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Telegram Casino: How to play in a Telegram Casino

Telegram Casino: How to play in a Telegram Casino

Telegram Casino: How to play in a Telegram Casino

Thu Oct 26 2023 02:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Gambling is now more accessible even if you have geological restrictions, thanks to the ability for casinos to build their own platforms on Telegram.This alternative way of playing online casino games opens up a new world of possibilities, regardless of where you are in the world.

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Play your favorite casino games anonymously with Telegram’s coin, Toncoin (TON). Learn more about the Telegram-tailored games and bonuses below.

Features of playing casino games in Telegram

  1. Seamless betting experience all in one platform

With the casino algorithm in Telegram, players can search for casinos and start playing. They can place bets on their favourite casino games while using the messaging app. You can open the Telegram casino using a chatbot where you can send simple commands to deposit or play now. This will prompt a separate window that will open the Telegram casino. Here, you can browse through a variety of casino games and categories, similarly to a mobile casino app or mobile casino website. 

Additionally, if you have queries, suggestions and comments, you can access the bot’s customer support channel instantly. All of these features make the Telegram casino seamless and convenient to use. And since it’s an improving innovation in mobile gaming, you can expect more updates in the future. 

  1. Hundreds of betting options in Telegram

If you’re looking for a Telegram casino, use the search function in the messaging mobile application to find one. You will see results from a number of casino operators who’ve created  their bots and channels. 

Select one, then play and wager on games such as slotsrouletteblackjackbaccarat, and others.

Moreover, you can access unique games, such as Telegram-tailored games, using TON. 

  1. Cryptocurrency payments on a Telegram casino

Telegram casino groups also use Toncoin (TON), Telegram’s digital coin. For depositing, it’s best to use Toncoin (TON), Telegram’s digital coin. Find your TON Wallet using the search function in Telegram and click ‘Open Wallet’.

Bitcasino supports TON as well, so you can expect seamless gaming from the Bitcasino mobile website to the Telegram app.

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What are the main benefits of a Telegram casino?

Switching to this innovative casino gaming platform offers new benefits you haven't seen before. Discover them below:

  1. Secure and anonymous playing

Telegram offers top-notch privacy and security using end-to-end encryption. This means your activity and data are unmonitored by any third party. Aside from that, its self-destruct feature lets users send messages that automatically disappear after a certain period. 

  1. Convenience and accessibility

Casino games via Telegram casino bots offer more convenience, functionality and accessibility than online surfing. Here, the online casino’s UX is optimised to fit messaging channels. Through your mobile app, the bot communicates with the main online casino platform on a standard webpage, meaning you can deposit and play casino games all in one platform. Moreover, it ensures faster speed than web browsing, which is perfect for mobile use. 

  1. No geological limits

There are no restrictions in Telegram casinos so you can access limited-time promotions and advertising content wherever you may be.

  1. Seamless click-to-pay process

Making crypto deposits and withdrawals at a Telegram casino is easier with TON crypto, Telegram’s digital coin. Founded in 2018, it’s a fast, reliable and secure coin that allows users to make crypto transactions on the messaging platform itself. 

Telegram also has its own wallet where you can deposit funds and use them for transactions on the app. To top up your balance, you can either use a bank card, trade on the P2P market or deposit crypto from another wallet.

After funding your Telegram wallet, you can now use it to transfer funds to the casino bot’s wallet. Simply go to the casino bot’s wallet option and scan a QR code or choose to pay by chatting a deposit amount to transfer directly from your Telegram wallet. 

Additionally, some Telegram casino bots feature a minimum withdrawal amount or require TON for deposits and withdrawals. 

The withdrawing process is also as easy as chatting your desired withdrawal amount. Once processed, the rewards will be transferred from your casino bot wallet straight to your Telegram wallet.

The pros and cons of a Telegram casino



Secure and private online gambling 

Some Telegram casinos are unregulated and unlicensed. 

No geological restrictions

Vulnerability to scams from unregulated casinos

Mobile gaming and playing casino games using the messaging app

Get unique promotions, free drops and bonuses.

No traffic limitations

Telegram casino vs. online casino: What are the differences?

Telegram casinos work just as well as its web browser counterpart, but it offers the convenience of mobile gaming through the messaging app. Check out other ways the two differ here:

Telegram online casino

Online web casino

Hosted exclusively on the Telegram messaging platform

Accessible through web and mobile browsers and mobile app

Faster and easier way to search for games via the Telegram chatbot

Searching for a game on the web platform can be time-consuming

Uses end-to-end encryption for secure transactions and communication

Uses SSL encryption

Allows complete anonymity while playing casino games

Require signup and entering personal information before playing

Special and exclusive Telegram casino bonuses for players

Offers more diverse bonuses and promotions

Some casinos offer 24/7 support through their Telegram app bot

Has 24/7 support through various channels

Only accepts cryptocurrencies as payment options

Crypto payment options are available, while Fiat is available for selected countries only.

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Bitcasino Telegram channel: Exclusive bonus drops for members

Bitcasino uses our Telegram channel to keep our players up-to-date with the latest marketing promotions and campaigns. For instance, we have VIP Telegram drops with special games for players every week. Just get the bonus code in our Telegram Channel, enter it on your Bitcasino profile page and enjoy your free rewards. No need to deposit anything!

Previously, we also promoted Ronin Stackways on our casino Telegram channel, where players can win free spins or up to 5,000 USDT in the game. Be active on the channel to never miss a drop!


Discover more games and claim free drops every week to play for free! Hear it from one of the players who claimed bonuses through the Bitcasino Telegram group:

‘Well, that Telegram slots you promote every week... I’ve been playing a lot of slots, thanks to these drops. I think that was a pretty good advertising effect. Somehow, I experienced playing slots I’ve never played before. If it looks interesting, I’ll start playing it.’

How to join our Telegram channel

Follow the step-by-step process on how you can use our VIP Telegram channel:

  1. Install the Telegram app on yo
    • ur mobile device.
    • Complete account setup.
    • Wait for the promotions and get the bonus code.
    • Enter the bonus code on your Bitcasino account page.
    • Play the chosen game with bonus funds. 

In Bitcasino’s Telegram channel, you have unlimited and anonymous access to online casino games no matter where you are. Get bonus codes reserved only for VIPs and enjoy casino gaming at its finest. Get the best mobile gaming experience when you join today.

Frequently asked questions about Telegram casinos

How do Telegram casinos operate?

Casino operators have channels or chatbots in Telegram where players can find and play their preferred casino game by chatting or prompting the bot. To play, you need to deposit into your Telegram wallet and find a casino chatbot you can command with prompts.

Why should players start gambling via Telegram bots?

A Telegram casino offers various benefits like secure and private online gambling wherever you are through your mobile device. It’s convenient, seamless and free from geological restrictions, making it ideal for mobile betting.

Why Telegram casinos cannot be licensed?

Authorities like the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) or the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) cannot monitor and regulate Telegram casinos because of its encryption and lack of traffic limitations. As a result, Telegram casinos cannot be licensed and are not required to meet security standards like know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) protocols. 

Words by: Barbara Menorias

Telegram Casino: How to play in a Telegram Casino

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