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    Mines Dare2Win


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    Min - Max bet

    0.2 - 100 USDT


    Medium-high volatility


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    Avoid all the bombs on the grid in Mines Dare2Win!

    Enjoy a simple and rewarding game in the casino with Hacksaw Gaming’s Mines Dare2Win! This crash gambling game presents simple gameplay where you only need to place your wager, select the tiles and hope you won’t click on a bomb. Carefully avoid all of the bombs laid out on the diamond mine and find the jewels hidden in the grid to win a jackpot prize of up to 10,000x your wager!

    Mines Dare2Win Details 


    Hacksaw Gaming

    Game Type

    Casual Game



    Minimum Bet


    Maximum Bet



    10,000x your bet

    Mines Dare2Win: Frequently asked questions 

    What is the RTP of Mines Dare2Win?

    Mines Dare2Win has an appealing RTP of 96%.

    What is the volatility of Mines Dare2Win?

    The volatility of Mines Dare2Win is medium-high.

    What is the max win available for Mines Dare2Win?

    The maximum coin win is set at 10,000x your bet.

    What are the minimum and maximum bets on Mines Dare2Win?

    The minimum bet is relatively low at €0.20 and the maximum bet is €1,000. 

    Mines Dare2Win: Get an explosion of wins on the grid!  

    Set your bankroll on fire with an explosion of wins in Mines Dare2Win. This casual casino game is a straightforward minesweeper game that takes you straight to the diamond mine where you can gather different jewels while trying to avoid bombs. 

    There are 25 tiles on the grid of this game and each of them hides either a treasure or a bomb. Tread lightly and know which one each tile hides!

    All about the grid

    In the game setting, you will find the option to adjust the grid size of Mines Dare2Win as well as the number of mines. Doing this will either reduce or increase the number of your multipliers. The higher the number of mines you configure, the larger your potential payout would be. Meanwhile, the more grids you have, the lower the diamond payout. 

    Mines Dare2Win has a payout display on top of the grid. This will show you the multiplier that would be added to your wager. Every time you hit a diamond on the grid, the payout multiplier would increase until it reaches the maximum level of 10,000x. 

    Playing Mines Dare2Win

    Mines Dare2Win has a simple yet exciting concept that would get you hooked on the game. To begin playing, all you have to do is to select your wager between the minimum bet of €0.20 to a maximum betting amount of €1,000. 

    Once you have selected your wager, you can now click on the ‘bet’ button at the bottom right corner of the screen. The next thing you need to do is click on the tiles on the grid and try to avoid landing on a bomb. As you collect the diamonds, your payout multiplier would increase. You can hit ‘collect’ once you’re done selecting all of the diamonds on the grid to earn your wins. 

    If you hit a bomb on the grid, the game automatically resets and you will lose your wager. Put forward another wager to continue playing! 


    Casual casino Mines Dare2Win is one of the most rewarding casual games in Hacksaw Gaming’s selection. For this title, you can customise your grid size and number of mines to adjust your possible payout value. For higher wins, opt for a higher number of mines on your grid.

    Bonus Features

    Grid size

    Get the chance to win tons of prizes when you increase the grid size of the game. This option allows you to expand the number of tiles on the grid and increase the diamonds you can select. However, with more grids comes lesser values for the diamonds. Check out the grid sizes below: 

    • 3x3
    • 5x5
    • 7x7
    • 9x9.

    Number of mines 

    Increase your payouts by planting more mines on the grid! The more mines you have, the higher your risk would be. However, this is also the option that presents the highest payout amounts. If you are brave enough to walk through fire for your payouts, increase the number of your mines to either of the following: 

    • 3x3 Grid can increase the number of mines from 1, 2, 3 or 4
    • 5x5 Grid can increase the number of mines from 1, 3, 5 or 7
    • 7x7 Grid can increase the number of mines from 1, 5, 10, or 15
    • 9x9 Grid can increase the number of mines from 5, 10, 15, or 20.

    Go hot with prizes on Mines Dare2Win!

    The moment you click Hacksaw Gaming’s Mines Dare2Win, you will be taken to a simple game screen with a purple background. The main game screen only features the grid, your bet options, setting buttons and the title of the game. It resembles your classic minesweeper arcade game and that makes it all the more exciting for players who enjoy straightforward gameplay.  

    Mines Dare2Win: Go casual with your wager! 

    Even with a simple design, there is no doubt that Mines Dare2Win is one of Hacksaw Gaming’s most exciting games. Enjoy other adventures and ransack through Boxes Dare2Win looking for Coins Dare2Win to go on a Cash Quest today!