Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses and Bitcasino map a way to the future

Esports giants enter into a long-term partnership with the best Bitcoin casino

At Bitcasino.io, we love the thrill of gaming. Whether it’s an explosive slot game, heart stopping poker tournament or the passion of esports. That’s why we’ve officially partnered with one of the world’s best esports organisations, Evil Geniuses.

Who are the Evil Geniuses?

In 1999, Evil Geniuses was founded as a professional esports team. Its long history aside, it’s a team that focuses on the future and believes in forging a path into greatness and dominance across the world of elite gaming.

The teams are made up of geniuses from around the world playing DOTA 2, League of Legends, CS:GO and Fighting Games as well as top streamers keeping fans wanting more.

The Bitcasino and Evil Geniuses partnership covers the DOTA 2, CS:GO and Fighting Games teams.

Our shared values

Excellence is at the core of what Evil Geniuses do, and establishing long-term partnerships helps to ensure this. That’s why the Bitcasino and Evil Geniuses relationship is so perfect.

1. Passion

What is gaming without passion? Whether it’s the anticipation of a big tournament, the thrill of winning, or anguish of losing, we put our players and fans at the centre of the experience because without them, we’d be nothing.

2. An eye on the future

Between the fast emergence of cryptocurrencies and growing popularity of esports, we’re on the path to the unforeseen, and we’re excited about it. This partnership will open the doors to more diversity of players, fans and viewers.

3. A seat at the table

Speaking of diversity, true passion and talent knows no labels. Our Bitcasino players know our games are open to any and all who want to play with their chosen currencies or even in free mode. Evil Geniuses is also shaking off any talk of labels and focusing on talent that’ll bring the team to the top of the esports world.

4. A path to win

Staying competitive means making bold, strategic moves. This could be unbelievable bonuses at Bitcasino, or competition preparations that go against the grains for Evil Geniuses, our goal is to put our players on the road to winning.

What you can look forward to

This partnership is not just all talk and no action. We’ll be bringing Evil Geniuses closer to their fans and Bitcasino players with:

  • A custom map
  • Exclusive VIP experiences
  • Evil Geniuses exclusive promotions
  • Fun activations around the world

As the number one Bitcoin-led online casino, our partnership with Evil Geniuses celebrates a new frontier in sports and entertainment to dominate the world of esports. And to get started, log in for esports betting with Betsy at Bitcasino. 

Evil Geniuses