How long does deposit / withdrawal take?

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How long does deposit / withdrawal take?


Most withdrawals are processed instantly. In the event of large withdrawals, we process these withdrawals manually so there may be a slight delay.


After we have processed a cryptocurrency withdrawal, the transaction has to be verified on the blockchain. Transaction verifications require a certain number of confirmations, which is dependent on the amount of the withdrawal. On average, one confirmation usually takes up to 10 minutes.


After we have processed a fiat withdrawal, the transaction is sent to a payment provider. The time it takes for the transaction to be completed depends on the provider’s processing time. For most payment methods, transactions are processed instantly, though card and bank transfers can take up to 5 business days to reach your bank account.

Unfortunately, these timeframes are out of our control as they are dependent on the policies of each individual bank.


Most deposits are processed at lightning speed. However, there may be some delays from third-party services (for example, e-wallets, exchanges) that debit from your private account and not add the transaction to the blockchain for several hours.

After the transaction is added to the blockchain, it needs to get a certain number of confirmations to be verified. The number of confirmations we need depends on the cryptocurrency you used for depositing, for example, 3 confirmations are needed for Bitcoin (BTC).

The transaction confirmation time is dependent on the transaction fee because cryptocurrency miners verify transactions with higher fees first. Therefore, a transaction with a smaller fee can take a few hours or more to be confirmed.

To speed up the confirmation of your transaction, we advise you to use what the average recommended transaction fee is at that time. This will help your transaction to get at least 1 confirmation within 10 minutes, instead of a few hours.

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How long does deposit / withdrawal take?

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