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Crypto kings and queens: Who are they?

Crypto kings and queens: Who are they?

Crypto kings and queens: Who are they?

Wed May 05 2021 01:17:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The cryptocurrency industry would be nothing without its innovators who have worked hard to turn it into a success. These people have fostered the popularity of cryptocurrency and are one of the reasons why it’s so widespread around the world. 

Thanks to them, the world has Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as a plethora of innovations in the form of digital assets, platforms and systems. Not only that, these cryptocurrency trailblazers continue to drive the crypto movement towards mainstream finance adoption and other developments. 

The crypto industry is yet to reach its full potential. You never know what new innovations will be made to improve it, but you can rest assured that the best minds are on the case. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most influential people in crypto: 

Changpeng Zhao: Founder of Binance

Changpeng Zhao, also known as ‘CZ’, is the CEO of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. After studying computer science at McGill University, CZ began to work in the financial and technology sector. 

His extensive experience in the industry includes being a developer for trading software and a technology officer for OkCoin. However, the real magic began when Zhao founded Binance in 2017. 

Binance first started out in China then soon expanded to countries like Japan and Taiwan as their success continued to grow. Trusted by millions of users worldwide, the exchange continues to be a trailblazer in the industry.

Today, Zhao continues to dedicate his time and effort into Binance and its growth. It maintains a steady flow of demand despite being one of the oldest crypto exchange platforms. Meanwhile, its native token BNB coin is also gaining traction in the market.

Vitalik Buterin: Founder of Ethereum

Known as the great mind behind Ethereum and Bitcoin Magazine, Vitalik Buterin is undoubtedly a household name in the crypto world. At a young age, he was already drawn to technology, maths and economics.

In 2013, he proposed a whitepaper that plotted his plans for the Ethereum platform and cryptocurrency, which was then launched the following year. Since then, Ethereum rose through the ranks and is now one of the best cryptocurrencies in the world. With a market capitalization of $249 billion, it maintains its place after Bitcoin. 

Brian Armstrong: CEO of Coinbase

Brian Armstrong is well known in the crypto industry because of his opinions regarding different issues and controversies in the crypto sphere, as well as suggestions on improving it. Some of these include his clash with the Trump administration in 2020 and his words of wisdom to crypto beginners about getting started in the industry. Armstrong started his career as a software developer and engineer for companies like Airbnb and IBM. 

Upon acquiring $150,000 worth of funding in 2012, Armstrong used it to launch Coinbase. It soon became one of the most sought-after crypto exchanges worldwide with more than 43 million users. Today, Coinbase is the first and only cryptocurrency exchange that has filed with the SEC to go public. 


Joseph Lubin: Founder of ConsenSys

Born and raised in Canada, Joseph Lubin grew to pursue his passion for finance and computer science. After graduating from Princeton University, his career slowly took off until he became the COO for EthSuisse, where he worked on the program-storing capabilities of blockchain. 

Soon after, Lubin was invited by Vitalik Buterin to be one of the co-founders of Ethereum. He contributed to improving ETH through blockchain programs. However, he is most known for founding Consensys in 2015. ConsenSys is a production studio dedicated to software and applications that are designed to run on the Ethereum blockchain.

Amiti Uttarwar: The first woman to contribute to developing Bitcoin Core’s underlying code 

In the cryptocurrency industry, female names are rarely heard of. However, this all changed when Amiti Uttarwar, a Bitcoin Protocol Engineer for Bitcoin Core became one of the first women to contribute to developing its underlying code.

Uttarwar started her career as a developer who was proficient in dozens of coding languages. This gave her the opportunity to work with big names in the crypto industry such as Coinbase. 

Moreover, her career took off in Bitcoin Core where she became the first woman to contribute and gain funding to work on the software. Aside from this, she also mentors other aspiring professionals who are looking to start a career in the industry as well. 

Pavel Durov: Creator of privacy-focused messaging app, Telegram

Who would have guessed that a messaging app would be able to contribute to the crypto world? This is exactly what Pavel Durov, the ‘Mark Zuckerberg of Russia’, did when Telegram was launched in 2013. 

Durov believes everyone should have access to private communication. With the help of his brother, Nikolai Durov, the application soon became a popular platform for crypto enthusiasts. Telegram became a gathering hub for crypto enthusiasts because of its privacy features. It also supports news channels for crypto, as well as updates on crypto trading signals.


Brad Garlinghouse: CEO of Ripple, the 4th best cryptocurrency in the world

Garlinghouse specialises in financial technology and has worked for notable companies like AOL and Yahoo! In 2015, he joined the Ripple team as COO and was promoted to CEO the following year. 

Although the company has had its fair share of problems, especially with the latest SEC lawsuit, Garlinghouse remains positive. The company has since bounced back and maintains the 4th spot of the best cryptocurrencies in the world. 

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These crypto kings and queens along with countless others are the reason why the cryptocurrency industry continues to break barriers and grow in popularity. Public demand has risen and it’s all because of the technological advances and initiatives that stemmed from these experts. 

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Words by: Adi Gregorio

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Crypto kings and queens: Who are they?