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Finding the Map to Jackpot Quest

Jackpot Quest is a slots story adventure on long-lost temples and finding treasures. The game runs along with the same plot as adventure stories and movies. 

Jackpot Quest is different from all of the adventure games you’ll find out there because of its definitive feature not available on other slot games, the Ruby Talisman. It also runs on comic-style graphics which makes it more appealing. If you love going on adventures, you just found the game that is perfect for you.

Play this slot game and go on a quest for the jackpot.

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25x your stake

Unravelling Jackpot Quest

Jackpot Quest has 6 reels and 40 paylines. You can play it on desktop, mobile and tablet. It requires a minimum bet of €0.20 up to €500. There are 9 icons that you can see on the reels. You will notice some familiar symbols and some are unique to the game. There are also bonuses that are triggered by only one of the special symbols. 


You can easily recognize some of the symbols as they are what we regularly see on card games. The game uses the classic high cards: 10, Jack (J), Queen (Q), King (K), and Ace (A). But there are also symbols that are unique to the game; the map, whip, satchel, golden slot and Ruby talisman. The value of each combination and their winning prize is as follows:

  • Getting 6 10s can get you as much as €32.
  • Getting 6 Js can get you as much as €40.
  • Getting 6 Qs can get you as much as €48.
  • Getting 6 Ks can get you as much as €60.
  • Getting 6 As can get you as much as €80.

The symbols that are unique to this slot game are the highest paying symbols on the reel. The combinations have various winnings to it. They are as follows:

  • Getting 6 Maps can get you as much as €320.
  • Getting 6 Whips can get you as much as €480.
  • Getting 6 Satchels can get you as much as €600.
  • Getting 6 Golden Slots can get you as much as €1000.

The Ruby Talisman activates a few bonuses through unique icons. When the Ruby Talisman is paired with the Golden Slot Super Symbol, it turns all high-paying symbols into Golden Slots. When it is paired with a Satchel Super Symbol, it turns a random number of symbols into additional satchel symbols. When it is paired with Whip Super Symbol, it turns a random number of symbols into additional Whip Symbols. When paired with Map Super Symbol, it turns a random number of slots into additional Map Symbols. 

Jackpot Quest Reels & Bonuses 

You can get the largest payout amongst the symbols with the Golden Slot symbol. If 6 of those appear on the reels all at the same time, you can get 25x your stake or as much as €2,500. You will also find that you can potentially earn up to €100,000 per spin or respin. The game only offers 40 paylines but it has stacked symbols. This can mean that the potential combinations you can get are a little spread out. 

In order for you to get better wins, modifiers come out once the Ruby Talisman activate one or more Super Symbols on the same spin. The Win Respin feature comes into play whenever a winning combination is achieved. If matching symbols appear, they will also be held in place along with the earlier winning combination. Another respin is awarded after all combination prizes are computed. The respins will repeat until there are no more matching symbols that appear on the reels. It will also stop if you get a full screen of the same symbols.

The Adventure of Jackpot Quest

Your mission is to help the guy find the Red Ruby. You will find that it has a unique comic book-like quality to it. It’s a comic book style game slot that you won’t get enough of. The game gives huge payouts and extravagant bonuses. 

It’s fun to watch the reel whenever it is spinning. They made the motion of the spin seem like you are flipping through the pages of a comic book. Even how your win is displayed looks like it is ripped from those same pages. You will also notice that the backdrop of the reels display comic panels that depict scenes from the adventure story the game is portraying. This works splendidly because you will also get lost as you navigate through the reels of the game.

Closing on Jackpot Quest

Red Tiger Game's design of Jackpot Quest is an adventure game that stands out from the rest. Thanks to its unique features and symbols, it is a very interesting game to lose yourself in. Jackpot Quest will take you on a journey where every win is an adventure. You will feel like you’re opening the comic books you are loyal to. You can get bigger wins thanks to the special symbols that can only be found in this game. When you play Jackpot Quest, every game will feel like an adventure.

Jackpot Quest

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