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A Whole New World of Wildcraft

A Whole New World of Wildcraft

A Whole New World of Wildcraft

Tue Oct 01 2019 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Explore the world of Wizards, Orcs, Assassins and Mages in Wildcraft, Kalamba Games’ newest fantasy-themed slots game. Kalamba Games has applied a combination of their proven signature in-game mechanics with compelling artwork to extend and retain their players’ session length and engagement. 

The new slot Wildcraft utilizes a 3x5x3x5x3 reel, 60 paylines, and a maximum win of 1,000x your bet. It has a high volatility rate and theoretical RTP of 95.41% to 96.21%. With accumulated Wilds, Free Spins, and countless Missions, Wildcraft is sure to be a crowd favourite soon enough. 

Wildcraft is not the only fantasy-themed game Kalamba Games has produced. In fact, most of their games involve fantasy and dystopian elements. They created various slots such as Age of Dragons, Tiger Claws and Atlantis Thunder available here on Bitcasino. 

Wildcraft: Brewing the Potions

Release the wizard in you! You’ll only survive in Wildcraft if you learn how to create your own potions and fight your own battles. Of course, you’ll be guided by the Wizard, Assassin and Mage as you encounter wild Orcs, but knowing how to fend for yourself is a must!

Coincidentally, the potions and characters mentioned earlier represent most of the symbols inside the game. Combined with Wilds, Wild Collections, Wild Columns, Bonus and Extra Spins, these are all the symbols you’ll have to take note of once you start spinning the reels.

There are three features and bonus games the new slot Wildcraft prides itself with. There’s Reels Chase, Free Spins, and Missions.

Reels Chase is one of the features offered in the new slot Wildcraft. To activate it, you have to collect three magic amulets on reels 1, 3 and 5 to lock an entire column to Wild. This feature is a recurring achievement that is sure to keep you raising your anticipation and engagement.

Free Spins are activated by collecting three bonus symbols. You’ll initially have 10 free spins before the game starts, but you can win additional spins inside the feature. You can try your luck and permanently block all three reels to win big!

The new slot Wildcraft offers four Game Missions for you to choose from. These missions can pay up to 1,000x your bet. For instance, collecting a tiered number of spellbooks within 100 spins can trigger a win, rewarding you an extended gameplay. Each mission has a different duration and prize table which can be found in the settings icon.

Wildcraft: An Escape from Reality

The new slot Wildcraft has high-definition graphics and equally amusing animations. Rich purple hues are accented in most of the symbols and designs of the reels. You’ll notice how the details are almost rugged and raw which builds the game’s character. 

Symbols also have their own movements when triggered by a payline. Some glow or glisten. Bright colours pop out against the black reels. The characters are intricately designed. They each have an aura that is uniquely theirs. 

The adventurous music playing in the background has hints of the Medieval age, where the plot of the game takes place. Wizardry was at an all-time high during that period and it is evident in the conceptualization of Wildcraft. 

Practice Sorcery and Battle Skills at Wildcraft

Fantasy has always been one of the most popular themes across cultural platforms. It’s no surprise that it has reached its peak in casino slots as well. The new slot Wildcraft is not the first of its kind, and certainly not the last. However, there’s something about Wildcraft that will make it stand out.

Kalamba Games doesn’t know what that is yet, since the game has just been released. All they can do right now is hope for the best. With the anticipation built up by wanting consumers, Wildcraft is sure to capture their magic-loving hearts. 

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A Whole New World of Wildcraft

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