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VIP Exclusive Bonuses: Loyalty in Online Casinos

VIP Exclusive Bonuses: Loyalty in Online Casinos


A player’s devotion to an online casino should never go unnoticed. VIP exclusive bonuses predict how well online casinos take care of their loyal players. A good VIP program is just as important, if not even more important than welcome bonuses. 


Welcome bonuses are just the tip of the iceberg. The number of promotions and special treatment that VIPs get makes welcome bonuses pale in comparison. 


Whatever a VIP gets will depend on the online casino. Some are more generous than others. Some give different kinds of treats and prizes for their regulars. These VIP bonuses are meant to attract an elite crowd. 


VIP exclusive bonuses differ from casino to casino. There are some bonuses that also depend from the type of veteran player. No matter the kind of veteran player, they’re as valuable as gold to casinos. 


Types of VIP bonuses

To give people a better idea of what is in store as a loyal participant of an online casino, there are several types of loyalty bonuses to look out for.

Lush rewards bonuses

Not all VIP bonuses come in cash. Online casinos have some variety of how they reward their loyal players. These kinds of bonuses can be almost anything. VIPs can kick back and relax with these unique perks like cruise trips and concert tickets. 

Points rewards

The point system is a simple way of tracking players’ activities. Over time, the more a player uses an online casino, the more points will be under his/her name. Like tiered bonuses, points rewards have levels. The more points a person has, the higher the value of bonuses can be awarded.  


With lots of points, players can buy exclusive bonuses. For example, if a player collects 3,266,250 VIP points, he/she can buy Tier 11 bonuses such as:

  • A 5.5 x bet  multiplier
  • A 100k chip bonus

Tiered bonuses

Tiered bonuses are used to encourage loyalty among players. Some are ranked from Platinum to Silver to Gold. Others are ranked from VIP to Elite to Diamond.


Players will have to reach certain milestones. These goals can either be depositing a sum total amount of money or reaching a certain amount of purchases in a year. This kind of bonus makes players more engaged to play. Motivation is key. If players know about the prizes they will get at higher tiers, they will work for it. 


Making rewards exclusive to certain VIP levels makes players feel more appreciated. It will help with the online casino’s reputation if loyal customers become advocates for the brand from their positive experiences.

High Roller bonuses

These lucrative players are usually veterans who know the ropes around betting, especially betting high. They’re often called “the whales” because of the huge amount of cash they’re willing to invest in games.


Match deposits are most common for High Roller VIPs. There are match deposits that can be found in regular casino bonuses. The main difference between regular casino bonuses and high roller bonuses is that the minimum deposits for the latter are much higher than the former. Match bonuses for VIPs are tailored to catch up to their massive bets. 


Here are several examples of High Roller bonuses:

  • 50 % match bonus €/$1000 on players’ deposit with increased betting limits
  • 50 % match bonus to €/$3000 on players’ deposit with Free Spins

Becoming a VIP

VIPs of online casinos play as much as they can. They also play for as long as they can. It takes some time to get there. Careful bettors need to do serious budgeting. To become a VIP, there are several tips to consider. 


Players should read about as much online casinos as possible. Each online casino has different rules on loyalty bonuses and VIP status. 


The terms and conditions behind loyalty bonuses are very important. There are certain requirements for every kind of bonus. It may save a lot of time and money if bettors are careful with the kind of bonuses they want to get. 


Bettors should always check how many points they have. It is easy to lose track of what you’ve earned. The amount of money in an account can overtake bonus points. Generous bonus offers are up for grabs for a limited amount of time. It would be a waste to not keep track of points. 

VIP bonuses as the heart of online casinos

There are thousands of online casinos out there. It can get overwhelming. Some casinos seem to offer the same things as other casinos. What makes an online casino stand out is the Loyalty Bonus. The Welcome Bonus can attract lots of new players. The Loyalty Bonus is what makes players stay. 


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VIP Exclusive Bonuses: Loyalty in Online Casinos
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