforward gameplay. It has 3 reels and provides 5 ways to win. Hitting a winning combination means scoring 3 matching and adjacent symbols on a payline. The paylines consist of straight lines across the grid that are horizontal and diagonal. In the instance that the whole grid is filled with the same symbol, the payouts you can receive can be double. 

Casino slot 777 Gems uses 5 standard symbols and 3 premium symbols. Each can land and form winning combinations that can reward you with substantial payouts. These payouts are dependent on the size of your bets and determine whether a symbol is regular paying or high paying.

The standard symbols are in the form of gems and have high payouts that are in the form of multipliers. You will be able to land red, yellow, green and purple gems. The rewards you can receive from combinations made of these symbols are:


Set of 3


5 x your stake

Red gems

35 x your stake

Yellow gems

35 x your stake

Green gems

35 x your stake

Purple gems

35 x your stake

The premium symbols you can receive are the ones to look for because of their significantly higher payouts. Land combinations of the 777 symbol, bells and gold bars if you want to receive high rewards. The multipliers you can receive from these symbols are:


Set of 3

Gold Bar

50 x your stake


250 x your stake


750 x your stake

The Shining Jewels of 777 Gems

777 Gems bitcoin slot is a simple version of a classic slot. It has all the elements that can make up the perfect retro grid. The familiar gleaming gems of red, yellow, green, and purple has been a staple in traditional slot games. There are glinting 777 symbols and golden bells that can be found in a lot of retro slot games in the market. 

The background of the casino slot 777 gems has a deep, rich red colour which goes well with the vibrancy of the symbols that are presented in the reels. The various shining gems used as symbols are intricately illustrated and look aesthetically pleasing. They stand out from the other symbols and colours because of their vibrancy.

You can hear sound effects that are light and calming. The sound effects can get amplified and become livelier whenever you get to score a big win. 

Get to Enjoy the Greatness of 777 Gems

It’s rare to find classic-themed slot games that actually stays loyal to the mechanics of its genre. A lot of other slots may appear classic but they include confusing features and exaggerated visuals that can be a headache to some players. 777 Gems bitcoin slot is a no-nonsense, straightforward, and sleek take on classic-themed slot games. It maintains simplicity and basic gameplay.

The fresh visuals and calming, toned-down atmosphere of the casino slot 777 Gems can bring a unique experience. It is a slot game that manages to balance simplicity while remaining eye-catching. Casino slot 777 Gems can be enjoyed by players of all levels with the wide betting range it offers, easy to understand gameplay and the chance to win up to 75,000 coins.

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