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    CricketX: Keep a straight bat and aim for high rewards!

    Experience cricket’s unique gameplay with CricketX Smartsoft and earn humongous rewards by placing your bets! Watch in awe as the ball’s coefficient multiplier increases in value as the ball gains momentum. And before the ball pops, catch the payouts to bring home massive payouts in this CricketX casino game!

    Smartsoft outdid itself once again by creating a cricket-centred game with seamless animations. There’s no need for complicated strategies because all you have to do is place your bets and hope lady luck heeds your call. 

    In this CricketX game, real money wins of up to 10,000 USDT are up for grabs. Place your bets and garner massive payouts while you’re at it! What are you waiting for?

    CricketX Details



    Game Type

    Video Slots



    Minimum Bet

    0.10 USDT

    Maximum Bet

    100 USDT


    10,000 USDT

    CricketX: Frequently asked questions

    What is the RTP of CricketX?

    CricketX by Smartsoft has an RTP of 98.8%.

    What is the max win available for CricketX?

    The maximum win of CricketX by Smartsoft is set at 10,000 USDT.

    What are the minimum and maximum bets on CricketX?

    The minimum bet is 0.10 USDT and the maximum bet is 100 USDT. 

    CricketX: The sky’s the limit!

    There's no stopping you from gaining the upper hand at Smartsoft's CricketX table game. All there is to do is place your bets between the minimum of 0.10 USDT to the maximum of 100 USDT. Then, wait for the coefficient multiplier to increase and collect your win before the ball pops. 

    You can reap massive payouts of up to 10,000 USDT just by letting the ball soar through the sky all the words towards the vast emptiness of space. 

    What is CricketX

    CricketX game is one of Smartsoft's newest video casino games. It features a simple gameplay mechanic wherein players only have to place their bets and watch the payouts unfold before the ball explodes. 

    The game's ultimate goal is to collect the payouts before the ball explodes. This happens randomly, meaning you can't predict the game's outcome. That's where the exciting part comes into play! You must guess when the ball will ultimately explode and catch the payouts before it happens. 

    The longer the ball soars, the bigger the coefficient multiplier becomes. However, if you don't collect anytime soon, you risk the ball exploding anytime, leaving you empty-handed with no payouts. But if you let the multiplier soar higher, you might claim the maximum win of 10,000 USDT! 

    That's why the beauty of the game lies in the balance of getting bigger payouts, all without letting the ball explode before you collect the prizes. 

    How to play CricketX

    So how does CricketX work? Check the steps below to know all the details:

    1. Place your wagers between the minimum amount of 0.10 USDT to the maximum amount of 100 USDT. You can place two bets simultaneously to make the gameplay more exciting and fun.  
    2. Once the betting window ends, the ball is hit by the cricket player and launched through the sky towards outer space. The ball has a coefficient multiplier that increases as it traverses through space.
    3. Collect your payouts before the ball explodes. Your bet will then be multiplied by the coefficient multiplier. However, your bet is forfeited if the ball explodes and you haven't collected the payouts.

    CricketX: Reach for the skies and amass massive payouts

    Smartsoft's CricketX game takes the sport's inventive mechanics to the next level. Once you open the game, the betting window opens, and you can place your bets. You won't need to wait seconds to feel the game's excitement. While counting down the seconds for the betting window to end, watch the game's fascinating animated video first. 

    Here, you'll find scantily clad cheerleaders waving their pompoms and cheering you on for good luck. Feel the tension heighten as the server appears on screen, focusing and looking serious. Before long, he runs through the field and throws the ball, which the hitter hits without missing a beat. And once the ball is up and soaring, the game begins, and the coefficient increases. 

    The ball soars towards the sky, which continues to go upward, higher than the clouds and birds. The sky turns from pale blue to dark indigo as it exits the Earth's atmosphere. You'll then find stars shining everywhere as the ball continues its unstoppable rise. It'll fly past the moon as well as astronauts and satellites. 

    The further the ball goes, the more you'll see outer space. You can find planets and space debris as the ball increases the multiplier. It even releases coins towards space, indicating the coefficient multiplier's increase. 

    Moreover, as the ball rises in space, you'll hear a faint musical score highlighted by a whimsical piano piece. This soothing piece of music can calm you down while waiting to increase the multiplier before you collect. 

    Once the ball explodes, you'll hear a faint pop indicating the end of the round. You'll be immediately rewarded if you collect the payouts before the ball pops. However, if the ball popped before you pressed collect, you'll be left empty-handed. 

    CricketX: Hit the ball towards the sky to reap enormous prizes

    In the Dark outer space is a ball with massive payouts. Hop aboard the JetX and catch it right before it explodes to reap massive rewards out of this world! The longer you wait, the bigger the coefficient multiplier, so get the ball rolling to reap larger payouts!

    Play the CricketX game and watch as the coefficient multipliers unfold before the ball pops. Although, make sure to catch all the payouts before the ball explodes to reap the rewards of up to 10,000 USDT at an RTP of 98.8%.