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Rapid fire interview with Timothy “Autimatic” Ta

Rapid fire interview with Timothy “Autimatic” Ta

Rapid fire interview with Timothy “Autimatic” Ta

Mon Aug 08 2022 01:23:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Player name: Timothy "Autimatic" Ta

Team position: Lurker/Rifler

First Nickname on Server: timmyta

How did you get involved with Counter-Strike and how did your journey begin?

My CS career started when I was 9. I would hang out with my cousin and he would let me play CS gun games. 

What kind of warmup routine do you have in place?

It depends on how I feel, but most of the time, I'll just play aim_botz and make sure I feel comfortable with my spray and movement. I don't have a set amount of time or kills that I have to reach. Instead, I try to be as flexible as possible, especially if we're at a tournament.

Is there any specific player whose demos you watch more than others? Why?

I play a lot of spots where many good players play said spot, so I'm a little more fortunate in that aspect. I watch some NiKo, rain, EliGE, nafany, HObbit, and Twistzz. Kind of all over the board, and I try to get it all and go, "Okay, how can I make myself fit into this?"

At what age do you think you'll achieve your peak performance and why?

It's hard to put an age on peak performance because I don't think it matters. As you get older, you gain experience and wisdom from your failures and accomplishments. If you're still committed and putting in the time necessary to stay in form while also trying to get better, I believe you can perform at a high level for a long time. With this in mind, I believe my peak performance is yet to come.

What's your take on CS:GO coaches? Should they have more freedom in LAN tournaments?

I think the coaching system at the moment is perfect. The only thing that needs to be changed is the enforcement of the ‘no coaches getting hyped behind the players’ rule. You do not get any more dopamine from watching a CS:GO match than Zonic roaring after a round win. Or anyone for that matter.

You've played with many players before. Which CS:GO player did you learn the most from when playing together? What did you learn?

Would have to be ptr (Peter Gurney) for me. There were goods and bads, like every relationship. He showed me a lot of what it looked like to be a leader and really inspired me. He taught me how much it meant to play for each other and not for some paycheck. 

He also showed me to take everything a little less seriously sometimes. It's okay to have fun and win, it's all about moderation. There's no need to be crazy serious all the time because after all, we're playing a video game at the end of the day.

What would you like to change on CS:GO and why?

Really, I love the game and when I'm playing I never really find myself thinking like ‘X’ needs to be changed or done. But honestly, Source 2, if it is actually happening, would be so cool. Then, a few new maps, maybe bring cobble and train into the rotation again. That could be a fun time.

You've seen it all in the CS:GO scene. What's your advice for new and upcoming CS:GO players to reach higher tiers?

Stay humble and hungry, and really watch how you talk, respond, and act towards people. A lot of us have made these mistakes, and most people you ask will say the same thing. For some reason, it is hard to put the ego aside and just play the video game you are good at. But if you can do all that from the get-go, you will flourish and get where you want to be so much faster. 

Which resolution is god tier?

960 stretched. It’s obvious.

Let’s talk about trash talking… Why do you do it?

I used to trash talk a lot back in the day and I learned it really doesn't add much. Especially if you lose at the end, you just feel silly. I like the saying, "We are good, they are good, let's be better.” When we win a round, we hype ourselves and our boys up and make each other feel good rather than making the other team feel bad. Because even with noise-cancelling headphones, you can hear if the other team is happy or excited. So we make them hear we’re having a good time beating them, which frustrates them even more.

Any last words for your fans and community?

This was probably one of my favourite questionnaires I've ever done. So thank you to Bitcasino and thank you to all the fans. I genuinely appreciate any support and nice words. I look forward to making you guys proud. Let's get to work!! #LIVEEVIL

Rapid fire interview with Timothy “Autimatic” Ta