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Learn How Keno Betting Works

Learn How Keno Betting Works


The lottery gives people a lot of hope in fulfilling their dreams. ‘If I win the lottery, I will…’—this is a popular phrase all over the world. Some say they’ll buy the latest car model, others want to build the largest houses, and there are also people saying they’ll donate to the less fortunate. No matter what your reason for betting is, winning the lottery is certainly the ultimate dream.

Like the lottery, Keno is also a game of chance. You need to bet on a range of numbers in hopes of matching them with the numbers that will be drawn afterwards. 

The Rules of Keno

There is a total of 80 numbers in the Keno board. There are 8 rows with 10 numbers each for most online Keno games. You are shown the paytable that displays how much you can win if you hit numbers. 

The casino determines how many numbers you can bet on. Generally, you can choose to bet between 15 and 20 numbers. After betting, the waiting game begins. Online casinos use the random number generator or RNG to draw the winning numbers. The more numbers you hit, the higher your payout is.

The Online and Live Ways of Making Bets

Betting on Keno does not require a lot of effort. In online casinos, you can just select numbers from your screen or opt to ‘quick pick’. If you choose ‘quick pick’, the system picks a string of random numbers for you instead of selecting the numbers on your own.

When it comes to live Keno, there are many tickets you can use for betting. Some of these include Straight, Split, and King.

Straight Ticket

Straight ticket is the simplest and most straightforward way of betting on Keno. Just select up to 20 numbers and give the ticket to the Keno writer. You can make number combinations depending on your preference.

Split Ticket

This method of Keno betting lets you split your bets to play two rounds in a single game. You can select two groups of numbers with both groups having completely different numbers.

King Ticket

Using the King ticket in Keno betting lets you make group combinations with a single number acting as the ‘King’. All groups contain the same King number. For example, if the number 8 is encircled as King, all groups you are betting on contains one 8.

Strategising Wins

You can still increase your chances of winning in Keno even though it is a game purely based on randomness. To do this, compare paytables between online casinos. Choose to play at a casino that pays out more especially if you hit a higher count of numbers.

Other experienced players also advise using a consistent set of numbers when betting on Keno. You can easily keep track of frequently drawn numbers by using this strategy. Moreover, it is better to mix low with high numbers to increase your chances of winning.

Some casinos also have progressive jackpots. There are times when these jackpots grow massively high so casinos offer more than a hundred percent payback. Use these offers and other bonuses such as the welcome bonus to your advantage.

Play Keno Wisely

A fun fact about Keno has something to do with its origins. It began in China during the Han dynasty. Cheung Leung, the country’s emperor then, used Keno betting to collect taxes from the people. These taxes were used as funds for the Han dynasty war. They also played a huge role in building the Great Wall of China.

Now that you know how betting on Keno works, play the game and test your luck. Remember, all numbers have the same chance to show up in every draw. Aside from your gut feelings, use the strategies previously mentioned to increase your chances of winning.

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Learn How Keno Betting Works
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