March 04, 2018

Become a Better Roulette Player Using These Tips


All Time Top 5 Roulette Tips and Strategies

Many people enjoy the pleasure of betting at the roulette table, but do you sometimes wonder if you could be doing so in a smarter way? Perhaps you really could fulfil your dreams of winning a fortune with this game if you had a better approach.

While this is ultimately a game of luck, there is no doubt that understanding roulette better can help you to enjoy your playing time far more. By looking at some of the best roulette strategies and ideas you can feel confident about trying to win some money each time that the wheel finally comes to rest and the ball nestles in one of the numbers.

Therefore, with the help of our all time top 5 roulette tips you can start to place your bets and look to get some big wins at Will you get lucky on red on black, or some other type of bet?


All Time Top 5 Roulette Tip #1 – Choose Your Game Wisely

The first thing that you should notice once you get ready to play is that there are plenty of different roulette variants to play in our bitcoin casino. For instance, will you try out our Satoshi Roulette, Live Roulette Europe, American Roulette or Zoom Roulette first?

With more than a couple of dozen different roulette games on offer at Bitcasino, you can take your pick from some wonderful options. However, you may wonder how different these games really are from each other. Are they all basically the same game but with different presentations or are there bigger differences than that?

The fact is that there are some crucial differences between the versions on offer that make it important that you choose the right one. For example, one of the main differences between American and European roulette games is that the American version has a double zero on the wheel. This lowers your chances of winning slightly and increases the house edge.

Another option you might want to consider is that of playing a live dealer game of roulette. In this case, you get all the excitement of seeing the dealer spin the wheel and call out the numbers. While a live dealer game has a different presentation, it is still important that you understand the rules in the version that you pick.

Will one game in particular bring you a lot of luck or will you find that it suits you best to switch between games? It is your decision to make once you start playing and see how much you enjoy it. Don’t forget that the game you choose will go some way to determining the roulette strategies that you should use.

The following are a few of our roulette variants that you might want to check out on our site: Multiplayer Roulette, Premium Roulette Limited Edition, French Roulette High Limit and American Roulette Gold Series. Each of these titles gives you a unique twist on this classic casino table game.

It certainly makes sense to try out a few of these games to see which ones most appeal to you. You can find out all of your options just by looking in the roulette section on our home page.


All Time Top 5 Roulette Tip #2 – Understand the Different Bets You Can Place

There is a good chance that you already know that in a game of roulette you can bet on the exact number coming up, or else on red or black. Yet there are far more different types of bet that you can make in addition to these popular options.

In fact, once you start your first online roulette game you may be surprised to see how many different types of bet you can place. Will you gamble on an odd or even number coming up? Maybe you will go for the first, second or third section covering 12 numbers?

At first, you might think that the wide range of bets is a little bit confusing, as the table is filled with all of the numerous options that you can opt for. However, it won’t take you long to understand how each of these wagers works, and the software will help you see which choice corresponds to which numbers. You can then decide which bets to go for by very simply placing your chips on this option.

Among the all time top 5 roulette tips is the advice to make outside bets rather than betting directly on a certain number. This gives you a fairly low return if you win but it means that you have a far bigger chance of winning on each spin, as these bets cover a good deal of the possible outcomes for you.

It is also possible to bet on two different outside bets on the same spin. For instance, you could bet on both black and odd or red and even at the same time. This gives you even better coverage and increases your chances of a win.

Choosing which bets to place is a big part of the overall roulette strategies and systems that we will look at shortly. You will want to know what options are options are open to you, so take a look at the table before you start and it should become clear.

You may want to start off with small bets until you grow in confidence. In this way, you can get settled in while enjoying the pleasure of your first ever roulette game. It is then easy to change your level of stake whenever you feel like it.


All Time Top 5 Roulette Tip #3 – Find a Betting System That You Like

Following on from the previous point, there are a good number of roulette systems and strategies for you to look into. These range from simple flat betting to complex approaches and everything in-between too.

One of the all time top roulette tips is to use a progressive roulette betting system when you play. This means that you either increase or decrease your bet size depending on whether you win or lose. The reason for doing this is that with simple, flat betting you can expect the house edge to eventually eat its way into your winnings.

