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The Perks of Having a Personal VIP Staff

The Perks of Having a Personal VIP Staff

The Perks of Having a Personal VIP Staff

Fri Oct 25 2019 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

VIPs get a lot of benefits that come with their exclusive membership. These very important players receive the best treatment from online casinos. 

They get invited to unique events and promotions. A personal VIP staff is also given to them. They guarantee the best VIP service you can ever enjoy.

Personal VIP Staff: How Do You Become a VIP?

In Bitcasino, the only way to become a VIP is by invitation. You just need to keep wagering in your favourite games such as slots and table games. If you play enough, expect to receive a VIP invitation. You can enjoy several promotions and events exclusive to VIPs once you become a member.

What is a Personal VIP Staff?

Aside from exclusive promos, a VIP staff is also given to you. Your personal VIP staff gives you the best treatment to ensure a royal casino experience. Bitcasino has a team of 8 exclusive VIP managers that serves the players’ best interest.

Meet Henrik and Ele

Henrik is a personal VIP manager who has been serving VIP players for 4 years. He loves finding solutions to problems. Ele is also a personal VIP manager who makes sure that players receive topnotch service by knowing and caring about their interests.

Susan Says ‘Ni Hao!’ and Eri Says ‘Hi!’

Being an exclusive Chinese-speaking VIP staff, Susan treats players like friends to tend to their needs. She has been in the industry for 7 years. Eri takes care of her VIPs like they are her close friends. She has several years of experience so you can enjoy the best VIP treatment from her.

Hey, Anita and Cristina!

For over a decade, Anita has been understanding the players’ needs to build an exciting relationship. Cristina is an exclusive VIP manager for 4 years already. She goes beyond expectations by taking into account the VIPs’ top interests.

Laura-Mia and Koto Greet You a ‘Hi!’

Laura-Mia prioritises the needs of VIPs that proves her position as a first-class VIP manager by ensuring that her players receive the most unforgettable VIP experience. Koto is a 2-year Bitcasino manager who cares for the VIPs’ needs and concerns so she quickly addresses them.

Your Personal VIP Staff Only Gives the Best Service

Expect to get the best treatment by having a personal VIP staff to ease your concerns. These people attend to your needs 24/7 and go the extra mile to meet all of your expectations. With these people, your casino experience is made even better and more exciting!

Go on an adventure like never before when you log in at Bitcasino!

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The Perks of Having a Personal VIP Staff