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A beginner’s guide to building a poker bankroll

A beginner’s guide to building a poker bankroll


We’ve all seen how it works in the movies: people show up at the casino and buy into games with thousands of dollars to get started. Where did all of that money come from? Is that everything they have, or are they just wealthy? Is that something anyone can do?

What you’re usually seeing in that situation is someone using their bankroll: money that someone has set aside specifically for the purpose of playing poker. That makes playing at the casino more fun for them because that is what the money was set aside for. If you’ve been wanting to start playing poker more seriously and want to build a bankroll like this, how do get started? Before you join in one of our awesome games, where should you really start? 

Devise a plan and stick to it

Much like setting any goal, coming up with a plan is the best way to ensure that you succeed in realizing it. Doing research in advance (like you’re doing now) and establishing rules for how to grow your bankroll will make it easier to get started and sustain your success. For example, only play in higher-stakes games after your bankroll has reached a certain size.

At Bitcasino, we are the number-one licensed bitcoin casino in the world, and researching cryptocurrencies and how to use them for gaming on a platform is another way to plan and save for all sorts of games.

Sticking to a plan will keep you accountable and responsible with your money both online and offline while ensuring that you have more fun as time goes on.

Develop your skills

If you work to improve your poker skills, you can win more games and put more money away for your bankroll. Having a grasp of the mathematics of the game, being disciplined in when to play and when to quit, understanding people and behavior, and recognizing risk versus reward will all serve you well. As you develop your skills, you will learn more nuances about the game and eventually be in a better position to begin padding your bankroll. 

You may currently have little idea what you’re doing and need to start your learning from scratch. If that is the case for you, then there is an endless pool of resources online for learning the basics and building your skills. The options range from professional online poker schools to video tutorials where lessons are taught by members of the gaming community who are keen to help others get started.

Here at Bitcasino, we provide options to play for fun, which will allow you to get to hone those skills until you're ready and confident enough to sign up for a full account to start building those savings. Check out our poker games now and get practicing right away. If you feel like you’re ready to join a great online community to improve your skills, build your bankroll, and make some new friends, then create an account today.


A freeroll is a poker tournament with no entry fee. Freerolls deal with real money but don’t require you to contribute anything to participate, so you can more easily build up your bankroll when you win. 

There are different types of freerolls. While most will be Texas hold ’em, there are other disciplines where you can learn other games, hone your skills, and earn some quick money to build your bankroll. You will likely find that players in these games aren’t as skilled as those in Texas hold ’em freerolls, so if you’ve been practicing, then you shouldn’t have much trouble walking away with some winnings.

Freerolls are not always the most efficient way to build your bankroll, because the free entry can lead to many people joining thus decreasing your chances of winning. Even if you do win, the prize might be very small and won’t pad your account in any significant way. If you have the patience, however, you can slowly and surely build your bankroll by gradual increments while simultaneously perfecting your technique.

Nonetheless, if you keep an eye out for decent prizes and play games at a steady rate, then it is possible to create a foundation for your bankroll by playing freerolls.

Join online forums

If you haven’t already, then join us today community and start to build your bankroll online. This is an easy way to control the skill level required for games that you play, to develop your abilities, and keep your winnings separate from the rest of your finances.

Once you have a bit of money in your account, you can start to play “micro-stakes” games and participate in small buy-ins to start growing your bankroll.

Practice, practice, practice

To get started, the best thing you can do with your poker bankroll is to practice your game by continuing to put yourself out there and being strategic about how you play. As with any skill, by putting in time and learning from your mistakes, your abilities will improve, and your knowledge will grow. 

It is important to do your research, learn the basics, and start by playing with others at your own skill level in order to develop the foundation necessary to make progress. It might be small at first, but if you have taken the time to plan and you stick to it, then you should see your bankroll slowly growing and you will be able to save enough to move on to the next stage of your plan. 

As your playing skills improve, you will be able to compete with more skilled players in games with higher stakes and bigger prizes for winners. Your confidence will grow, and your bankroll will grow along with it.

Get started

If you are ready to start building your poker bankroll today, then join in one of our brilliant games and start practicing. You can begin with games just for fun and learn the basics or get going with a full account and get that bankroll started right away.

Words: Sean McNulty
Image: PA and Deposit Photos


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Tips & tricks
A beginner’s guide to building a poker bankroll
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