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    Explosive wins await at Limbo Cat 2!

    Enter the warzone and guide the Limbo Cat in a tank as he crushes those boxes in his way. Watch out since these boxes can either be lucrative or explosive! Will you be lucky enough to get a chance to win up to €10,000 or will you lose the game by crashing on a hidden bomb? Take a look at how the war will end by playing casino slot Limbo Cat 2!

    Looking for something different when it comes to casino games? Upgrade your slots experience to a whole new level by playing a multiplayer game named Limbo Cat 2! This game has no reels, no paylines, just a cute cat with a helmet sitting in a tank, waiting for you to play.

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    Limbo Cat 2: Get the tank rolling!

    With a minimum bet of €0.50 and a maximum bet of €50, check out how you can get up to €10,000 worth of wins by learning how to play the game and take advantage of its features below:


    Your goal in Limbo Cat 2 is to bag wins by getting the highest possible multiplier coefficient before the cat’s tank crashes. Collect various multipliers that will help you increase your potential payout. But beware of the hidden mines inside the boxes as they can explode and make the cat’s tank crash!

    Base game rules

    Before the game starts, you need to place your bet. To do this, set your bet amount by clicking the ‘+’ and ‘-’ on the leftmost side of your screen under the bet section. Make sure to set the value of your bet before the game starts since the only time you can change it is after you take wins or when the cat tank crashes.

    Once the game round starts, the cat in the tank will come across green boxes which contain a multiplier coefficient. Once the box is crushed by the cat’s tank, the amount will be multiplied by 1.2. For example, if the box has a multiplier coefficient of 12.52, your total will be 15.02 after the tank crashes it.

    Click on the ‘Take’ button if you are already satisfied with the multiplier coefficient and are ready to collect your wins. The current round will end once you click the ‘Take’ button or when the cat tank crashes. Your total win is equal to your bet multiplied by the multiplier coefficient on the game screen.

    Double bets feature

    You can make 2 bets at the same time to increase your chances of winning! To do this, just click the ‘+’ located on the right side of the ‘Make Bet’ button and a second betting section will appear. If you are playing on two bets, you will only collect the wins on whichever ‘Take’ button you click. This means that the other bet will continue to run on the game round.

    Auto Bet feature

    There’s no need for you to closely watch the game since you can bet in auto mode. To activate Auto Bet, click on the ‘Auto’ button above the Bet section. Once the toggle turns yellow, the Auto Bet is activated.

    Auto Take feature

    The Auto Take feature is activated by clicking on the Auto toggle at the top of the Take section. Once the toggle turns yellow, the auto take is activated. To use this feature, you have to set the multiplier coefficient by using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons or entering the amount with your keyboard. This will serve as the take value which will be the game’s basis of when to take wins.

    You can still take wins prior to the multiplier you have set by simply clicking the ‘Take’ button yourself. But take note that this doesn’t mean that the auto take session has been finished. To deactivate it, simply toggle the ‘Auto’ button. Auto take sessions will also automatically finish once your bet amount is higher than your balance.

    Limbo Cat 2: Play on the warzone with other users

    Limbo Cat 2 is a multiplayer game so you can watch the scores of other players on the scoreboard in real-time. Fuel the cute blue and red tank and have fun seeing other players try their luck on the warzone or collect exploding wins! Let the other players know what you feel by clicking on the emojis and filling the game screen with plenty of them.

    Limbo Cat 2: Experience explosive actions

    Don’t let the kitty wait and start playing casino slot Limbo Cat 2 now! Guide that Lucky Tank to get the highest multiplier possible for a chance to win €10,000. Hold on to your Lucky Clover and hope to crash only on lucrative boxes. Play more casino games here at Bitcasino!