Progressive roulette strategies include the Martingale system, the D’Alembert system and the Fibonacci system. Each of these strategies is unique, and each also each has a reverse approach that sees you increase or decrease your bet size in the opposite way.

This means that you need to keep track of both your bet size and of whether you win or lose with each spin. This makes playing even more exciting, as you get to feel far more in control of your destiny rather than just leaving it all to luck.

Counting the numbers that win might seem pointless in a game of luck like this, but it is a crucial part of many good systems. Thankfully, online roulette games make this easy by showing you a list of the numbers that have come up recently.

While many of the most popular roulette strategies are all about progressive betting on outside bets, there are some others that you might be interested in too. For instance, the James Bond system and the “cover the table” strategy are designed to let you bet on different outcomes at one time, increasing your chances of winning every time that you play.

With so many different roulette systems and strategies around it is no surprise to see that there are widely varying opinions on which one is best. Bearing this in mind, it is a good idea to look into them and then choose one that truly appeals to you.

Once you do this, it is then a question of deciding whether to stick with the same strategy in the future. You may find one system that works perfectly for you or you might prefer to switch between roulette strategies as you play.


All Time Top 5 Roulette Tip #4 – Choose How Much to Bet With

Wouldn’t it be great to walk up to the roulette wheel and put a massive bet on red or on black, just like we have seen people do in the movies? Yes, it would feel fantastic for a few seconds but it would also give you pretty much as 50 / 50 chance of losing it all.

Unless you are just looking for a quick thrill then you will probably want a more sustainable way of playing. As we have seen earlier, many of the most popular roulette strategies depend upon you increasing your stake as you progress. This means that it makes sense to start off with a relatively low bet at the outset. By doing this you will have scope for betting more as you progress if you need to.

The good news is that at you can start to bet using a small fraction of a bitcoin each time. There is a low minimum stake on the roulette games on our site, so you can get started gently without staking too much on your luck right away.

Naturally, if you want to bet more then you can easily do this with us, especially if you join one of our high limits games. This is a great move if you want the potential for massive wins, but it isn’t right for everyone.

Most of our players prefer to find a way of betting enough to let them keep on playing for a while if they lose, but also have a chance of a big win. This isn’t impossible if you choose the right roulette strategies and are smart about the amount that you bet each time the wheel starts spinning.

Of course, our tremendous promotions help to make your money go further too. With a tempting welcome bonus on your first deposit and the more bonuses on your future deposits, there is a lot of free money that you can use to carry on playing with at Bitcasino.


All Time Top 5 Roulette Tip #5 – Choose a Casino That Treats You Well

Lastly, when you get ready to make your first roulette bet, you will want to be able to do so in a place where you feel relaxed and well looked after. This is why the final of our all time top 5 roulette tips is to find a casino that treats you well.

When you check out we are sure that you will be blown away by our selection of games and by how well we treat you too. From that terrific welcome bonus to our world-class support options and our easy-to-use site, everything is set up to make life simple for you. Then there is the range of roulette games for you to check out. We have already mentioned a few of them but if you take a few minutes to look through our exciting collection of titles you will discover far more games that you will want to try as soon as possible.

All in all, this is sort of online casino where you will feel as though you are treated like a VIP from the very start. This is because we have gone out of our way to give you a great place to play the best roulette games around.

Whether you choose a live dealer game of roulette, a high limits game, European or American versions, this is where you will want to place all of your roulette bets from now on. You can also try out loads of different games until you find the one that is absolutely perfect for your needs.

We pride ourselves on keeping our players happy and giving them the best possible chance of some satisfying wins as well. If you have always wanted to give the roulette wheel a spin then is without a doubt the best place to try out some roulette strategies.

Therefore, the most important of our all time top 5 roulette tips is to give our games a try. You will have a lot of fun placing bets and watching the little ball spin around the outside of the wheel when you do this.

Sign up with us right now and discover how much fun it is to play roulette. You can get started in a matter of a few seconds and be celebrating your first win in no time at all.