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Invitations to prestigious events
Whether it’s Bali or the Adriatic coast, travel the world with Bitcasino

Our past events
  • F1 in Singapore
  • Champions League Final in Kiev
  • Getaways in the Adriatic Sea
  • FIFA World Cup in Moscow
  • Golden Week in Bali
  • UEFA Champions League Final in Madrid
  • UEFA Europa League Final in Baku
Our upcoming events
  • Weekend Getaway in Croatia
  • Rugby World Cup Final in Yokohama
  • Weekend Getaway to Macau
  • VIP Trip to London
VIP Manager
Personalised attention from one of the individuals below, who will always go the extra mile to meet your gaming needs and desires.
Unique offers and promotions
From cashback to rebates, free spins, leaderboards, and more - we have you covered!
 The average spend on VIP bonuses is approximately €900,000 per month!
On top of their usual bonuses, VIPs will gain access to exclusive casino perks such as:

  • Hourly updated leaderboards
  • Live raffles
  • Weekly rebate promotions
  • Wager-free bonuses
  • Free spins on new games

How to become a VIP?

Entry to this exclusive club is by invitation only. The best way to get an invite is to keep on playing and we will alert you when you have reached the required level.

Think you have what it takes? Ready to take things to the next level?

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Events gallery
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F1 in Singapore
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Champions League Final in Kiev
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UEFA Champions League Final in Madrid
4 photos
World Cup Final in Moscow
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Golden Week in Bali
5 photos
UEFA Europa League Final in Baku
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Getaways in the Adriatic Sea
Here’s what our customers say about being a VIP…
Being a member of the VIP club makes you an appreciated player. In case of issues, your assigned VIP manager is always your first contact person, who is very approachable and they will go the extra mile to solve the problem for you as soon as possible. Add up the special cashback promotions and it makes it all worth to keep playing on Bitcasino!
Bitcasino’s VIP promotion is always wonderful. I play mainly in slot games, the VIP events are always new and creative. And then there is a personal VIP manager. She often gives me a good time with emails and surprises gifts. The personal hospitality that I cannot experience on other sites is the best.
I have been in love and hate relationship with for a good period of time and I must rephrase my self and it's mostly love and thanks to my host Laura-Mia, who is all ways there on behalf of casino as a VIP host [ and it's not only on books, she really make sure I feel this way lol....Thanks, Mia ]. I have played at so many other online casinos and there is always something missing, either a rigged software or a very, very and I repeat very delayed payout. One of the things I love about is an instant payout and it's 100000% true (it's instant) and apart from that very generous bonuses and cash backs every week. ( Thanks Mia ). At last but not least, games are being provided by top-notch providers, slots pay out very well on a lucky day and nothing can get having a live dealer for card games lovers.....overall it's 100 out of 10 with no second thoughts. I bet you wouldn't be disappointed. 

I've been using Bitcasino as my main casino website since 2014 after trying many other BTC casino websites, and it's the best casino website in my experience due to the huge amount of slot games available, instant withdrawals, and VIP rewards and promotion.
Every so often, there is a number of different rewards such as cashback, bonuses, free spins, and many other rewards and promotion from free holiday trips to cash prizes. They definitely take care of their customers well and I'm extremely delighted and would definitely recommend playing on this site. 
I really like being a VIP member in Bitcasino. I haven’t seen such nice treatment anywhere else.
  • Regular bonuses are indeed nice
  • VIP trips. I was positively surprised when I was invited to join a trip. Perfect organisation, appreciated it a lot.
VIP membership in Bitcasino is amazing! Thank you!
Why do I chose and play in Bitcasino? My response goes as following:
  1. Easy to start. You can just register your account, deposit and start playing in a minute, without having to wait for blockchain confirmations.
  2. No limits on deposits and withdrawals! Withdrawals are almost instant as well (but here you need to wait for blockchain confirmations). Very important, that it is not compulsory to send in your documents or, thanks god, proof of money source to withdraw the money.
  3. Weekly 10% cashback on losses for VIP customers. Seems like a little thing, but if you are losing big, at least you are getting some consolation prize.
  4. Many different promotions for VIP customers and for activity on sites in general. Cashback in Thursdays for wagering 10 – 200 mbtc.
  5. Polite and caring VIP manager, ready to help and answer any of your questions any time. You can cry on their shoulder or brag about your success.
  6. The range of games is similar to many other casinos, but I only play here due to the above mentioned.
  7. There is nothing negative I can say about Bitcasino, only positive things, especially because of nr. 2. They are doing it right. Some games can be disappointing, but Bitcasino itself has nothing to do with it, as they are just an aggregator for game providers.
I'm registered in a lot of other casinos and play. Bitcasino specializes in virtual currency. The speed of deposit and withdrawal is very speedy. That’s why I play here. And a VIP trip you invited me was so amazing. VIP team invited not only me but also my family. Responding flexibly to my request at the time of travel arrangement, Luxurious hotel, flights and the hospitality Japan (Omotenashi) from VIP managers. all wonderful experiences.
Ele is a GOLD standard, an extremely talented VIP Hostess. She has always gone above & beyond for making sure I was a satisfied client. The gambling experience would have no way been as good without her, and I am almost positive that I would have not stuck around for this long if it wasn’t for her performance in making me a happy camper.
I would definitely recommend Bitcasino to others as it’s all about the people, in the end, if you’re working with good ones then it’s a place you feel like at home.
Bitcasino has been taking care of me since day 1. VIP hostess Mia has always been very helpful to me. Being a VIP member has definitely given me perks that I truly enjoy. Be it free spins, cashback, or actual gifts, Bitcasino and its staff has always made me feel very special. Whenever I have requests they see to it that they look into it and if they can grant it that moment they will. The support team has also been super helpful, they are really fast in responding to questions and someone is always available 24/7.
The game interface is simple, new players can easily get familiar with the operation. There are many different types of game choices. The live casino dealers are lively and engaging and interact with the players. Withdrawal here is very easy, and the VIP manager will also give bonus/offer to the player from time to time.
It is a great experience for me that the VIP manager Eri takes care of all my needs, such as my requests, VIP bonus, and solve when an issue occurs. Thanks to her, I can play here with no worries.
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