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Info regarding 5 Burning Heart

Surely you want to know more about 5 Burning Heart, one of EGT's slot games. So, get ready to discover why it is so cool! This game's Casino and Fruit themes, along with elements like Orange, Red, Brightness, Joy, Lightness, Gold, Cherry, Fruit, Grapes, Lemon, Plum, and Watermelon, are sure to delight. And if you're asking yourself, can I win in 5 Burning Heart using cryptocurrency? Well, of course the answer is yes!

5 Burning Heart Details

Game TypeVideo Slots
Release Date25 December 2017
Min - Max Bet0.01 - 1000
Max Coin Win5,000x
Bonus FeaturesYes
Digital wallet friendly5 Burning Heart for crypto

Let's get to it... RTP!

This slot has 5 paylines in a 5-3 layout. The RTP, or “Return to Player” of the game stands at 95.94%, with the house edge at 4.06%. This is a tad below average, but don't let that prevent you from enjoying 5 Burning Heart.

Boring slot gaming days are over!

5 Burning Heart is popular in several regions worldwide, so don't lose this opportunity to discover the reason behind it! In the case of a game like this one which has a medium volatility level, you can expect consistent earnings over pretty regular periods of time. It is, indeed, a nice way of winning reasonably often, without waiting forever. Sounds good, doesn't it? 5 Burning Heart Bitcoin ensures that you can place your wagers with bothstandard and digital currency, as well as enjoying bonus specifications such as expanding symbols. So you're fully in the know, here's the full set of special features just waiting to be revealed:

  • Expanding Symbols
  • Gamble
  • Multiplier
  • Progressive Jackpot

Turbocharge your earnings!

For this game, the minimum and maximum bets are 0.01 coins and 1000 coins respectively. If you place a bet on 5 Burning Heart, with traditional currency or using Bitcoin, your money could multiply by 5,000x! That's a pretty cool number for this slot, don't you think?

But that's not all...

Has 5 Burning Heart caught your fancy? 5 Burning Heart will undoubtedly appeal to everyone due to its wallet-friendly min stake.Additionally, 5 Burning Heart delivers smooth performance, engaging gameplay and unique graphics you're asking for. There is a wide variety of features and elements that will definitely draw you in. Everything has been properly created to get the most out of your gaming experience, and as we said, to have the ability to play 5 Burning Heart using digital currency. Now it's faster than ever to get started and learn the ropes of new and interesting ways of winning! Yes you got it right... prepare your digital wallet because 5 Burning Heart for cryptocurrency is available! With this new way of gaming, not only traditional money is supported (as usual) but additionally a 100% reliable and functional digital transaction platform is available to you, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Continue reading so you see how 5 Burning Heart works and so you're ready to bet. As you can see, fun is just a click away, can you imagine it? Now it's real!

Let's go for it!

5 Burning Heart has many excellent features for you to check out, a 95.94% RTP and a med volatility, a layout of 5-3, and both standard and digital wallet functionalities. All of that, plus other exciting specs and elements, will surely elevate your time playing and make your gaming days more interesting. Check out the paytable at for the full low-down and to find out about all the benefits that this superb game offers. A new world of fun is just a click away!

5 Burning Heart

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