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All About 3 Thunders

Endorphina's 3 Thunders is definitely a slot game that you need to try out! Eager to know the details? Just continue scrolling! The game's Classic style and Fruit themes are sure to please, plus elements including Dark blue, Thunder, storm, Cherry, Fruit, Lemon, Plum, and Watermelon really round out the experience. And if you're asking yourself, can I win in 3 Thunders using cryptocurrency? Well, the answer is yes!

3 Thunders details

Game TypeVideo Slots
Release Date9 November 2021

Min - Max Bet0.01 - 50 Bonus FeaturesYes Digital wallet friendly3 Thunders for crypto

What about the RTP?

The slot ​has a 3-3 layout and 5 betways. The RTP, or “Return to Player” of the game stands at 96.04%. This is a great percentage for the player, as it is above the industry standard and indicates the house edge is only 3.96%. With a RTP like this, you've got many opportunities to bank a win in 3 Thunders!

Most slots are boring these days...

3 Thunders is quite a successful game globally, so it's high time to give it a try and see what it's all about! You can be certain that this game has all the excitement that you need. You will also find bonus features like Buy Feature. What's more, you aren't restricted to regular money, as 3 Thunders Bitcoin provides you the option to operate with digital currency as well! So you're fully informed, here's the full rundown of special features just waiting to be enjoyed:

  • Buy Feature
  • FreeSpins
  • Risk/Gamble (Double) game
  • Scatter symbols

All that glitters is now gold!

The minimum wager is 0.01 coins, while the maximum sits at 50 coins. If you place a bet on 3 Thunders, with traditional currency or using Bitcoin, your winnings could be great. That's nice news, don't you think?

Up to here, everything looks good. Now what?

Has 3 Thunders piqued your interest yet? 3 Thunders should appeal to casual slot fans and serious players alike, thanks to the game's high RTP level. With its low ticket price, this game is perfect for those players who prefer to avoid higher stake bets but still have a chance of landing a nice win. Further to this, we know that aesthetics are crucial too and, in 3 Thunders, everything has been specifically created to stimulate your senses: the lights, scenarios, colours, graphics, etc; all of these details combine make a must-see game, with impressive performance, engaging gameplay and breathtaking artwork. Finally, don't forget that, with the cryptocurrency feature, now it's easier than ever to make your bets! Yes you read it correctly... prepare your digital wallet because 3 Thunders for cryptocurrency is available! With this new type of betting, not only traditional money is supported (as always) but also a 100% reliable and transparent digital platform is available to you, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Keep on reading so you understand how 3 Thunders operates and so you're prepared to bet. As you can see, fun is just a click away, can you imagine it? Now it's real!

Let's go for it!

3 Thunders has many fantastic features for you to check out, a RTP of 96.04%, a 3-3 layout, and both traditional and digital wallet capabilities. All that, plus other interesting specs and elements, will greatly enhance your time playing and make your gaming days more interesting. Take a look at the paytable at Bitcasino.io for the full low-down and to find out about all the benefits that this superb game offers. A new universe of fun is waiting for you!

3 Thunders

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